Safe Strategies For Financial Freedom Bonus Items

Safe Strategies For Financial Freedom Bonus Items

Thank you for your interest in the free offers from Safe Strategies For Financial Freedom

Dear Safe Strategies Reader:

Below are links to items mentioned in the book, free pdf downloads of various reports,  as well as for-sale items mentioned in the book.

The page numbers referenced correlate to the page in the book the item was mentioned. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact

CORRECTIONS: See the last section of this page for corrections to the book.

Downloads Free of Charge:

To download the next set of PDF files, place the cursor over the link and click the right button on your mouse.  Select "save link as" to save file to your computer, select a place on your computer to save the file, then close the window when complete. These reports are free!

What Every Investor Needs to Know About Hedge Funds Part One

What Every Investor Needs to Know About Hedge Funds Part Two

Interviews with John Mauldin - (Pgs 82, 84)

Worksheets on Financial Freedom Number (Pgs 12, 33)

1 2 3 Model Update  (Pg 87)

Over time Van has evolved his market update with a market classification system that replaced the 1-2-3 model.
You can read more about the evolution process and his new model definition here:

This is the first Market Update which uses the new system:

Seven Steps to Financial Freedom (pages 13, 34)

Ken Long's Tortoise Report (pgs 80,101,315,327)

Justin Ford's Kids Wealth Educate Your Kids and Grandkids on Financial Freedom (Pgs 310, 321, 322)

Links within

Tharp's Thought's Weekly Email Newsletter, Free. (Pgs. 141,165, 173, 259, 261) At the beginning of each month Dr. Tharp writes an assessment of the prior month.

Van Tharp Institute (IITM) Courses/Workshops, Products

Infinite Wealth Workshop (Pgs 314)

Peak Performance 101 Three Day Workshop

Peak Performance 202 Advanced Workshop (Pgs 281)

Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom (Pg 318)

How to Develop a Winning Trading System Home Study Program (Pg 318)

Special Report on Money Management (now the Definitive Guide to Position Sizing Strategies)

Position Sizing Trading Simulation Game (Pg 318)

Peak Performance Home Study Course (Pg 321)

Corrections to the book, Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom:

Page 66 and page 70 of the book:
The three most important questions to answer about the stock market:
1- Is the Market too expensive?
2- Are the Feds in the way?
3- Is the Market going badly (not up)?

Page 43 "Did You Know About Virtual Banks?" Section

The correct symbol for the Mortgage company is ANH, (not ANS)

Page 323, Incorrect 800 phone number

To reach us via phone, call 919-466-0043 or 800-385-4486

Page 202 in Chapter 13, some of the numbers have “%” signs when they should not:

Chapter 8 - Buy Undervalued Stocks: We recommend that you not invest  more than 2% your portfolio in a
stock at 0.6 (not 0.6 % as is incorrectly printed in the book) of Graham’s number and do so only when the stock is rising; you may add another 2% if the stock reaches 0.5 (not 0.5 %) of Graham’s number and is rising; and another 2% if the stock reaches 0.4 (not 0.4 %) of Graham’s number and starts rising. However, if the stock goes to 0.3 (not 0.3 %) of Graham’s number then something is seriously wrong. Sell your position. You will have lost 2.4% of your portfolio should this worst-case scenario happen.

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