How to Develop Winning Trading Systems That Fit You – February 15-17

REEDs Intro, Part 1 – February 19

REEDs, Part 2, February 20-21



Futures Trading – March 8-10

Live Futures Trading – March 11-12

March/April (Australia)

Peak Performance 203 – March 29-31

Blueprint for Trading Success- April 2-4

How to Develop Winning Trading Systems That Fit You – April 6-8


April (USA)

Mental Strategies (Peak Performance 204) – April 16-18

Systems Thinking – April 16-18

May (USA)

Peak Performance 101,  May 3-5

Peak Performance 202, May 7-10

Infinite Wealth, May 13-15

June (USA)

Forex Trading Systems – June 2-4

Forex Live Systems Trading- June 5-6 (Open to Forex Trading System students)

CryptoAssets for Forex and Futures Systems- June 7 (Open to Forex system students or past Futures trading students)

Cryptocurrency Update for Super Traders- June 8 (Open to current Super Trader Students who quality)

The Power of The Beautiful State with Patricia Keel- June 9-10 (Open to everyone)

Special Live Streaming, How To Be A Great Trader, with Van Tharp- June 11-12 (Open to everyone, in person seats and live streaming)

July (USA)

Peak Performance 101 – July 12-14

Blueprint for Trading Success- July 16-18

Still to come in 2019

October 2019: A return to London with three events!