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What Is Your Trader Type?

Take this quick test to find out!

Based on research of over 5,000 traders. Discover your trader type in just 4 minutes. Each trader type has its own temperament, personality, perception and interpretation that ultimately affect how the market is approached and traded. Do You Have the traits of Top Traders?


Special presentation with Van Tharp and RJ Hixson

New Super Trader Program! Faster and More Affordable. Van Tharp and RJ Hixson held a free webinar with more information about this program. Watch a replay of the webinar by clicking the button below.


free book

Trading beyond the matrix

Get your own copy for FREE, just pay for shipping. This book covers the different levels of transformation to improve as a trader and to become a happier person. It also shares real success stories of people who have changed their trading significantly as a result of adopting these concepts. Learn how to meet your objectives, understand the market and much more!

FREE Download

Position Sizing™ trading simulation game

  • Determine how much to risk on each position
  • Learn how to let your profits run and cut your losses
  • Practice Position Sizing™ methods for your own trading. Trading simulation helps you develop the discipline to follow the golden rules for trading success

FREE online course

The super trader fundamentals course

Get FREE Instant access. This course is suited for both new traders as well as experienced traders who have not yet been exposed to Dr. Tharp's teaching.

  • Transform yourself into a Super Trader
  • ​Discover your Trader Personality
  • Your Super Trader Power Tools
  • ​Read the Market Like a Super Trader
  • Free Exclusive Bonuses & Discounts!

Free Audio Presentation

Steps to becoming a great trader

Learn the 17 steps to becoming a great trader in this audio presentation

Tharp Think Podcast

Gems beyond the matrix

Subscribe to The Tharp Think Podcast to learn more about Dr. Tharp's classic principles for your life and your trading.


The Van Tharp Institute's glossary of trading terms

These trading terms will help with your understanding of trading concepts.

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The Van Tharp Institute's newsletter archives

All the past issues of the newsletter from January 2005 until October 2018

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