Transformational Consulting with Dr. Libby Adams (Included in Super Trader Core Program. Also available individually).

Dr. Tharp believed this work is so important, that the 28-day program is included in the Core Super Trader Program. But you can complete the 28-day program al a cart as well!

How it works: This amazing program is one-to-one consulting. It's conducted over the phone (or skype, etc), 6 days per week for 28 days. Libby works with clients all over the world so no worries about international locations or time zone conflicts. She has this all figured out. All you need to do is the required work before each call and be on time for your call. And get ready to understand yourself in a way you never imagined possible! 

“I think it is one of the most important and significant things that I have done. My strongest goal this year was to increase my spiritual connection so that I could be sure that what I was doing was in alignment with that.” – Dr. Van Tharp, Van Tharp Institute

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Letter from Dr. Tharp

I usually try to give myself certain goals to achieve every year. I remember several years ago, I started the year with four specific goals with a focus on health, spirituality, discipline and improving my business. For the first three months of the year, I worked diligently on the business and discipline goals. I accomplished a lot, but nothing happened at all with my other two goals: health and spirituality. Somehow, I totally avoided them.

Have you ever had an experience like that? You want to accomplish something and move in a particular direction, but somehow nothing happens. It’s a pretty common problem. But then I met Dr. Libby Adams.

I’d first met Libby at a training I did about 14 years before, but we hadn’t kept in touch. Then I ran into her again when I was a presenter at Harv Eker’s “Millionaire School.” She approached me, gave me her card and said, “Call me.” I forgot, and then ran into her again about a month later.

While we were catching up, Libby noticed I still had some negative energy on an old issue that I thought was behind me. She volunteered to demonstrate her transformative process with this issue. Presto! In about 30 minutes, the negative energy was totally gone. But again, I totally forgot about this experience. (It’s amazing how the mind works.)

Within the next month I ran into Libby again, only this time she was demonstrating the same process she did with me to a group of 600 people at Robert Allen’s “Persuasion” workshop.

At this point, I realized that Libby’s Transformational Consulting Process (a 28-day program in which Libby does personal coaching with you on a variety of issues) was the perfect way for me to address my health and spiritual goals.


Libby supervises your 28-day program over the phone with meetings scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and that accommodates your lifestyle/business needs. You speak with her for 45 minutes, one-on-one, six days a week. 

For me, the results were amazing. One of my missing goals was a greater spiritual connection, which is built into Libby’s process. You solve problems by getting advice from your inner guidance, which strengthens dramatically over the 28 days. I always thought I had strong guidance, but now I can get it whenever I need it.

My second goal was to improve my health. I wanted to begin a fasting program, but part of me objected strongly to it because of past experience. But by turning things over to my inner guidance, by the end of Libby’s program I’d fasted for six days with no cravings. But that’s not the end of the story.

Somehow, when you do this kind of work, really amazing things happen. I considered my health to be improving. However, my wife’s and staff’s building concerns about my health motivated them to jump in and arrange for me to go to an alternative health clinic in Switzerland—one that has the sort of programs that I totally believed in. While I was personally rebelling, saying, “I don’t need this! I’m fine!” my inner guidance said, “Go with the flow.”

And am I glad I did! It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Within a week, I could walk for four hours, including down and up 3,000 feet of elevation, without getting out of breath or being sore. This was a major change.

The visit to Switzerland and the health and spiritual changes all came about as a result of my 28-day program with Libby.

I thought those changes were so significant that I asked Libby to develop a special program that specifically caters to traders and investors who want to take the next step forward.

So let me ask you a question. What are your goals? What would you like to change in your life? And what kind of changes would you expect in your life if you started to really listen to your Higher Self and allow that part of you to lead?

"Thank you very much for recommending Dr. Libby Adams. I have just completed the course and I'm happy to say it was AWESOME!! Spiritually I am more connected than I used to be. My level of awareness is so much better. I have clarified and refined my mission. This has given me so much momentum in developing a winning trading system. The level of commitment, focus and self-discipline has gone up considerably. I have resumed exercising (walk for 2km and cycle 28km per day) without any exhaustion. I resumed healthy eating habits. I have lost about 6kg. I feel great.

We uncovered some psychological blocks to creating wealth and we promptly got rid of them. I also laid a firm foundation on which to build on going forward. I feel that I'm on my way to reach my financial goals.

Over the past four weeks I have covered more ground in terms of developing a winning trading system than I had in the past three years. The burning desire to be a great trader is much stronger. I have more clarity on my trading objectives and purpose. My level of commitment and self-discipline have gone through the roof!!!!

This is definitely a winner! I got more than my money's worth. This is what we call 1000R WINNER!! —Tsakani Mpenyana, M.D., South Africa

“I have taken several courses over the years on life skills, time management, psychology and I have attended church regularly over the past five years during which time I made big strides in my personal growth. However, Libby’s class was the first to combine the spiritual and the practical in a way that seemed in line with God’s plan for me rather than something that was overwhelming. I made distinctions in my class that revealed issues I never knew existed and changed the way I looked at goal setting and obstacles. I became much more trusting and consistently surrendering to God’s plan rather than trying to impose my own and I feel like I am consistently living my mission statement now. I would give this class my highest recommendation!” —Chuck Whitman, Professional Money Manager, Chicago

Experiential Trasformation

Develop a Plan of Action

Many people fail to achieve the success they want because they never plan it out. During the first week of Dr. Libby Adams’ Transformational Consulting Program, you’ll learn what it takes to develop a plan of action. More importantly, you’ll also learn how to develop the discipline that it takes to implement your plan and to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

“Through this program I gained the self-discipline to succeed at my goals. I learned how to stay focused and positive even when things don’t happen the way I think they should.” — David Castro, Actor and Screenwriter

Experience Dramatic Changes

Because of the daily skill acquisition, application and accountability, you will be able to make changes fast. Momentum builds and gives you the power to take a quantum leap. Not only will you experience rapid changes, you’ll be able to continue to make change easily in your daily life.

 “The everyday accountability the program provided me accelerated progress in life mastery.”

Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

Magnify Your Results

Many people already know what to do, but are not doing what they know. As you move toward your chosen goals during the 28-day period, your weaknesses will become apparent as obstacles arise that have previously prevented you from accomplishing your goals. You will be taught the new skills you need and be coached through the obstacles successfully.

 “Learning how to focus on concepts and new skills as well as practicing them and applying them practically to my life on a daily basis accelerated my progress.” — Sooz Sovern, President of Power Networking for Women

Create a Mission Statement

It is vital to know why you are here, where you are going, and how to get there. With your creation of a mission statement, you will have a standard by which to measure every thought, feeling and action. By asking “Is this thought moving me toward or away from my mission?” you are able to not only be aware of where your thoughts are leading you, but to shift directions immediately back on course.

 “The Life Mastery course helped define what it is I want and my purpose in life.” — Cat Pedersen, Musician and Voice Actor

Get Empowered

You will spend an entire week in self-observation, analyzing your focus and learning techniques to become more self-aware. As a result, you’ll learn to shift that focus if it is not moving you in the direction of your purpose. You will learn the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and actions, which brings clarity of thought and action.

 “I am now confident in the knowledge of who I am, my true nature and I have clarity on my life’s purpose, which allows me to take action.”

Karen Kerwitz, Massage Therapist and Owner of PuraVida Body Studio

Expand Your Work

With the clarity and power you gain in this course, you can take your work to the next level, whatever that is for you. As you move to higher levels of achievement, you also gain the financial rewards that accompany that level of development.

“During the time Carol and I have spent together, my career has tripled in every aspect: rides, finances, and wins!” -Craig Stanton, Professional Race Car Driver

Build New Thought Patterns

Everyone has self-destructive beliefs and thought patterns that they learned as children. Change requires that you become aware of these beliefs and patterns and reprogram yourself. You’ll learn several techniques to reprogram limiting thought patterns and negative self-talk. With the correct belief system, your success is assured.

“I know the difference between the idle chatter of the false self and the loving guidance of my real self and this has made all the difference in my daily experience of life.” — Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

Gain Confidence

Many people fail to take action because of lack of confidence and fear. Through the Transformational Consulting Program, you’ll receive daily support and reprogramming of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. As a result, you’ll be able to break through the barriers that have been preventing you from actualizing your destiny!!

“It was being like struck by lightning. Every cell in my body has changed. I now live each day with renewed purpose, power and fearlessness. Just imagine what you could do if you lived each day without fear. In four amazing weeks, I have retaken control of my business, mind and soul. The transformation is not easy, but the benefits are resplendent!” — Garry Graham, Investment Portfolio Manager

Make Effective Decisions

The theme of the second week is “Self-Observation.” You will discover how to become aware of your thoughts and emotions and how to shift them if they are not moving you in your chosen direction. You will learn several tools that you need to be able to establish criteria for making good choices that move you toward your mission.

“I am now able to find the right answers because I am able to ask the right questions.” -Nathan Nguyen, High School Honors Student, Class of 2004

Access Your Higher Truth

The third week of the program focuses on deepening the connection with the Inner Self or “Real Self” that is tapped into a higher source of truth and power, which allows to you experience freedom from poor choices and the success that comes with making great choices. You will begin to see things as they really are and take action accordingly. You are free from the limitations of the past and free to experience your power and passion.

“I experienced an energizing sense of freedom.” — Maurice Abarr, Attorney

Your Spiritual Connection

The fourth week’s theme is “Spiritual Connection” and focuses on your ability to create an empowering Spiritual Belief System and live your life from your own Spiritual Center. You will learn meditation techniques that assist you in taking an inward journey to the Inner Self, and tap into the assistance of some type of guidance from a Greater Power, whatever that means to you.

“I know that I am Spiritually connected to my Higher Self at all times, no matter what’s going on.”

Eugene Holden, Tai Chi Master and Success Coach

Improve Relationships

As you gain skills to improve your own life, others feel the positive impact of your presence. You will experience more harmony in the world around you as well as in your relationships with others.

“I was able sharpen my life skills in order to live a harmonious daily experience with the world around me. I am now better able to share my gifts with others. I feel fulfilled inside, have enriched my relationship with my husband, and can generously share my gifts with others because I know who I am.” — Joy Stanton, Personal Fitness Trainer and Coach

Strengthen Your Intuition

There is guidance and information that comes through the realm of imagination and intuition through the non-conscious mind. It is vital to know how to tap into and navigate in your non-conscious mind so that you can gain more insight. This is referred to as the sixth sense because it operates outside the realm of the five senses.

 “I experienced a strengthening of my intuitive sense, an ability to live in The Now and to trust my Sixth Sense.”

Karen Kerwitz, Massage Therapist and Owner of Puravida Body Studio

“I felt the power of having the support and care of those who understand me and who are willing to be the “voice” I need to hear for me to seek inner peace and happiness.” — Nathan Nguyen, High School Honors Student, Class of 2004

Each week you will focus on a theme that is put into practice by developing and using a daily skill.

 1. SELF-EFFORT Create clarity of purpose and the self-discipline to move into action consistently.

 2. SELF-OBSERVATION Be aware of your focus and how to shift it to what you want.

 3. REAL-SELF CENTERED Release the parts of you that do not think, feel and act from your Real Self.

 4. SPIRITUAL CONNECTION Become and act from your Real Self and deepen your Spiritual Connection.

Each day you will focus on the mastery of a skill by applying it and using Transformational Meditation™ to remove any blocks that come up. Each week there is a theme supported by seven daily skills to expand your ability to master the weekly theme. The purpose of the daily skill is not to “understand” it, but to BE it and to USE it masterfully in the “laboratory of life.”

 "I have always known my main weakness to be lack of self-discipline. I have tried numerous times to brute-force my way, only to fall back into my old habits. During our 3rd week, it became clear that it was rearing its head again. However, this time the realization occurred as to how my mind was perceiving the "hard-work" or "effort". My mind thought of the effort as something unpleasant or "hard-work", but when perceived as merely as a stepping stone to manifest my dreams, it transformed itself from "hard-work" to simply "work."

The benefit to my trading psychology is very clear. As the same self-sabotage that are in operation in my daily life also operates in my trading, the insights I have gained as to the mechanics of my self-sabotage has had the added benefit of their reducing their effect on my trading. I am now much more aware of the roller coaster ride that my emotional state takes, and I am able to take measures such as Transformational Meditation to process them, or at the least stop myself from taking actions based on those feelings and make the situation worse. I am even beginning to be able to stop the whole mechanism at the thought stage, where I can nip it at the bud.

I have gotten back in touch with God, after drifting away from the Catholic church and all things associated with God during my youth. For the first time, I am having an experiential knowledge of the concepts that all self-help courses try to convey. The class was worth every penny." — Jin Song, South Korea

"An amazing connection to my internal invisible reality!!! Being 28 days, the course created the installation of some daily patterns/routines to keep connected and focused. I can't wait for each day to unfold as this new connection and cleansing continues to take place. Thank you very much, ROI= Infinite to 1.... basically priceless, Van, Thanks for the gift!!!!!!!!!" — Cliff, North Carolina

As part of the complete package you’ll receive the following:

1. Daily individual phone session (approximately 45 minutes). Covers daily concept and includes Transformational Meditation™ to work through obstacles that arise as you move ahead.

2. Set of 28 meditation CDs to accompany the daily skill.

3. Workbook designed to IMPLEMENT the weekly themes, daily skills, goals and mission.

Discounts & Specials

I normally charge over $1,000 per hour for my consulting. In this course, Libby Adams gives you between 20 and 32 hours of personal attention. Thus, I would probably charge about $25,000 for this program. But that’s not the price you’ll pay.

The usual cost of her program is only $7,500; however, I’ve arranged a special discount for our students. You’ll pay only $6,995 for the entire program.

Remember that includes 20 45-minute one-on-one phone coaching sessions with Libby. It also includes four two-hour group teaching sessions and one session to practice with a partner. In addition it includes a workbook and a set of 28 meditations on CD to help you with your daily skills.

Reviews: What other Traders' have to say

This course has kept my psychology in line which in turn has helped me become a more productive trader. Also, I have improved my physical and emotional well-being. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a serious trader because I feel the most overlooked aspect in trading is the psychology aspect and that you have to be stable and know yourself in order to be the best that you can. — Brenton Krumpfes, Chicago, IL

This has had a tremendous impact on my trading. I found a huge increase in my confidence every time I stepped into the pit. Everything is flowing smoothly and I have a new composure that makes things come easily and also makes me more confident to take a risk that I have not tried yet. I am trading better than I ever have and trying new things that I always envisioned, but never knew how to attain.

Matt Nuccio, Chicago, IL

This course has had an immense effect on my trading career from the first time I had taken the course and I am confident it will do the same this second time around as well. My sense of well-being and self-confidence has greatly reduced the amount of anxiety I used to associate with trading. — G.S., Hong Kong

Libby’s course was by far the most enlightening and fulfilling body of work that I have ever undertaken.

Kurt Cornielsen, Infinium Capital Management

This course has changed my life. I will highly recommend it to anyone with sincere desire for enlightenment.

Oggie Pelov, M.D. Nova Scotia

I am doing it for the second time and it won't be the last time probably. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his life . I think it's especially useful for traders. It allows you to develop a objective view on the market without your “personal issue filters” in the way.

Florian Grummes, Super Trader

This is a great course for anyone seeking happiness, freedom, success, and/or enlightenment. For IITM students, this course is very effective in assisting you to procure and internalize many of the skills necessary for successful trading along the IITM paradigm: state control, focus, purpose, desire, beliefs, organization, congruency of actions/beliefs/goals. Ed Pomicter, M.D., Super Trader

I would say to Van that this 28 days with Libby is invaluable to ANYONE, and this definitely applies to traders and their spouses/partners. I believe this because I have seen its results in my own trader husband since he has gone through this course with Libby, my own results from this course, and the amazing benefit of this course to us as a couple. I would do it all over again, and I am certain I will. Thora Pomicter

It keeps me from getting too up or down. I know that everything happens for a reason, and this keeps me on an even keel. It has given me confidence in trading, and given me the best mental state to be in while on the floor. The class has also allowed me to practice more visualization which is extremely helpful when trading.— David York,

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are so sure that you’ll be delighted with this program, that we’re giving you the best possible guarantee.

Participate in the consulting for the first week. If at that time, you decide that this program is not for you, we’ll refund every penny and let you keep the workbooks and the CDs.

Prior to you beginning the program, Dr. Adams would like to talk to each potential applicant just to make sure that this is a good fit for you. If she accepts you into the program, then we have no problems making the guarantee.

“My biggest hesitation about joining the mastermind was the money…but what I didn’t realize until now is how much more it would have cost me in the long run NOT to take the course. I completed everything I set out to do that month: I began a running and workout routine which I am still following everyday; I am in the process of getting certified as a massage therapist and I’m loving it, and I even attracted a new job that I can do on the side until I begin working in the field of massage. The class picked me up and put me on a completely new path…a much more fulfilling, exciting and enlightened path.”

Colleen Cook, Real Estate Professional in transition to Massage/Cranial Sacral Therapist

“I got my money’s worth in just the material and private sessions alone. So if it were an infomercial--the ‘wait, there’s more’ part would be the additional daily phone sessions AND ‘if you order now’ you get 5 mastermind meetings free! The class was priceless!”

L.Kae Graniel, President of Truespeak

“This class was so transformational that I don’t think I could have gotten the same transformation out of years of therapy. I have a tremendous amount of awareness. I also have more passion and motivation to live my life the way I choose. To me this course is priceless.” — Sean Cook, Entrepreneur

During the first three weeks of the course I learnt the importance of allowing positive experiences to happen, and this was reinforced by the positive results I started experiencing almost immediately in my business and personal life. This was very profound for me because my business had been struggling for a period of 18 months for no good reason, and all of a sudden we were overwhelmed with opportunities. Also, having tried to quit smoking many times, during the course I managed to do it at once and with very minimal pain or withdrawal symptoms. —  

I have moved from previously only having an intellectual understanding that I have a spiritual connection to now being able to tap into it and experience it. This is a huge leap for me. I now know that as I apply the knowledge learnt from the course, I can create the life I desire. Mark McVeigh, United Kingdom