Futures Trading – March 8-10

Live Futures Trading – March 11-12

March/April (Australia)

Peak Performance 203 – March 29-31

Blueprint for Trading Success- April 2-4

How to Develop Winning Trading Systems That Fit You – April 6-8


April (USA)

Mental Strategies (Peak Performance 204) – April 12-14

Systems Thinking – April 16-18

May (USA)

Peak Performance 101,  May 3-5

Peak Performance 202, May 7-10

Infinite Wealth, May 13-15

June (USA)

Forex Trading Systems – June 2-4

Forex Live Systems Trading- June 5-6 (Open to Forex Trading System students)

CryptoAssets for Forex and Futures Systems- June 7 (Open to Forex system students or past Futures trading students)

Cryptocurrency Update for Super Traders- June 8 (Open to current Super Trader Students who quality)

The Power of The Beautiful State with Patricia Keel- June 9-10 (Open to everyone)

Special Live Streaming, Becoming a Trading Genius: It’s Not What You Think, with Van Tharp- June 11-12 (Open to everyone, in person seats and live streaming)

July (USA)

Peak Performance 101 – July 12-14

Blueprint for Trading Success- July 16-18

Still to come in 2019

October 2019: A return to London with three events!

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Listing of all VTI offerings (scheduled and unscheduled)

Foundation Workshops
(Also, Super Trader 1 Workshops)
Techniques Workshops
(Also Super Trader 2 Workshops)
Workshops via video
(Home study options)
Peak Performance 101Forex Trading SystemsSwing Trading Systems
Peak Performance 202Day Trading SystemsForex Trading System
Peak Performance 203Futures Trading SystemsPower of Position Sizing
Peak Performance 204Trading in a Sideways MarketCore Trading Long Term Systems
Systems ThinkingAdvanced Adaptive Swing Trading Systems
Becoming A Trading Genius: It's not what you think.
Infinite Wealth For Traders
Blueprint for Trading Success
How to Develop Winning Trading Systems That Fit You