Dr. Ken Long

About the Author: Dr. Ken Long retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and teaches at the U.S. Army Staff College. He is a proud father of three, a husband, teacher, student, martial artist and active trader.
Ken started investing in mutual funds in the 1990s but has grown over the last fifteen years into an outstanding big-picture thinker and tactical trader. He also instructs dynamic trading workshops for the Van Tharp Institute, including Adaptive Swing Trading, Day Trading Systems, and two video workshops covering swing trading and long-term core systems. He has evolved his strategies over the years and teaches his latest advancements in his workshops.
Ken is currently supervising several Masters theses this year on applying AI to military decision making.

When Life Gives You Lemons…Teach Others By, Ken Long

When life gives you lemons, figure out how to make lemonade, then use Scale, Leverage, and Momentum to Innovate. Next, make an Artifact to lock in Innovation-That-Lasts, then Lather-Rinse-Repeat with Continuous Improvement. Finally, Teach Others in order to Learn More. COVID forced us to adapt the way we teach our Tortoise trading techniques. From long-term core investing, to intermediate-term swing trading to short-term day trading, and the hybrid trading approach which integrates them all in a master trading strategy. An “instructional coaching” approach when teaching our Tortoise style of trading …

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Market Overview and Effective Intraday Trading – April 20, 2021 By, Ken Long

  This 45-minute video was Ken’s nightly market overview from Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Ken discussed the broad market action for the day and analyzed how various indexes, sectors, and select symbols performed. Ken reviewed a number of intraday trades and presented some interesting trade setups. As usual, he sprinkled valuable lessons throughout the podcast. On Tuesday evening, Ken spoke about active learning, volatility, and the task of applying standard patterns for effective trading.

Strategies, Trade Evaluations, and Why Masterminds Work (VIDEO COLLECTION) by, Dr. Ken Long

Ken Long offers a perpetual wealth of resources to his students and others in the trading community. Ahead of his Spring workshops, we have compiled a selection of video highlights to illustrate his approach to the markets and to adult learning. NIGHTLY STRATEGY PODCAST: A typical podcast session, highlighting Ken's routine, analysis, and bar-by-bar case study practice. SWING PORTFOLIO SPEED-RUN: Ken analyzes 50 charts in 8 minutes! AAPL, CAT, MSFT and more! SUNDAY STRATEGY PODCAST: This sample podcast from March 14th shows Ken evaluating the trade frames provided by students …

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Plan-PREPARE-Execute-ASSESS By, Dr. Ken Long

I teach a 4-step process of “Plan-Prepare-Execute-Assess” in order to systematically and continuously improve my adaptation to the market and trade effectively. Plan: A top-down procedure to identify tradable targets in the time frame I have chosen, or which chooses itself. My criteria: targets are tradable symbols that have evidence to support the hypothesis that they are in a “critical state.” I define a critical state as a moment when there is a larger-than-normal probability of a larger-than-normal directional move in a shorter-than-normal time frame and where the amount and …

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Strategy, Preparation, and “Critical State Trading” (VIDEO) By, Ken Long

See Dr. Ken Long's processes in action in his nightly strategy podcast from Tuesday, March 16th. Ken discusses the trading day, his daily report, and introduces "Critical State Trading" — a standard approach to a day trading strategy he will be teaching in his upcoming Day Trading Systems course (starts April 1st).     https://youtu.be/MSurrlGL-2A

Market Assessment and an Introduction to “True Storytelling” (VIDEO) Friday, March 5th, 2021 By, Ken Long

  In last weekend’s market review, Ken walks through his weekend report in typical thoroughness and understandability to assess the market overall and identify specific shorter-term trade opportunities. Ken also introduced students to the concept of “True Storytelling” which he uses to develop understandings of market conditions and build collaborative learning. Finally, he provided a sneak peek of his upcoming Foundations course which starts April 1st. Get a preview of Ken’s masterful teaching style in action! Register now and start your learning with the pre-course work today.

Excellent Opportunity in BLOK…by the Numbers Monday, February 22nd by, Ken Long

  On Monday morning, Ken saw the huge opening gap (-8%) in BLOK. He then applied several of his standard trade concepts – Hybrid Frog, Minimum Manageable Risk Box (MMRB), SSC, Kata2, and a Sniper Exit to capture a nice move. BLOK’s price closed the gap and the whole trade was over by mid-morning as illustrated by the two charts below. Ken covers these standard trade concepts in his Hybrid Swing Trading Workshop which will be starting its next session in early April.    

Blended Monthly Rebalancing in Action! by, Dr. Ken Long

  Ken teaches the Blended Monthly Rebalancing (BMR) system in the Core Trading Systems eLearning course and some of our clients have been running it for years. Ken shared an email he just received from one such satisfied trader – Hi Ken, On the webinar with Van, I heard you talk about how rock solid the BMR system has been over all these years and I want to add a hearty +1! That’s the system we’ve been using in L’s retirement account for years. We are hugely thankful to you …

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Nightly Strategy Podcast – December 21st, 2020 By, Ken Long

  In this video lesson, Ken Long and his students work through the details of 2 trades that netted 50R execution, with a VTI Super Trader making the decisions on how to manage the trade. https://youtu.be/g5IMojy5HtM       NEW COURSE ALERT! VTI is partnering with Tortoise Capital to offer you relaxed and adaptive learning with total flexibility. Dr. Ken Long has structured his line of Swing, Day, and Hybrid Trading courses to operate just like one of his graduate-level programs. This brand new course structure offers one lesson per …

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Cryptocurrencies and Weekend Strategic Planning by, Ken Long

    Opportunity trades in the cryptocurrencies and our prepared swing trade candidates represent the intersection of preparation and opportunity.   Plus, Ken offers an example of weekend strategic planning to create a plan for the upcoming week of swing trading. https://youtu.be/c8EwHDVSDQs Want more updates? Ken is running a special through the end of the year where folks can receive his daily reports and weekly case studies for only $100 $25/month by signing up at:   patreon.com/kenlong

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