The Van Tharp Institute Affiliate Program

A Winning Proposition for You

As a  business owner or social influencer we know you are always searching for the best ways to generate passive income. VTI is here to help. You can receive commissions through the use of our new and improved affiliate program!  

The Van Tharp brand has been associated with high quality training materials for traders for three decades. We also place our highest core value on customer service, so you can rest assured that your clients will be happy clients when they make a purchase from us. Any website or social circle with a following of traders and investors can benefit you with great financial rewards by promoting the line of Van Tharp products and VTI workshops.

Continue reading below for more information about this program. 

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VTI Product Affiliate Program

Affiliate commission of 20% paid by the end of the following month on these products:

  • Peak Home Study
  • Systems Home Study
  • Definitive Guide to Position sizing
  • Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
  • Super Trader Book
  • Financial Freedom Though Electronic day Trading
  • Position Sizing Game 4.0
  • Investment Inventory Profile

E-Learning Product Affiliate Program

Affiliate commission 25% paid by the end of the following month on these e-Learning products:

  • Tharp Think
  • The Power of Position Sizing
  • Introduction to Position Sizing
  • ABC’s of Trading
  • Business Planning Audio Series
  • Psychology of Trading Audio Series

Workshops Affiliate Program

Affiliate comission for workshops vary between 5%-7.5% paid after the course is complete on the following workshops:

  • Peak Performance 101
  • Peak Performance 202
  • Peak Performance 203
  • Peak Performance 204
  • Infinite Wealth
  • How to Develop Winning Trading Systems
  • Blueprint for Trading Success
  • Systems Thinking
  • And all new VTI workshops 

*This affiliate program is available only when the workshops are scheduled 

Here is How Our Affiliate Program Works:

To put it simply you promote Van Tharp Institute products on your website, blogs, email, and social media. Drive traffic to our site and you will receive a commission for verified sales from new clients generated by you and go through our secure shopping cart.

And it’s free to join

This is a great opportunity for you and your business/social circle. You get to create passive income through the commissions that you receive and your customers or friends can get a great experience too.

Ready to get started? Scroll down to the form below and fill out our application!

When Commission will differ: 

Occasionally VTI will have a store wide sale of 20%. If your clients purchase during this time (or any time the price is reduced from the items listed), the commission payout will reflect the reduced price. 

High-level customer satisfaction means we offer satisfaction guarantees on most of our products. We ask that our affiliates honor this policy as well. In the case of a return we will not make a payout on the commission. Workshops are guaranteed through the second day of the event. Therefore, payout for workshops will not take place until the end of the event. Elearning items are generally guaranteed for a 24 hour review period. Home study courses and the Definitive Guide are guaranteed for a 30 day period.

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