Super Trader Program

Level 3

Super Trader Professional

Take your trading to the next level

The third phase of the Super Trader Program, Super Trader Professional, brings your self-work together with the models and trading practices of top traders. You learn to manage your personal trading like a business through the creation and use of a personal business handbook which ensures you plan, execute, and stay on course with your trading and your personal work.


  • Completion of Super Trader Awakening

  • Consultation with a VTI Coach

  • Available space in the program


  • Complete 18 Professional Lessons.

  • Ongoing progression on Self-Awareness work.

  • Completion of a personal business handbook approved by your VTI Coach.


  • Eighteen Professional lessons developed by Dr. Tharp.
  • One hour coaching session per month.
  • Lesson approval from your coach.
  • Unlimited attendance at qualifying VTI Core Workshops.
  • Access to attend Forex or Futures Workshops.
  • Access to VTI recorded Technical Workshops.
  • Access to any new VTI Core Products introduced during your program.
  • Coaches review of your personal business handbook.
  • Access to our Super Trader Basecamp Community.

Super Trader Professional Lessons

Super Trader Professional (STP) | Lessons

Lesson 1

Systems Thinking

Lesson 2

Mental Strategies

Lesson 3

Plan 1: My Story, Major Transformations and Unresolved Issues

Lesson 4

Plan 2: Objectives Strategic Plan, Level of Consciousness

Lesson 5

Plan 3: Who I am

Lesson 6

Big Picture

Lesson 7

Plan 4: Systems Thinking and the Big Picture

Lesson 8

Market Type

Lesson 9

Plan 5: Market Type

Lesson 10

Trading Business Lesson

Lesson 11

Plan 6: My Trading Business Nd Worst-Case Contingencies

Lesson 12

Business Handbook Lesson

Lesson 13

Plan 7: Mental Strategies and Motivation

Lesson 14

Plan 8: My Trading Plan

Lesson 15

Plan 9: Systems I Might Like

Lesson 16

Plan 10-14: Money Buckets

Lesson 17

Plan 15: Execution Plan

Lesson 18

Plan 16: Staying Aligned and Continued Self Work

Super Trader Professional (STP) | Workshops

Unlimited Attendance

Peak Performance 101
Peak Performance 202 (Advanced)
Peak Performance 203 (Happiness)
Peak Performance 204 (recording)
How to Develop a Winning Trading System that fits You
Blueprint for Trading Success
Infinite Wealth
Consciousness Awakening (as offered)

Technical Workshops

Significant discounts and/or attendance credits from our Technical Workshop partners.


Super Trader Summit

Super Trader Professional (STP) | Products and eLearnings

Technical Recorded eCourses

Sideways Market
Bear Market
Forex Trading: Busted Break-out
Swing Trading
Core Long-Term Trading Systems


You will receive any new eLearnings, Home Studies, or Recordings released while you are actively enrolled in the program.

Cost and Duration

  • Program Cost: $27,000

  • Duration: You have one year to complete the program, plus any time remaining from your Super Trader Foundation program.

  • You will be eligible to extend as needed for an additional $1,000 per month.

  • Upon completion of the Awakening Program, you will have a consultation with your Coach and can determine whether the next phase, Super Trader Professional, is right for you.

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