Trading Beyond The Matrix Bonuses

Dr. Van Tharp’s highest level program, The Super Trader Program, includes 20 significant lessons designed by Dr. Tharp to instigate transformations in his traders. In the book, Trading Beyond the Matrix, Dr. Tharp makes the comment that a very motivated reader can use the book as thumbnail guide to start many of the same processes to becoming a better trader as his Super Trader students. This bonus lesson, The Life Review, is his free gift to you. Given the price of the Super Trader program this lesson alone is one of the most valuable bonus items offered. We encourage you to download it and start this work today.

A Super Trader Lesson

Learn like a Super Trader with this free lesson from the elite Van Tharp Institute Super Trader Program.

Peak Performance Home Study Special Offer

As a Trading Beyond The Matrix reader we want to offer you a special discount on our most popular product. Our Peak Performance Home Study! This is our core product and is a great place to start your trading journey!

We have a special 20% discount for you, use the code below at checkout to save!

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Position Sizing Game Free Levels

Game Overview:

The Market Wizards agree that there are three keys to trading success:

1. Follow the golden rule of trading—cut your losses short and let your profits run

2. Master the part of your trading that tells you how much

3. Develop the discipline to follow both of those elements

The Position Sizing Game will help you with all three!

  • First, you will now know how to answer the question “How much?” through position sizing™ strategies.
  • Second, playing the game helps you learn how to let your profits run—and protect them as well.
  • Third, playing the game using your own system’s results in simulation mode allows you to practice proper position sizing™ methods for your own trading. Trading simulation helps you develop the discipline to follow the other two keys for trading success.

The Van Tharp Institute Happiness Evaluation

The Tharp Trader Test

What is your trader type? Do you have the traits of top traders? Take the quick 5-question assessment to find out!

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