Do Routine Things Routinely By, Ken Long


Trading is all about taking action.

That is, taking the right action according to your rules for Standard Work.

We have Standard Work for normal conditions (what to do when things are normal) and we have Standard Work for abnormal conditions (what to do when things are interesting). Your relationship with your Standard Work defines your mindset, habits, and approach to trading as a serious person.

In a legendary comedy routine, the ventriloquist artist Senor Wences would ask Cecilia Chicken how she knows that this egg is her "son." Then, Cecilia Chicken would look right at him and say, without missing a beat, "I know my business."

So, do you know your business?

Do you mind your business?

Do you take care of your business?

Do you know your job?

Do you perform your due diligence?

Of course, we all want to win. Do you prepare to win?

In the slides below is a sample case study quiz from a Wednesday, October 13th live trade, demonstrating the setup for our Kata 2 pattern, one of the staples taught in my workshops.


If you would like to know more about Ken Long and his own Standard Work, we invite you to attend his Nightly Strategy Podcast, FREE, for the month of October 2021.

How to Access:

For a nightly catch-up, report review, and live lessons, held at 9:30 PM ET, visit:

With your special password: tortoise

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