Stock Markets About to Go “Vertical” Plus a Cryptocurrency Update (VIDEO) by, Gabriel Grammatidis



I) US Stock Market:

US Equities About to Go “Vertical.”

A vertical market ideally develops out of a well-established strong & smooth that starts a final exhaustion trend move. This leads prices to go “vertical” within a short period of time.

Gabriel has a strong sense that this is occurring right now, based on a Futures price pattern. As explained in the video, the trigger is a subtle, but powerful visual price pattern (S2 Turtle) that developed on the Daily chart. This has the potential to kick-start the very special market type I call “Vertical Trend”.

We could double in prices in less than 6-12 months from current levels. This is hard to imagine, but Verticals are runaway markets that leave most people stunned! A vertical market is an exponential upleg in this uptrend. If it materializes, then it will produce a ton of trading opportunities in all timeframes (from 240-minutes down to the 5-second charts).


II) Bitcoin / Cryptos:

Recent developments show Bitcoin potentially breaking to a new all-time high.

BTC had a big run-up over the last couple of months, essentially doubling in price. This strong run-up led to prices being well overextended to the upside. That is typically a situation where a healthy 30-40% price pullback comes in. However, this time might be different as explained in this Cryptocurrency Update Video.

After a quick pullback, price immediately broke to a new high. Now this high is very close to the all-time-high of BTC. These levels like to get tested, and should they break, what you get is a stop-run move higher.

I would not be surprised if BTC breaks the ATH these days and then we see price levels of $25,000 in BTC soon.

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