What’s in a Name? By, Chuck Whitman

Several clients have contacted the VTI team with concerns about Mark Boucher. We appreciate your integrity in asking and we want to address the confusion. Mark co-teaches Reed$trader workshops with me for the Van Tharp Institute. Mark’s name is Mark Joseph Peterson Boucher. Mark lived in the San Francisco Bay area most of his life and currently resides in Bentonville, Arkansas.

There is another Mark Boucher, specifically Mark Joseph Boucher, who is from Carlsbad, California, who was indicted on fraud charges recently. That Mark Boucher was an investment advisor for SCF Investment Advisors and Raymond James. His broker ID# is 2187695.

My co-instructor’s name is Mark Joseph Peterson Boucher, and he has never worked for SCF Investment Advisors or Raymond James. Mark holds no registrations with the SEC or NFA. Mark did receive a fine and suspension from the SEC in 2008, but these were not indictments of fraud and we disclosed this to students when Mark and I first began teaching together for VTI in 2018. Both I and the team at VTI appreciate clients who reached out to us and want to confirm that the person indicted this year is not the same Mark Boucher.

I would love to give insight into my relationship with Mark. I first became a client of Mark’s in 1999. At the time, an accounting firm advised me to enter an accounting structure called a VEBA. I asked Mark about the structure and Mark, with no charge to me, gave me the advice to avoid the VEBA structure. His advice saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. From then on, I was a consistent client of Mark’s for 18 years. I hired Mark to be a member of my advisory board for both my proprietary trading company and for my asset management firm. Over the years, I watched Mark identify the coming bear markets of 2002 and 2008 before they happened. I watched him pound the table for aggressive allocations to risk in 2003 and 2013. I have observed Mark through different market environments, and I believe that his skill in deciphering the Macro investing environment to be among the best in the world.

When Mark and I agreed to co-teach for Van and Van Tharp Institute, it was a dream come true for me. Our Reedstrader workshops feature Mark’s amazing framework that’s used to understand market timing and identify top/bottom names to trade in alignment with the overall market environment. It is a true blessing to be able to teach with Mark, and for students to be able to benefit from his 40 years of experience. I hope that you observe his teaching for yourself.

We are in the process of making improvements to our curriculum that we are excited to share with you in April.



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Thank You Chuck. Meeting Mark and your Team through the workshops and over the years continue to prove integrity and devotion to teach, share and coach. Looking forward to the April curriculum.

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Mark MacFadzen

Does the market timing course require any special charting services or tools not nomally available for the average investors. I ask this because i understand some of your option courses require access to certain charting services which I would not be able to access.

thanks Mark

Chuck Whitman

You need a subscription to Stockcharts.com to have the charts used in Market Timing. Stockcharts.com is roughly $30/month. We also intend to offer these charts in a service later in 2022 that would allow you to get them daily from us.

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