Psychology Patterns: Internal Conflicts by, RJ Hixson


Have you ever thought or said something to the effect, “On one hand, I . . . while on the other hand, I . . .”? Has that kind of thinking ever affected your trading? If so (and it’s likely so), you have an experience of some internal conflict — which is entirely human.

Different parts of you want different things and when two parts see something differently — as they often do — you wind up in conflict.

Most typically, your logical mind takes control and makes a decision to resolve the situation. If over time, however, one of the parts is consistently denied expression or is minimized, that part will act through your subconscious to gain expression. That shows up when you do something you don’t understand and causes you to ask “Now why did I do that?”

There are different ways to handle these situations but Van has found the most effective and helpful way is to negotiate with the parts. After people learn about some of their parts and the resolution process, many are very surprised how easily they can find a solution they had not considered which can satisfy the parts and allow them to go forward — without conflict in that area again.

Useful Belief — Internal conflicts are resolvable – even if they have existed for a long time.

Questions — Where do you experience internal conflict? What competing motivations or intentions do you experience with these conflicts? If you were to get creative, what could you do that would address the differing motivations and still solve the conflict.

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