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A Faster and More Affordable Super Trader Program - Enrollment Reopened for a Limited Time!

Most people just want to make a lot of money while doing very little work. That’s generally the case and especially true for many people who start trading. Invariably, they find out that trading is much harder than they ever anticipated and move on to flipping houses or multi-level marketing or some other venture. A few of the people who started trading, however, stick with the idea of becoming successful in the markets and begin a quest– and eventually find the Van Tharp Institute. By that point, this small group has separated themselves from the masses looking for “easy money” in the markets. They know it’s not going to be easy. Our clients are looking for what works in the markets and they probably have some sense that finding success in trading may require some level of personal change.

So much of our training involves no chart indicators, no entry signals but instead involves working on yourself. Why? Because that helps you improve your results in the market – regardless of the indicator or entry you decide to use. My goal for all of our clients, however, is much larger than becoming just a profitable trader. My goal for you is a radical personal transformation which will:

  1. Make you happy for no reason;
  2. Enrich you with extreme abundance;
  3. Teach you how you create your own life so that you can create everything you want.

(Watch this video to learn more)

"The Super Trader Program is life changing. With Van’s guidance, you begin to understand how you create your own reality and how that impacts your trading specifically and your life generally."

- Kirk Cooper - President, Cooper Money Management

"The Super Trader program has created massive transformation in my life. Before I started I felt I was on a treadmill, my emotions were dependent on what was happening, I was angry, defensive and unforgiving and I regularly broke my trading rules."

- Michael Grossbard

"The program has brought me a deeper sense of joy and gratitude, a realization that while I have always enjoyed trading, there had been no real sense of purpose or direction about it before."

- Chet Cushing

"The Super Trader Program has improved my trading results, given me more discipline and focus, and made my trading more rule based and less discretionary."

- Sammy Billimoria

Benefits of the Super Trader Program

Obtaining that kind of transformation requires work and commitment. As I mentioned earlier, however, most people want to make a lot of money and only do a little work – which makes marketing our products very challenging in many ways. We do not promise trading is an easy way to make lots of money (you have seen the infomercials). We do, however, promise you can improve your whole life and improve your performance in the markets by using models that have helped top traders be incredibly successful in the markets. So what can we do to convince people we can help? I think Tony Robbins had good advice in this area when he said, “I teach people want they want in order to be able to teach them what they need.”

I just wrote a book on self-motivation that I call MotiMaps: The Definitive Guide to Getting Self-Motivation and Getting Your Dream Life. Most of my Super Traders now have advance access to it and are reading it. In the book, I talk about your wants in life having a lot to do with your values. Most people might say that they want a lot of money, some good friends, and a great spouse. For many of them, money comes ahead of everything – though maybe not to the extreme as John D. Rockefeller. When his net worth was about 20% of the US GDP, an interviewer asked him, “Now that you have so much money, what do you want now?” His response was, “More.”

That’s the way so many people think – “I need more money.” I have heard people ask something like – if Van is such an expert on trading success, why doesn’t he just make a lot of money instead of teaching traders? That question originates in people who hold the assumption that everyone (including me) wants a lot of money more than anything else. Lots of money is not my top value. I want Self-Transformation and I want to help others achieve what I’ve achieved. I live quite well. Besides I made profits of a half million dollars investing in BTC from March through July of 2018.

Most investment newsletters generate much higher sales than the Van Tharp Institute because they appeal to low levels of consciousness such as fear and greed. They blast you with 7 or more emails a week (sometimes several emails a day) and then they have their affiliates do the same thing. So you might get 10 emails with the fear inducing headline, “New legislation on September 23rd will devastate retirement accounts – but some people will make a lot of money by knowing insider secrets. Get the special report that tells it all for free with your $495 subscription to our newsletter”

Greed based headlines are little better. They read something like – “New legislation allows the average guy to make a fortune and we’re about to share those secrets with you. Investment Guru Joe Smith will share his Wall Street knowledge in this webinar where he’ll show you how to make 100 times your money in a very secret area that few people know about.” On the webinar, Joe then reveals one of his top picks. Again, you get 20 emails about the webinar in a week and perhaps 100,000 people sign up for the webinar. If 5% of those attending pay $2,500 for the newsletter, then that works out to $6.25M in revenue and a very healthy margin. The saddest part of this everyday scenario, however, happens when most people who subscribe to these newsletters discover that they lack either the knowledge or the mental capabilities to profit much from the advice being given.

I’m saying all of this because we want to promise you what you want and in the process, we will also give you what you really need. Not through fear or greed but with openness and integrity.

I’m about to make some huge changes to the Super Trader (ST) Program in order to help many more clients. The changes we are making to the new Super Trader Program will:

  • Give you access to Core Insights from my modeling with great traders.
  • Allow you do a one-year program that will enable you to decide if the full Core Super Trader (ST) Program is right for you while at the same time, getting as much as you can out of a one-year program that might be all you are looking for right now.
  • Give you access to VTI’s cryptocurrency systems and my favorites systems that I have seen in a lifetime of coaching the best traders.
  • Minimize the hours required to less than 500 hours – that’s less than 2 hours per day on average for a year. Compare that to about 2,000 hours in lessons over three years for the “full” Core ST Program.
  • Help you clarify and understand your trading objectives (which is 50% of systems development).
  • Help you master position sizing strategies so that you can meet your objectives.
  • Expose you to some of the basic transformations that are necessary to become a great trader. And, for some people, that might be all you need.
  • Offer the opportunity to get some one-on-one coaching from one of our primary instructors, RJ Hixson.
  • And give you all of this for less than a single day of Van’s coaching.

This new program is an experiment we are opening up to new people until February 29 – or until we are full at 35 people.  Are you interested?

Improving the Super Trader Program

Despite extensive screening and a substantial financial investment, we still get people in the ST Program who are very resistant to working on themselves. Some still want a magic system that will quickly make them a fortune. Our goal at the Van Tharp Institute is how can we give them as much as we can of what they want and at the same time help as many people as possible totally transform their lives. And our solution is the Super Trader Foundation Program. It does so by the taking the following steps which could be just what you are looking for:

  • First, you will get ten fundamental ST lessons which form the core of everything we teach but that require you do very little of the personal soul searching that some people really want to avoid. These lessons include:
  1. Understand Risk Control. This is the basis for everything in trading. If you don’t control risk, you have no chance of success as a trader.
  2. Master Position Sizing Strategies. Understanding position sizing strategies is critical before you can reach your goals as a trader. We won’t allow Super Traders to attend the Crypto Systems Workshop until they have proven some mastery over this skill. Now, it’s the second lesson. Once you master this, you can attend the two systems workshops that are given only for Super Traders.
  3. Mastering Tharp Think. Tharp Think is the set of insider beliefs that I have gathered in 35 years of working with top traders. You learn a fast and effective process to get these beliefs into your neurology.
  4. Develop Effective Position Sizing Strategies. Next, you get experience developing and using position sizing strategies through the Van Tharp trading simulation game. This invaluable experience is unobtainable from anyone else.
  5. Control Your Stress. We have a simple lesson on stress control because if you are too stressed, you cannot trade well. We’ve put this one primary self-mastery lesson in the foundation program.
  6. Discover Your Personal Programming. Dr. Michael Hall wrote Figuring Out People which identified over sixty automatic programs that people tend to run subconsciously. That is, they just tend to behave a certain way and they aren’t really aware they behave that way. You need to become aware of these programs if you want to make changes. Charles Faulkner (an NLP Trainer who was in the New Market Wizards) decided that he could trade well if he just learned the key metaprogams of good traders. We know that good trading goes way beyond metaprograms, but they are important to identify and master.
  7. Defining Your Values and Your Purpose. What are your values and what’s your purpose in life? These determine who you are and it’s critical to become aware of how they shape your life. Thus, they are also a part of the ST Fundamental Lessons.
  8. Align Your Goals With Your Values. If you want to create your dream life, you need to master the process of setting your goals and aligning them with your values and your purpose.
  9. Connecting With Your Inner Guidance. You can only trade your beliefs about the market, not the market itself. Your beliefs are not true but hopefully they are useful in a wide context (they bring much value to you and to others). This lesson teaches you that you can go beyond beliefs and allow your Inner Guidance to help you fulfill your purpose. This is a huge change for most people.
  10. Finding Your Deepest Motivation. The last lesson involves mastering the self-motivation concepts in my new book so that you can achieve your dreams. At this point, you’ll be ready to continue on in the Core ST Program.
  • The ST Foundation Program has only ten lessons. And none of them take a very long time, between 20-50 hours each. Thus, the ST Foundation Program lessons will take only about 20% of the full Core ST lessons. (The Core ST Program has 34 lessons and takes an average of 2,000 hours to complete)
  • Upon completion of lesson two, after perhaps 60 hours’ worth of work, you will be allowed to attend two important ST systems workshops: 1) the ST Crypto Workshop and 2) the Van’s Favorite Systems Workshop.
  • You’ll have a full year to accomplish the ten lessons and attend seven workshops. You also have the possibility of extending your program by one six-month period though we believe this option will really not be needed.


    • ST Foundation includes attendance at seven key workshops, some only for Super Traders.
      Two are required:

•  Peak Performance 101 - Required
•  Oneness (or Stuart Mooney Presentation during the Summit, but there is an additional $295-$495 fee) - Required

    • For the remaining five you may pick from this list of ten options:

•  Peak Performance 202 (Advanced Peak Performance);
•  Peak Performance 203 (Happiness);
•  Peak Performance 204 (Mental Strategies);
•  Systems Thinking (AKA Trading Genius II);
•  Blueprint for Trading Success;
•  How To Develop Winning Trading Systems That Fit You;
•  Infinite Wealth;
•  Super Trader 4-day Summit (a $5K value);
•  ST Summit one-day Crypto (a $5K value); and
•  ST Summit one-day Van’s Favorite Systems ($2,500 value).

The total value for attending the seven most expensive VTI workshops alone would cost you about $30,000.

  • You’ll also get the primary VTI products which include the: Peak Performance Home Study Course, Systems Development Home Study Course, Tharp Trading Profile, Intro to Position Sizing Strategies e-learning course, Power of Position Sizing Strategies e-learning course, Tharp Think Essentials video, and all of my books. These total about a $5,000 value.
  • And lastly, should you choose to just do this program you have the potential to work with RJ Hixson on mistake coaching. RJ is an NLP Master Practitioner and his consulting rate is $500/hr. You’d get up to 5 hrs of his time should you complete the program and qualify.

While the value for everything you’ll get in the ST Foundation course is around $40,000, the price for the program is only $20,000 for one year. In addition, you will be eligible for the possibility of one six-month extension for an additional $5,000. Once you complete the ten lessons you would immediately qualify for the Core ST which is the current ST Program. If you have time left in your ST Foundation Program year, we’ll add those months to your Core ST Program period.

About Dr. Van K. Tharp and some of his unique insights:

Free Resources - Dr Van Tharp

Dr. Tharp is a World-Renowned Trading Coach

Van has coached the CEO of one of the world’s largest investment banks, the former president of one of the world’s largest cash commodity trading firms, six Market Wizards, and numerous other famous traders at large institutions. And Van’s daily coaching rate is more than the cost of this entire program

  • One of Van’s students after a simple two-day consultation in the late 1990s, developed a trading system that helped him grow his million-dollar retirement account into $51 million in about 10 years. What he did actually follows the strategy of one of Van’s favorite systems.
  • Another of Van’s students formed his own company and became the primary market makers in a number of key markets. At one point, he had over 200 employees occupying over 60,000 square feet—in a money management firm operating on Tharp Think principles
  • After spending two days with Van, one of the Market Wizards reported that he had his best trading week ever.
  • Another of Van’s students traded on the floor of a CBOE market during the 1987 crash. This trader had an issue making more than $100,000 per year. Whenever he earned more than $100,000 for the year, he’d give it all back. After working with Van a few days before Black Monday, he made more than $500,000 in about a month’s time following that disaster. Meanwhile, more traders went bankrupt in the days following Black Monday on that floor than anywhere else.
  • Van spent two days with one of the traders in London for Paul Tudor Jones company. This trader had developed a lot of fear in his trading and Van helped him clear it. About five years later, Van learned that this trader headed the London office for the Tudor company and had become the leader of one of its main trading divisions. Later, Van worked with another of the pillars at Tudor Management.
  • Another of Van’s students was a protégé of Peter Steidlmayer who co-taught the Market Profile Course. Van did regular consulting with him for about four years. During that time, he went from having a personal trading account of about $20,000 to running a $50 million hedge fund.

Dr. Tharp is an Insider

Through Van’s work personally modeling many of the top traders in the world, he has learned inside secrets of which many professionals are unaware. They truly are secrets because many of these professionals couldn’t express them in words – they were non-conscious processes. What are some example?

  • How to use position sizing strategies to meet your objectives,
  • How to understand risk from many perspectives,
  • How to understand the impact of mistakes,
  • How market types are critical for your trading systems,
  • How to do mistake coaching to manufacture R,
  • How to be (at minimum) a systems thinker in order to adapt to the ever changing market,
  • And countless other helpful ideas that no one else teaches – because no one else has uncovered them.
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Dr. Tharp is an Awakener

An awakener is someone who helps others raise their level of consciousness and awareness to the point where they become happy for no reason.

  • One day during my meditation, I saw the image of the Avalokiteśvara (Bodhisattva of Compassion) instead of my usual Buddha image. During meditation, she said to me “I will open your Third Eye…” Avalokiteśvara was the Bodhisattva whom I once met in my dream during a Buddhist retreat almost 10 years ago – I was literally “transported” in a giant bubble up in the sky and heard her talking to me briefly about my mission/purpose (I could only describe her voice as from the edge of the universe). I tried to ask her questions but was told that I must return immediately, then I was transported back down in the bubble again. After I woke up, I shivered as if I had a fever for about 20 minutes. My mission sounded too big for me (my ego) so I probably tried to run away from it since then. But you brought me back to it through ST and I’m ready to take it on now. Thank you!
    • Rui Luo, ST1 Completion, Co-Founder, Stensal, Inc and former Citigroup Analyst.
  • Van … great workshop … I think the System Thinking Workshop is the most important one for me since it pulls together the Beyond the Matrix thought system and worldview. It is like the capstone course in an MBA program that pulls it all together. Thanks Van! … I really enjoyed the lessons and workshops and they created many useful maps! … It was like I did a supercharged refresher of my undergraduate studies from a completely different perspective that changed my life!! Looking forward to ST2!
    • Bruce Walicek, Venture Capitalist, and former Wall Street investment bank analyst
  • “My journey through ST has been transformational. Intellectually I found the Systems Thinking and Beyond the Matrix Thinking the most exciting workshops. I have been shocked at the depth and richness of Korzybski’s work, at its age, and at how little it is known. Although I have done some meditation previously, awakening my spiritual side has been the most profound transformation for me personally. Whilst this will continue to be an ongoing process for the rest of my life, I have lifted the veil of spirituality and have some insights as to the subtle power of these practices, how they can change your life and perceptions, and allow you to strive for the life you wish to follow. This has been complemented by the Oneness blessings and the cohort of open, warm, enthusiastic students from many different backgrounds. I always thought there was a better, more effective way to think, and Van has introduced it to me. If more people were aware, the world would progress in a more effective way. As an aside, the whole process has also had an impact on my trading.”
    • Nick Falla, MBA, AMCT, Managing Director of Xocoatl, Ltd, and a Non-Executive Director of several listed Investment Funds in the UK
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RJ Hixson

A little about RJ Hixson

RJ was first a Van Tharp Institute client for several years before deciding to join the Super Trader program and eventually graduating from the program. He has been a full time VTI staff member since 2009 and has been training directly with Van for over a decade. During this time, he has held a company title of VP of R&D but he has also been our lead workshop instructor supporting Van in many VTI workshops. He’s also one of the leading position sizing experts in the world. Van Tharp developed the concepts but RJ has been the hands-on leader in this area for years. He created and taught the Power of Position Sizing workshop – which is now available as an e-learning course. He works closely with Super Trader students as they learn general Tharp Think concepts and as they complete theST position sizing strategy test.

In fact, when Investopedia searched for the best person to teach a course on the basics of trading they called RJ! He knows Tharp Think and the Van Tharp Institute subject matter better than just about anyone and oversees the content for newsletters, partner workshops, workshop instruction manuals, and trading technology tools (such as the trading simulation game). RJ understands how to take the Tharp Think concepts and apply them in actionable plans for traders.

Here’s a short list of his qualifications:

FAQs with Dr. Tharp

Do I have to take any workshops to enroll?

There is an application for the ST Foundation Program but for the first time ever, you do not have to take any workshops as part of the application process. Thus, you could join this month, attend the three workshops in London in October, work through lessons 1 and 2 in November, and then in December, attend the Oneness Awakening Course, the ST Summit, the ST Crypto Course, and Van’s Favorite Systems Workshop. By the end of the year, you would have completed your workshop requirements and you could probably finish the remaining lessons in a month or so.

At that point, you’d understand your own commitment to mastering yourself and trading and could decide if moving on to the full Core ST Program is for you. And because you’d finished the 10 ST Foundation lessons, we’d also know that you were a good candidate for the program.

Has the current ST program changed at all?

Nothing has changed in the current program. Those in that program have the opportunity to finish the full program (what I am now calling the Core ST Program) in three years, which is possible though challenging for people with full time jobs.

Is this change permanent?

No, this is basically a five to six-month experiment. We will limit the program to 35 people and we’ll close it by February 1st. If people are becoming more Self Aware and we find the new format works for the business, then we may decide to keep it. If either of those factors fail to occur, however, we will likely continue on with only the current three-year format for the ST program.

What do I need to do to apply? Do I still need to take the Oneness Course or Peak 101 to apply?

There are no course prerequisites to register but should you take the three workshops in London we would give you 100% credit for your investment and those three would count toward your seven workshops. You will still need to submit an application and show that the program makes sense for you financially. We also expect you to read Van’s free book, Trading Beyond the Matrix, so you have a better understanding of what you are committing to.

If I attend three workshops in London next month but then you have five more workshops during the ST Summit in early December. Could I take them all as part of this program or would I have to pay for an extra one?

If you select this route, you may come to the events at the entire ST Summit. The ST Summit workshops, however are limited to about 35 people and those presenting have priority. So if you want to come, you’d have to act quickly to reserve your seats.

What if I can’t attend all of the workshops I want during my ST Foundation year?

There are no specific requirements to attend any workshops except for the two required – Peak 101 and Oneness or Stuart Mooney. For the rest, you can attend *any five workshops from the list of fourteen VTI offers that qualify for ST Foundation. That should be pretty easy. VTI usually offers two workshops in most months of the year and many of our workshops are given twice each calendar year. Plus, if you haven’t attended some you’d really like attend, you can apply for a six-month extension for $5,000. (*As with the current Super Trader Core program technical workshop are not part of the program. Those workshops are part of the more advanced Super Trader Systems track. The workshops not included in Foundation or Super Trader core are: Forex, Futures, Sideways, Day, Swing, Bear, Options or other market or time frame specific systems courses)

What if I want to take technical workshops in the ST Foundation Course?

You can still take these technical workshops during your ST Foundation period by paying a very affordable discounted price. But that fee is in addition to your program fee.

Are there any other discounts?

No, the price is $20,000 for a year. But remember, if you advance to the next level of ST Core, you are credited with 50% for anything you’ve spent with us for the last 10 years still applies (except for the 20K ST Foundation program costs).

Is your objective for Super Traders to be able to trade great systems at 95% efficiency?

Trading great systems at 95% efficiency is one of the requirements for graduation, but it’s not the objective of the program. The objective of the program is massive personal transformation and hopefully, a big shift in consciousness. We’d like for each Super Trader eventually to score consistently 80+ on the happiness test and students who have completed Super Trader I frequently do score that high consistently. When you achieve this sort of transformation, anything is possible, including being able to trade great systems at better than 95% efficiency.

What kind of money do I need for the Super Trader Program to make financial sense?

If you have $200,000 or more to trade, then this program can make a lot of sense. You could easily save the cost of the program by learning simply how to avoid a few large losses. Furthermore, it’s our intention that you would be able to recoup the total cost of the program within a few years.

If you have $50,000 to $100,000, then this program probably doesn’t make financial sense. Instead, take the time to learn about, and achieve, financial freedom. However, we look at each application and may decide on a case-by-case basis to allow the student to enter if there are extenuating circumstances.

If I complete the program, will I be able to trade other people’s money?

What you learn in the program could help you trade other people’s money and help you manage your clients. I have not structured the program, however, to teach you how to set up a money management business. Our emphasis is on your psychology and efficient, mistake-free trading – which would certainly benefit anyone who wants to manage other people’s money – which some of my former Super Traders have gone on to do.

I have read that Dr. Tharp invests his money with Super Trader graduates. Is that true?

No, not anymore. I trade my own retirement funds but I no longer place money with others.

Is it a disadvantage to go through the program if I live outside the US?

About half of the people in the Super Trader program right now live overseas. Recently, we have had seven Super Traders from Australia, six from various countries in Asia, one from South America, and a number more from Europe.

We take several measures to ease the burden of long-distance travel on our international Super Traders. First, much of the information exchange for the program can be done by email and Skype. We also have an online collaboration website for the Super Traders, which is always available, regardless of location. Libby Adams’ Academy of Self-Knowledge 28-day course is done by Skype.

Second, because frequent travel to the US can be a hardship for our international Super Traders, we almost always present workshops in pairs so one trip here allows attendance at two workshops. Also, we hold Super Trader-only workshops in conjunction with the Super Trader Summit which always falls in the first week of December.

Finally, we typically present two or three workshops once each year in Asia and in Europe.

What if something happens to Dr. Tharp while I’m in the program?

There are risks to everything, and this is a risk you would be taking. In the event that something happened to me, you could simply stop payments if you felt disadvantaged by continuing the program. My company has been working actively to provide a lot of structure to the program and have others start helping me with the Super Traders so they could continue in the program if anything happened to me in the near term.

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