Mental States An Excerpt By, Van K. Tharp, PhD

A state refers to the mental or physical processes that we experience at any moment. States tend to filter our interpretations of our experiences. If we are worn out, tired, hungry, and exhausted, then we are likely to be less tolerant of changes and not motivated at all. If we are excited and energized, then we are highly motivated and it would be difficult to stop us from whatever we want to do…

What is most important about mental states is having the right state for the situation you wish to be in or for the task you want to perform…

A relaxed state is not useful in an emergency. An active state is not useful when patience is required. If you are in an unsuitable state for the task you are trying to do, then anything you do will be more difficult. You must match the appropriate state and task…

Questions can be very powerful in changing your state. However, there are empowering questions and there are questions that have very little impact. Asking “why?” is a useless question because you can just invent a reason that has no impact on you. Consequently, avoid such questions. In contrast, there is a list of questions that can have an enormous impact upon you.

See Chapter 2, “Understanding Propulsion Systems: What are the Roots?,” in Moti-Maps: The Definitive Guide to Self-Propulsion and Getting Your Dream Life and see what they do for your motivation.

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