A Perspective from Dr. Tharp

The Super Trader Program isn't for everyone. Obtaining this kind of transformation in your trading and your life requires work and commitment. Most people want to make a lot of money and only do a little work - which makes marketing our products very challenging in many ways. We do not promise trading is an easy way to make lots of money (you have seen those infomercials). We do, however, promise you can improve your whole life and improve your performance in the markets by using models that have helped top traders become incredibly successful in the markets. So, what can we do to convince people we can help? Tony Robbins had good advice in this area when he said, "I teach people what they want in order to be able to teach them what they need."

I wrote a book on self-motivation titled, Moti-Maps: The Definitive Guide to Self-Motivation and Getting Your Dream Life. Several of the Super Trader lessons involve mastering the material in this book. I talk about your wants in life having a lot to do with your values. Most people might say that they want a lot of money, some good friends, and a great spouse. For many of them, money comes ahead of everything - though maybe not to the extreme as John D. Rockefeller. When his net worth was about 20% of the US GDP, an interviewer asked him, "Now that you have so much money, what do you want now?" His response was, "More."

That's the way many people think - "I need more money." We have heard people ask something like - if Van was such an expert on trading success, why didn't he just make a lot of money instead of teaching traders? That question originates in people who hold the assumption that everyone wants a lot of money more than anything else. Lots of money is not my top value. I want Self-Transformation and I want to help others achieve what I've achieved. I live quite well. From March through July of 2019, I made profits of a half-million dollars just investing in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. And then from October to November 2020, I made three million dollars in about seven weeks investing in cryptos.

Most investment newsletters generate much higher sales than the Van Tharp Institute because they appeal to low levels of consciousness such as fear and greed. They blast you with seven or more emails a week (sometimes several emails a day) and then they have their affiliates do the same thing. You might receive ten emails with the fear-inducing headline, "New legislation on September 23rd will devastate retirement accounts - but some people will make a lot of money by knowing insider secrets. Get the special report that tells it all for free with your $495 subscription to our newsletter."

Greed-based headlines are a little better. They read something like - "New legislation allows the average guy to make a fortune and we're about to share those secrets with you. Investment Guru Joe Smith will share his Wall Street knowledge in this webinar where he'll show you how to make 100 times your money in a very secret area that few people know about." On the webinar, Joe then reveals one of his top picks. Again, you get twenty emails about the webinar in a week, and perhaps 100,000 people sign up for the webinar. If 5% of those attending pay $2,500 for the newsletter, then that works out to $6.25 million in revenue and a very healthy margin. The saddest part of this everyday scenario, however, happens when most people who subscribe to these newsletters discover that they lack either the knowledge or the mental capabilities to profit much from the advice being given.

I'm saying all of this because we want to promise you what you want and, in the process, we will also give you what you really need. Not through fear or greed but with openness and integrity. This is the goal of our Super Trader program - hard work, honest value, meaningful results.

The current Super Trader Program allows you to choose how far you want to progress. You will start with the one-year Super Trader Foundation level and that will enable you to decide if the next step, Super Trader Awakening is right for you. At the same time, you can get as much as you can out of the one-year program, which might be all you are looking for right now.


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