Van Tharp

Van Tharp and his wife Kala Tharp own VTI. Van is President and fuels our passion for transformation. Kala is an accomplished artist, specializing in paintings. She has an art gallery at the VTI facility. They are both world travelers and dog lovers.

Cathy Hasty, Vice President of Operations and Marketing

Cathy Hasty is the VP of Operations and Marketing. She runs the day-to-day operations of our company. She also directs the VTI marketing program, website, and newsletter. After working with the company for over 20 years, she has been key in the tremendous growth and evolution of the company. “My most important focus is client satisfaction. We want to know you’ve had a good experience with us and if not, how we can improve.” Cathy has a B.A. in Communication from NC State University and has worked in marketing and/or promotions since 1987.

R.J. Hixson, Vice President of Research and Development

Before his employment with VTI in 2009, RJ was a long-time Van Tharp Institute client and student of the Super Trader program. He became a Super Trader graduate in 2012. In his role, he develops new training products and helps guide the curriculum for our programs. RJ co-teaches several workshops with Van and is the lead instructor on many others. He also edits and writes for our newsletter ensuring top quality information for traders. RJ works closely with and helps guide, students in the Super Trader Program. He enjoys working with the most amazing client base he has had the privilege to serve.

Revathi Ramaswami, Accounting

Revathi Ramaswami joined our Van Tharp family in 2006. Receiving her Chartered Accountant degree from India, Revathi manages all the accounting functions including payables and receivables at the Van Tharp Institute. She enjoys being a part of the VTI team, continually thriving to better the services provided by the company. She is eager to continue watching the company grow and meeting all of our wonderful clients.

Revathi can be reached at [email protected] for any questions or comments regarding bookkeeping and finances.

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Jacqueline Gains: Client Services Coordinator

Before her employment with VTI in 2018, Jacqueline served as Administrative Director in the healthcare education industry for over 20 years. Following that, she owned and operated a vibrant restaurant in Charleston, SC. She now serves as the Client Services Coordinator, Office Manager and Super Trader Program Coordinator. Her primary focus is to ensure that our clients receive service excellence in all experiences at VTI. She can be reached at [email protected].

Christine Parker, Digital Media Specialist

Christine is responsible for producing much of VTI’s marketing material including promotional videos and the weekly newsletter. She has an extensive background in video production and is also responsible for producing and managing all of our video-based eLearning products. You can usually find her manning the controls for our workshop room cameras, or hard at work editing a new eLearning course. In her spare time, Christine is an independent film director. She has produced several short films and has won awards for her directing and writing. Find your local horror movie film festival and you may see Christine there!


CC Cheney, Special Project Coordinator

Before her employment with VTI in 2018, CC served as the Office Manager, Buyer, and Trade Show Logistical Coordinator for a company in the in situ electron microscopy field.  Following that, she took time off to pursue her love for plants by working at her neighbor’s nursery.  She now serves as the Special Project Coordinator taking on various project tasks to assist the team.

CC can be reached at [email protected]


Eilish Deuley, Marketing Specialist

Eilish is a graduate of Wright State University, in Dayton Ohio with a degree in Marketing. She has been working on marketing efforts for VTI since the summer of 2018 when she relocated to North Carolina from Ohio. Prior to VTI she worked in product marketing at one of the world’s biggest office product companies. When she’s not in the office Eilish is usually found at a local coffee shop or out and about taking photos.

Eilish can be reached at [email protected] 


Chantal Noreika, Executive Assistant

Chantal has been Van’s assistant since the spring of 2018. Before that, she worked in Public Relations and Marketing for universities and more recently for the beer and wine industry in Raleigh. She’s a New York native but has been living in the south for two years now and can’t imagine living anywhere else. She prides herself on knowing the best places to eat and see in the Raleigh area.

Fun Times With VTI