Thank you! You now have free access to the first three levels of the Position Sizing™ Trading Simulation Game.
To access all the levels, you can purchase the full game here.

  • Step 1: Click the button below to download the game.

    Simply download and install the game on your computer. Note: this is a Windows-program and doesn't work on Macs.

  • Step 2: Read the Level instructions.

    This is necessary for the best use of the game.

  • Step 3: Launch the game on your computer.

    To find the game on your computer later, look under your list of programs and search for 'The Van Tharp Institute'.

Note: After you reach level three if you'd like to purchase levels 4-10 you do not need to download the game again. Just purchase the full game on our website and send us your 5-digit code. After your purchase, we will send you the unlock keys based on those unique 5 digits.

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