Google ID Info Page

Before purchasing a Van Tharp eLearning course, you will need the following:

1. A Google ID

You already have a Google ID if you have one of the following:
• A Gmail email address
• An account with YouTube, Google Play, Google Plus or Google Maps account,
• Your company email is hosted via Google,
• You have set up your Hotmail or Yahoo email account with Google to use as a Google ID (for example, users do this so they can view google docs, or in our case our e-learning site is set up on a google drive system. )

When you are in the check out process you need to enter this google id in the section shown below and agree to the terms and conditions. Enter a full email address. For example, if your email address is, enter the full address including “”. If the email address does not go in properly at this step the course will not open.









After you complete your purchase, go to

Upon purchase, you will first receive a receipt for your payment.

You will then receive a second email confirming access to your eLearning product(s). *Please note: Course access is added to your account manually and may take up to 1 business day to become available.

Your first step is to Log in with the Google ID you used during check out. If you are already logged in, please log out and log back in for best results.

Q & A

Why do I need a Google ID to enroll in this course?

After considering a lot of video hosting options we determined that Google via Google Drive provides an effective and efficient way to host the significant amount of course content, however, a google id is a requirement to access google drive. If you need assistance with this, please contact us before making your purchase.

Why do I need a broadband Internet connection to watch the course?

The lectures are all provided as video recordings from the live workshop. You need a fast enough connection to be able to watch video without frequent interruptions and enough resolution to be able to interpret what you see. A dial-up account will not allow you to watch the videos effectively if at all. Even if you have “broadband” service, you may experience buffering (interruptions in the video playback) or a lower resolution of the video (fuzzy image), just as you would if streaming a video service like Netflix without enough bandwidth.

I do not see any courses listed under “My Courses” at, even after I log in with my Google ID.

If you are having this problem, there are a few things to check.

Make sure you are logged in with the Google ID that you provided when you purchased the course.

Refer to your email receipt to see what you entered as your Google ID on the checkout page. If you have multiple Google IDs, you may have been already logged into a different one when you accessed the eLearning page. If this is the case, click the “Sign Out” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and then sign in again with the correct Google ID.

If you notice on your email receipt that you accidentally misspelled your Google ID (please note: our system is case-sensitive), or did not include your full email address (left out, for example), please contact us by email or phone, 919-466-0043, and we will manually add you to the course with the correct ID.

What Technical Requirements Do I Need?

An internet connection with enough bandwidth to enable you to watch streaming video or download audio. We recommend a minimum Internet connection speed of 500kbps to be able to watch the videos with good resolution and minimal buffering.

The eLearning website works best with browsers other than Internet Explorer. We recommend Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

You DO NOT need to install Google drive on your system. All you do is enter the id and all of the content is available to you.

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