Matrix 101: Entering the Matrix, Secrets of Single Strike Options

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Most people get nervous when someone brings up options. They think of risky trades that sometimes feel like playing the lottery.

That’s because most people are doing options wrong. This course will teach you how to use options to make smart bets. Protect your picks with correct hedging. Make bets that have maximum upside and minimal downside.

Make Every Trade Safer and More Profitable.

Make Money Anytime Anywhere.

  • Turn option trading into a proven money-making system.
  • Use rigorous metrics to eliminate emotions and trade with confidence.
  • Helpful tools minimize your drawdowns and help you make more winning trades.


Wednesday, January 26th, 12pm - 4pm Eastern Time

Sunday, January 30th, 2pm - 6pm Eastern Time

Wednesday, February 2nd, 12pm - 4pm Eastern Time

Thursday, February 3rd, 12pm - 4pm Eastern Time

Sunday, February 6th, 2pm - 6pm Eastern Time

Matrix 101 Office Hours

Monday, January 31st, 2 - 3pm Eastern Time

Friday, February 4th, 2 - 3pm Eastern Time

Recordings: Recording access will be available to students for 30 days following the event.

Please Note: Participation in this course is strongly encouraged. Cameras are required and should be turned on during the workshop. While using your camera, you may wish to use the virtual or blurred background feature. Click here to learn how.

Little Known Fact: Options Are Great for Minimizing Risk

Most people get nervous when someone brings up options. They think of risky trades that sometimes feel like playing the lottery.

That’s because most people are doing options wrong.

This course will teach you how to use options to make smart bets. You will protect your picks with correct hedging. You will make bets that have maximum upside and minimal downside.

Learn techniques that will let you go beyond the typical stock market returns.

Your smart trades will make you more profit than ever before. Your mistakes will cost you less.

Would you like an example?

Docusign (DOCU) setup as a trade in one of our patterns.

The trade was to buy Docusign at 124 with 116.40 Stop and 145.60 Target. A Reward/Risk Ratio of 2.84

Using a $2,500 risk, you could have bought 330 Shares.

Using techniques you will learn in this workshop, you could have instead bought 330 shares and purchased 3 July 125 straddles. This trade was held to expiration and exited on July 15, 2020, with the following outcome.

+330 shares of Stock = Profit of $16,735 for a closed R of 6.67.

+330 shares + July 125 Straddle = Profit of $31,452 for a closed R of 12.54R

In addition, the alternative trade had less risk and significantly lower cost of carry. Look at the table below:

Look at the major differences in this trade:

  • Option position = +12.54R vs. Long stock o= +6.67R. The option trade was nearly 2x better!
  • Option Position cost of carry = $6,660 vs. Stock cost of carry = $40,920. You only need 16% of the capital to carry the position.
  • Return on Capital
    • Option Position = +472%
    • Stock Position = +40.9%
  • For all the outperformance on the upside, this option position actually had less risk than the stock position on the downside

This example shows the power of what you will learn in our workshops.

It would only take a few trades a year like this to make your year!

Either way: you want your wins to count more and your losses to sting less. That’s what powerful momentum stock option strategies will do for you.

Turbocharge Your Returns. Turn Options Into a System. Not a Gamble.

How much money would you have made if you had shorted the market in March 2020? How much would you have been prevented from losing?

One successful trade with our method gives you nice profits. Profits that are bigger than what most bonds, bills, and other investments give you in an entire year.

In your new dictionary, volatility and crisis will just be two words for the same thing: profit.

You stop worrying about whether the market is up or down. Instead, you will enjoy unlimited personal freedom.

You don’t have to see everything coming. All you need are a couple of home runs that make this the best investment of your life.

Now Available Via Recording

Students will have access to workshop recordings and additional free resources for 30 days. You must sign up for these resources within the two weeks following the workshop. You will then receive a link to access the recordings and all additional materials.

Will This Help Me?

Yes. At the bare minimum, you will learn how to make the same trades you are making now... except with less risk! That means far fewer opportunities to lose money.

Options can be emotionally devastating for those who don’t know what they are doing.

This course does not operate based on gut and instinct.

You will learn an easy step-by-step method that is based on pure numbers. Metrics will tell you whether to buy or sell. You free yourself from making emotional decisions that hurt your portfolio and replace them with decisions that will create the most profitable trades of your career!

Options Playbook: The best part about this course is you leave with a “how to trade” guide. You will instantly be able to apply trading strategies to make a profit.

  • This playbook has historical data that teaches you which strategies to use depending on the signs you see.

A Message From Your Instructor:

Options trading can be intimidating with so many different strategies available to you.

What is worse, I find most people who trade options lack the understanding to truly maximize the edges that trading options provide. The reason is, few people understand the risks in their option positions. In addition, they lack the understanding of all the ways they can transform the position to meet their ongoing objectives. Options are an incredibly powerful tool that will give you a major edge vs. your competition.

In Reedstrader Options Workshop, you will learn about specific options strategies that complement the return profile of the Reedstrader Mechanical System.

These same strategies are outstanding for anyone who trades Momentum Stocks (IBD style) because they help decrease risk while giving the possibility of even bigger returns.

At the end of this workshop, you will leave with an options playbook you can implement immediately that will help you identify the optimal option strategy to trade and more importantly, show you how to manage and exit those strategies.

Who Should Buy This Course?

  • Anyone who wants to maximize their profits and minimize their risks
  • For previous REED$TRADER students or just anyone who regularly trades momentum stocks
  • People looking for an additional income stream independent of their job, business, or other investments
  • Experienced traders with millions in their portfolio or anyone just getting started
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