Hybrid Trading Workshop – Student Trades From Thursday, September 3



Ken has a few trade samples from his Hybrid Trading course students – winners and losers included – from last Thursday when the upward bull move finally cracked. Thursday’s turn allowed for some effortless short-side exploitation intraday using standard work principles. The trades are excellent examples of what he calls “wu wei” or “effortless action” in actual practice. Ken believes the first day of reversal to a very strong trend should always feel like the easiest trade using hybrid frog techniques.







He also has a few questions to ask:

  • Were you prepared for the adverse move?
  • Did you execute a trading plan to account for the direction of price?
  • What was your state of mind while the moves were unfolding?
  • Did you play the hand you were dealt?
  • Did you manage risk in the usual way?
  • Did you find the movers?

The TLT and TQQQ trade examples show the intraday strategy of “find, follow the movers” that students learn in Ken’s elearning Hybrid Trading Workshop. You can enroll and learn to make some profitable trades that feel effortless as well.

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