Super Trader Program

Level 1

Super Trader Foundation

Foundational Competencies and Mindset of Top Traders

Super Trader Foundation is a fast and impactful program to develop the foundational competencies and mindsets of top traders. It provides you with the fundamental lessons of everything we teach in a format that requires minimal soul searching, which makes it accessible and achievable for most people.


Super Trader Foundation is a gateway into the rest of our Super Trader program. The Foundation program takes between 200 and 500 hours to complete, which is significantly less than the complete Super Trader program. With this investment, you will improve your trading performance and self-awareness. Upon completing the Foundation program, you can be sure the Awakening program is right for you, and we can be sure that you will actually complete the program.


  • Approval of Super Trader Program Application and Student Agreement

  • Interview with a VTI Coach

  • Available space in the program

  • Completion of Peak Home Study or Peak 101 is preferred, but not required


  • Master ten fundamental lessons developed from Dr. Tharp's modeling of top traders.

  • Develop the foundational competencies of trading excellence.

  • Begin some of the basic transformations that are necessary to become a great trader.


  • Ten Foundation lessons developed by Dr. Tharp based on modeling top traders.
  • One hour coaching session per month.
  • Lesson approval from your coach.
  • Five VTI Core Workshop credits which can be used to take qualifying workshops.
  • Access to qualifying VTI Core eLearnings, Home Studies, and Books.
  • Access to our Super Trader Basecamp Community.
  • Partial credits on prior product purchases as outlined below.


Super Trader Foundation (STF) | Lessons

Lesson 1

Understand Risk Control. This is the basis for everything in trading. If you don't control risk, you have no chance of success as a trader.

Lesson 2

Master Position Sizing Strategies. Understanding position sizing strategies is critical before you can reach your goals as a trader. We won't allow Super Traders to attend the Crypto Systems Workshop until they have proven some mastery over this skill. Now, it's the second lesson. Once you master this, you can attend the two systems workshops that are given only for Super Traders.

Lesson 3

Mastering Tharp Think. Tharp Think is the set of insider beliefs that Dr. Tharp gathered during 35 years of working with top traders. You learn a fast and effective process to get these beliefs into your neurology.

Lesson 4

Develop Effective Position Sizing Strategies. Next you get experience with developing and using position sizing strategies through the Van Tharp trading simulation game. This invaluable experience is unobtainable from anyone else

Lesson 5

Control Your Stress. We have a simple lesson on stress control because if you are too stressed, you cannot trade well. We've put this one primary self-mastery lesson in the foundation program.

Lesson 6

Discover Your Personal Programming. Dr. Michael Hall wrote Figuring Out People which identified over sixty automatic programs that people tend to run subconsciously. That is, they just tend to behave a certain way and they aren't really aware they behave that way. You need to become aware of these programs if you want to make changes. Charles Faulkner (an NLP Trainer who was in the New Market Wizards book) decided that he could trade well if he just learned the key metaprograms of good traders. We know that good trading goes way beyond metaprograms, but they are important to identify and master.

Lesson 7

Defining Your Values and Your Purpose. What are your values and what's your purpose in life? These determine who you are and it's critical to become aware of how they shape your life. Thus, they are also a part of the ST Fundamental Lessons.

Lesson 8

Align Your Goals with Your Values. If you want to create your dream life, you need to master the process of setting your goals and aligning them with your values and your purpose.

Lesson 9

Connecting With Your Inner Guidance. You can only trade your beliefs about the market, not the market itself. Your beliefs are not true but hopefully they are useful in a wide context (they bring much value to you and to others). This lesson teaches you that you can go beyond beliefs and allow your Inner Guidance to help you fulfill your purpose. This is a huge change for most people.

Lesson 10

Finding Your Deepest Motivation. The last lesson involves mastering the self-motivation concepts in Dr. Tharp's book, Moti-Maps, so that you can achieve your dreams. At this point, you'll be ready to continue on to the Super Trader Awakening program.

Super Trader Foundation (STF) | Workshops

1 credit

Peak Performance 101 Note: This workshop is required.

Four (4) credits
Select from these workshops

Peak Performance 202 (Advanced)
Peak Performance 203 (Happiness)
Peak Performance 204 (recording)
How to Develop a Winning Trading System that fits You
Blueprint for Trading Success
Infinite Wealth
Consciousness Awakening (as offered)


Super Trader Summit


Participants may choose to exchange their workshop credits for a refund for an applicable workshop taken within three months prior to the start of the program.

Technical workshops are not included in the Foundation program.

Super Trader Foundation (STF) | Products and eLearnings


Position Sizing Simulation Game


Tharp Trading Profile

Home Studies

Peak Home Study
System Home Study


Introduction to Position Sizing
The Power of Position Sizing
Tharp Think Essentials
Psychology of Trading
Seven Principles of Great Trading
ABCs of Trading
Business Planning
Trading Genius I
Van's Favorite Systems Course (Recording) Note: Received after completion of Lesson 2.


Definitive Guide to Position Sizing
Super Trader Book
Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom
Trading Beyond the Matrix
Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom
Moti-Maps (PDF format)


Upon entering into the Super Trader Foundation program, you will receive a one-time 40% credit for all applicable VTI core products (not workshops) you have purchased in the past 10 years. Credit will be applied to your final payment.

What do you do next?

This is an elite program which requires admittance so we invite you to fill out and submit an application. The application inquires about your trading experience, certain areas of your life, and your goals. Our team review takes about a week and if admitted, you can usually start the program by the end of the month. As new students join and claim the open slots, the limited capacity of our coaches may require a wait of 1-3 months to start the program.

If you have specific questions, call us at 1-919-466-0043 during US Eastern time (NY) business hours, or email [email protected]

Cost and Duration

    • Program Cost: $22,000 $17,500 For a limited time join at a 20% discount.

    • Duration: You have one year to complete the program and use your workshop credits.

    • You will be eligible to extend for as needed for an additional $1,000 per month.

    • Upon completion of the Foundation Program, you will have a consultation with your Coach and can determine whether the next phase, Super Trader Awakening, is right for you.

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