Masterclass: Applying the Weekend Strategy Report and Podcast to Monday’s Trade – November 23rd By, Ken Long



            • The weekend strategy session spent some time exploring the possibilities and trade frames associated with: TSLA, PBW, GBTC, among other candidates.
            • The trade frame review examined core and turbo ideas for: NIO, NKLA, DVN, X, AA.
            • Good luck comes from the confluence of Opportunity and Preparation.
            • You want to have a risk-informed hand on the tiller as well as a charted course that accounts for dangerous waters and safe channels.
            • Keep a sharp eye posted in the crow’s nest to watch the horizon (as far as the eye can see).
            • Monitor the barometer to appreciate the changes in atmospheric pressure.
            • Sail on.

Attached is a chart markup of a trade series in DVN – one of the candidates from the trade frame review. The sequence is typical of our hybrid trading approach where we integrate Swing and Day Trading.


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