Super Trader Program Testimonials

One of the great things about students coming to workshops at The Van Tharp Institute is that we get to see so many traders return again and again to further their education.

Our Super Trader clients come to the program from all parts of the world, from many professions and varying trading experiences. But, they all have one thing in common: a desire to be the best they can be and an earnest desire to transform their lives and improve their trading. Click here to learn more about the Super Trader program.

What Our Super Traders have to say

Kirk Cooper

President, Cooper Money Management

This Information Is Not Common Knowledge. The Super Trader Program is life changing. With Van’s guidance, you begin to understand how you create your own reality and how that impacts your trading specifically and your life generally. Year one took me 10 months and during that time, as I worked through the material, I discovered how I am the most important aspect of my trading and how understanding my psychology is a huge competitive advantage in trading. I have been a professional trader for over 25 years and this information is not common knowledge — let it become your advantage in the markets. I highly recommend the Super Trader Program and would be happy to discuss my experience with anyone that is interested in the program.

Sammy Billimoria

Three Points of Improvement. I have found that the Super Trader Program has done the following:
1) Improved my trading results, by giving me improved concepts to use in my trading.
2) Given me more discipline and focus in my trading.
3) Made my trading more rule based and less discretionary.

Surrounding yourself with knowledgeable people is the easiest way to succeed.

Tang Hee Tan

I Can Either Invest This Money In My Education, Or The Market Will Take The Money Away From Me Anyway

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

My translation; “I can either invest this money in my education, or the market will take the money away from me anyway.”

That was the dilemma I had in early March 2014. I had been trading for the past 7 years, and my trading results were bad, really bad.

I had started off well in the bull markets in 2007, trading long-term stocks. The stock market was wiped out soon after. I then tried trading short-term stock options. Spent money on technical classes. Wiped out. So I thought that the money was in swing trading futures. Spent money on technical classes. Wiped out again. Next, I thought that the money is in discretionary trading. Spent money on technical classes. Wiped out too. The professionals took all my money.

Things did not make sense. I am a very disciplined person. I had my trading rules down to the dot. But when my system gave me the alarm to buy, I hesitated. I wanted more confirmation. I wanted to be comfortable in my entry. The problem was by the time I was comfortable, it was too late to enter. I entered anyway! I rationalized that price would keep going up. My entry points were where the markets turn though. Wiped out. Professionals took my money. This happened regularly. I started to fear pulling the trigger. My trading practiced entered a downward spiral. Soon, I realized that my problem did not lie in technical analysis, but in the emotional and spiritual levels.

One day in 2013, I Googled “trading and spirituality”. I came across Van’s Matrix book. I was intrigued. I ordered the book. When I first read it, it was hooky. People seeing red clouds and white clouds? Van speaking to his Divine? Seriously? But I realized that the people who had written those things had something I did not have: they had successful trading practices.

When Van informed that he was coming to Sydney in March 2014, I decided to suss him out in person. I learned a lot of good stuff in Peak 101. I was also seeing more than red clouds and white clouds in the Parts Negotiation processes! What a big learning experience!

Have you had the experience where you suddenly realized that the things you know will not get you anywhere, but it may be the things that you did not know that may get you there?

I had that experience in Sydney. I had earmarked some money for trading. Stop. Reality check. Deep serious. I realized that I could either invest this money in my trading education, or the market will take the money away from me anyway.

I had learned that chasing my dream by attending expensive technical analysis courses was not the way (been there, done that, got nowhere). Maybe it was the things that I did not know (red clouds and white clouds) that could get me there.

But how could I know that Van’s expensive Super Trader Course could work for me?

I did not know. So I took a leap of faith.

This is what I can share with you after one year of the Super Trader Course:

  • I now know why I was going for so many technical analysis courses
  • I now know why I did not succeed with those materials
  • I now know why I did not succeed in my trading for seven years
  • I now know why I was failing
  • I now know why I wanted to fail
  • I now know why I believed in untruths
  • I now know about my non-useful beliefs
  • I now know how to adopt useful beliefs
  • I now know the choices I need to make in order to achieve success
  • I now know why successful traders are successful
  • I now know I have to make a choice to either emulate them, or not
  • I now know precisely what I need to do to emulate them
  • I now know how to craft my way to success
  • I now know it is only a matter of time (there is no more doubt)
    I now know how to evaluate my thoughts
  • I now know how to evaluate my feelings
  • I now know how to honor my thoughts and feelings without being overwhelmed by them
  • I have so many useful tools to help me out from tight trading jams, fast.
  • I have a network of people who are committed to trading success

In short, the Super Trader Course has more than worked for me:

  • It takes trust
  • It takes courage
  • It takes being open and vulnerable
  • It takes letting go of conventional methods
  • It takes accepting unconventional methods
  • It takes humility
  • It gives truth
  • It gives freedom
  • It gives wealth

As of this writing (May 2015), I am starting Phase 2 of Super Trader. This is where I make a lot of choices. Van is guiding us through the process. I am creating my Trading Plan (like the professionals). After that, I will make 100 live trades (like the professionals). And then I will trade like the professionals. And then I am the professional.

Michael Grossbard

I Needed To Change How I Looked At The Markets And How I Looked At Myself. The Super Trader program has created massive transformation in my life. Before I started I felt I was on a treadmill, my emotions were dependent on what was happening, I was angry, defensive and unforgiving and I regularly broke my trading rules. My trading results reflected that.

I joined the program in June 2013 after attending Van Tharp’s Peak Performance, Blueprint and Systems workshops in Sydney in 2012 and 2013. Those workshops had shown me very clearly that my real problems were with my psychology rather than my trading systems. I needed to change how I looked at the markets and how I looked at myself. At first I thought I could make the transformations myself using the workshops and the Home study course. I did make some progress, but after talking to several Super Traders I realized I was selling myself short by not availing myself of the mentoring and support from Van and from other Super Traders. This is a key part of the Super Trader program and I found it invaluable for my success. There are also several lessons in the program that are available only to Super Traders and these proved critical to my transformations.

I completed the psychological part of the program in November 2014 and now I am a very different person. I am happy and satisfied all the time without needing any particular reason, my self-esteem is high, very little ever upsets me and if something does the feelings pass immediately. I have a new sense of purpose, I have been able to forgive everyone I used to be angry with and I have the emotional control and self-discipline I need to trade successfully. The transformations will not only benefit my trading, but have made a huge difference to my relationships with my family and friends and how I go about my day to day activities.

I am now in Super Trader 2 and am in the process of developing my trading business plan and my trading systems. I now look at the markets very differently to before. I am now seeing what the charts are telling me about what is happening in the market. I am thinking about expectancy, reward to risk, SQN and how I can position size to get the best results out of a system and meet my objectives instead of simply looking for entries and exits. At the “technical” workshops the amount of sharing and cooperation between participants is much greater than I have experienced elsewhere and is very useful. The Super Trader program has and will make a massive difference to my life and to my trading. I could not have done it by myself. I am very grateful to Van and all the staff at VTI and the other Super Traders!

Chet Cushing

I Wanted to Do Everything Possible to Shorten the Standard 10,000 Hour Learning Curve. Before joining the Super Trader program in July of 2014, I had for many years committed to the notion that if I ever got back to trading regularly, (something I had done for 4 years full time from 2001 to 2005), I would go to Van’s workshops, and become a better trader before venturing into the field again.

After making the decision to restart my trading career again after almost a 10 year hiatus, I signed up for several of Van’s workshops in early 2014, and simultaneously started the paperwork to become a Super Trader. In my limited familiarity with Van Tharp and VTI through having read Van’s books, and having purchased an old cassette version of the Van’s Trading System in 2001, I had no clue as to how much I needed to learn. Having spent several years doing self-development seminars with my wife, and a lot of personal work, I felt quite happy, and also very confident that I had a pretty good bead on what it would take to be a Super Trader, and could just easily blast through the Lessons and move on. My main motivation was to do everything possible to shorten the standard 10,000 hour learning curve to become professional in any field to perhaps 2000 hours or less. That is in fact happening, but simultaneously, I am experiencing a number of breakthroughs personally that I had not anticipated as part of my learning curve.

Having been immersed in the Super Trader 1 program since July 2014, there have been many, many shifts in both my thinking and belief paradigms. And not only about trading, but about what is most important to me in my life and what makes me truly happy. I have found that each Lesson in the Super Trader Program builds upon the last, with myriad useful tools included in each exercise. In the past, I would easily rip through scholastic and financial lessons and have always found study to be very easy. These Lessons have been both life changing and proved challenging and rewarding work. It has taken me by surprise, pleasantly, to find how my buried beliefs have caused me to make mistakes in both my prior trading, and in life choices as well, and despite my opinion at the time that they were beyond my control, that many of these choices and decisions were really caused by self sabotage.

Having just finished the early parts of the Super Trader 1 Lessons, I have seen profound growth. While I was quite content and happy before, (my Happiness Test scores were ridiculously high when I joined the program), both my wife and I now find we talk about much deeper issues, and both she and others have commented that my personality has softened measurably, that I am more approachable, and that now show greater empathy when dealing with family and friends alike.

For me, the program has brought me a deeper sense of joy and gratitude, a realization that while I have always enjoyed trading, there had been no real sense of purpose or direction about it before. Whereas now, with each day, and each lesson, I am finding a sense of wonder, enjoyment and anticipation that I had thought was long ago gone, and not likely to return.

If I stopped right now, and did not move forward another step, it would already have been worth the cost of the entire program for the return of childlike wonder and magic I have been able to become reacquainted with. I look forward to continuing in the Super Trader Program, and encourage others who are looking for Trading Excellence, as well as a sense of Life Purpose to strongly consider Van’s Super Trader Program.

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