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About the Author: Dr. Ken Long retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and teaches at the U.S. Army Staff College. He is a proud father of three, a husband, teacher, student, martial artist and active trader.
Ken started investing in mutual funds in the 1990s but has grown over the last fifteen years into an outstanding big-picture thinker and tactical trader. He also instructs dynamic trading workshops for the Van Tharp Institute, including Adaptive Swing Trading, Day Trading Systems, and two video workshops covering swing trading and long-term core systems. He has evolved his strategies over the years and teaches his latest advancements in his workshops.
Ken is currently supervising several Masters theses this year on applying AI to military decision making.

+11R Morning Just “Another Day at the Office” for Ken on Tuesday by, Ken Long

Market volatility is helping generate some bigger than “normal” results but the trade setups, entries, and exits that Ken’s systems generate right now are quite ordinary. While the systems helped make Ken +11R in the morning, he added to the earnings in the midday and afternoon sessions. Even in the less normal conditions right now, these trades come from the exact same signals that the systems generate every day . . . so Ken wonders why more folks aren’t joining his free evening strategy webinars which he offers for free …

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Daily Trading Master Class by, Ken Long

  Ken recorded two YouTube videos on Thursday, 3/26/2020 describing the morning session trades that generated a couple of losses before the market found directional traction. Ken finished the morning session well in positive territory with several larger wins.     Coming in June! Ken Long Live Stream The Advanced Hybrid Training Workshop Learn how to develop risk-managed action plans informed by different time-frames and trade well. Learn more HERE

Applied Systems & Strategic Thinking by, Ken Long

Here are 3 case studies for trade entries posted in the chatroom: trades in X, UDOW, SVXY The 3 trades were still open yesterday (Tuesday) when Ken sent them to us midday. He noted the US Steel trade with $400 risk capital would have paid for the upcoming Hybrid Trading workshop (see below) – and the trade hadn’t closed yet. You can see and hear Ken’s extensive analytical preparation for the US Steel trade from Monday night in the recording of the session at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y7KabkcCsE Listen in for his “analysis …

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TSLA Swing Trade and Master Class (VIDEO) By, Ken Long

  This four minute video details Ken’s internal struggle between his beliefs about TSLA and what his system’s rules recently told him to do. Ken says, “You should tattoo into your consciousness the importance and limits of predictions and beliefs and rules and management. These are certainly tattooed into my consciousness. The video reinforces all of the Tharp Think principles I believe.”  

Ken’s Corner – Case Study

  This is one example of a monthly “check-in” where students do the work to apply our principles to their trading and gather the evidence needed to make strategy-adjustment decisions. This exercise involves self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-mastery. “Lifelong learners, students of the market” do this on a regular basis to stay aligned with an ever-evolving market.   Hi Ken, A prosperous New Year to you and the Tortoise community! This year started well for me. I think I am beginning to get the real value of intraday techniques in my …

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A Case Study on Coaching and Trading Improvement By, Ken Long

  Here are 3 snapshots of a “1-page monthly performance summary” from a trader learning day trading and hybrid swing trading systems. He has been trading now for three months after taking a home study course from VTI. One of the ways to sharpen your most important tool (your mind) and to improve your practice is to act as a coach and think about what it means to give feedback to others about their performance. Think of these 3 charts from 2 perspectives: (1) If you were the trader who …

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Ken Long’s Trading Quiz, by Dr. Ken Long

Today’s quiz actually has two case studies with two charts each. Part one offers an example of our favorite hybrid trading style that blends the best of swing trading and daytrading, a technique we call core and turbo. Swing trades form the core position in which we use swing trade patterns to give us a directional bias for the opportunity that may unfold in the next few days. These are moves that are larger than average and which occur in shorter than usual periods of time. When our swing trade …

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A Case Study in Shorting the June 25-26 Market Decline, by Ken Long

Dr. Ken Long provided us the following charts yesterday to help demonstrate a variety of ways someone could have traded the market decline on June 25 and 26 using one fractal pattern of the many he teaches. The first chart shows daily bars for SPY which indicates an initial pattern of decline after a peak. You can see this in the price bars as well as below in the “seasonal change” of the MACD. He calls this price pattern the “Collapsing Dragon” which alerts traders to the probability of downtrend …

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Day and Swing Traders for The Week of June 10th, By Ken Long PhD

This week, you have a choice of watching a 3 minute day trading video or a 21 minute swing trading video from Dr. Ken Long. In the day trading video, Ken details multiple trades in 5 symbols from Monday morning, June 10th that were set up by the weekend’s swing trading signals. For the swing perspective from the weekend, watch this video where Ken reviews 65 daily charts (a few seconds for each) of 30 Dow symbols and the most liquid ETFs. To understand more about Ken’s swing trading system, …

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+12R by Lunch From 2 Trades in DIA by Ken Long

This +9R trade featured 4 short scale ins in DIA during the Friday morning session. It was absolutely routine trading based on the techniques I teach and the way we trade every day — swing trade framing to identify likely movers, taking advantage of our awareness that the market was in a critical state, identifying intraday weakness which pointed out the downward momentum. . . . and we simply followed through in our usual way. This trade captured 480 index points with a risk-managed 50 points the whole way. I …

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