Super Trader Program

Level 4

Super Trader Graduate

Exceptional people, exceptional traders, exceptional lives!

Super Trader Graduate is the pinnacle of the Super Trader Program. It is a designation reserved for those traders who have developed trading excellence skills, who have done the self-work to achieve a top trader mindset, and who have brought this together to achieve trading at or above 95% efficiency.

The ultimate reward for this program isn't the designation, it's the freedom, peace, and abundance you have created and will continue to create in your life and in the world.


  • Completion of Super Trader Professional program.

  • Consultation with and recommendation from a VTI Coach.


  • Develop three systems that fit you and work in a particular market type - systems must be approved by your VTI Coach.

  • Trade at 95% efficiency or better over at least 100 consecutive trades with at least 10 from each system. Trades must be consecutive; students are not allowed to "cherry-pick" 100 trades out of a larger number of trades.

  • Submit a mistake log monthly once you start trading.


  • Unlimited attendance at qualifying* VTI Core Workshops for first year of Graduate program.
  • Access to any new qualifying VTI Core Products introduced during your program.
  • Access to VTI recorded Technical Workshops.
  • VTI Coach review of your completed systems.
  • Access to our Super Trader Basecamp Community.

Cost and Duration

Program Cost: $5,000 per year.

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