Consultations with Van Tharp

One-on-One Consultations with Van K. Tharp, PhD

Most of Dr. Tharp's consulting time is reserved for his Super Traders; however, occasionally he schedules consultations outside of that program.

Dr. Tharp's availability is limited. With his workshops, speaking engagements and Super Trader program, Dr Tharp's schedule is often filled months in advance. Contact our office for scheduling and other information.

To request a consultation, contact the Van Tharp Institute at 919-466-0043 or 800-385-4486, or send an email message to

Minimum Requirements

To qualify for a consultation you must have already completed the following programs offered by Van Tharp Institute:

Click each title to learn more. These two programs, in particular, address some of the most difficult issues of trading, such as self-sabotage, fear, stress, and more. The consultations work best once this groundwork had been laid.


One consulting appointment generally consists of two half-day sessions, approximately 4 hours each.


The private consultations take place at the Van Tharp Institute in Cary, NC. Cary is just outside of the capital, Raleigh, NC.


Consultations start at $35,000/appointment
(Includes the 2 half days)

Please call our offices for institutional pricing and/or hourly rates. Hourly rates are typically $4,000/hour which includes communications by phone, email and/or face-to-face conferences.

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