Trading Genius I Course

Genius is having very useful beliefs where useful means it brings value to yourself and to others.

This e-course features Dr. Tharp’s latest research on the psychology of trading. Dr. Tharp spent time reading and writing and researching this topic for decades and it’s all come together in a way that will unveil just how you can become a genius in the market! The course will focus on the psychology of trading, systems thinking, and what’s impacting your success.

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How to Become A Trading Genius:
It’s Not What You Think

A Course Featuring Dr. Tharp’s Latest Research on the Psychology of Trading.

Eight Beliefs that Could Make You a Trading Genius

In Dr. Van Tharp’s book, Trading Beyond the Matrix, he presents 55 beliefs that he calls "Tharp Think". These are not necessarily his unique beliefs, but rather the beliefs that he has collected from modeling successful traders. He calls them "Tharp Think" because this collection of beliefs is unique to Dr. Tharp.

In this video course, we will show you eight simple beliefs that will turn you into a market genius. In fact, we’ll show you how with a simple 1% risk position sizing strategy you could easily make 72% per year – more with monthly compounding.

You might also ask, if it all boils down to eight beliefs, why doesn’t everyone make a fortune in the market? That’s because there are five things you have to really understand to be able to apply those things. We will show you those five things in this video workshop and what to do about them. Once you understand and integrate these concepts into your trading you will perform like a trading genius!

But these are not trading systems, but concepts that structure a system that works.

I will also give you several ideas on how to trade them as a system.

My intention is to illustrate some important points that everyone should understand. If they want to trade well, not to give people a simple trading system.

One of those five concepts is trading mistakes.

Here are some simple things about mistakes that you will learn in this e-course.

  • A mistake is when you don’t follow your rules.
  • If you don’t have any rules, then everything you do in trading is a mistake.
  • If you repeat the same mistake over and over again, it’s called self-sabotage. And many people do that regularly – and you, when you read this, might realize that you are among them.
  • Most people trade at 70% efficiency or less which means that they make three mistakes in 10 trades.
  • Thus, if you can prevent and eliminate mistakes, you can actually manufacture much, much better returns – and in some cases, this could make you hugely successful.
  • We’ll show you three different tasks of trading that you can use to prevent and eliminate mistakes.
  • This section alone will be worth the price of the course many times over because eliminating one mistake, especially one that you make over and over again, could represent a huge profit increase.

During this video course, Dr. Tharp wants to really give you the essence of his modeling work with traders. We’ve only scratched the surface of what he plans to go over.

Other benefits include:

  • How to use the Belief Examination Paradigm to determine how useful your current beliefs are. Most people find that more than half of their most intimate beliefs are not useful at all – or only useful in a very narrow context that probably doesn’t include trading.
  • How to make useful beliefs part of your neurology so that they really stick.
  • Understanding modeling success and some of the models that Van Tharp has developed.
  • How the Super Trader program incorporates systems thinking and is a good example of a system in and of itself.
  • Some of the major trading models that Dr. Tharp has developed.
  • And many more.

This course will be just as beneficial to new traders as it will be to experienced traders. Once you learn how you THINK about trading and how your beliefs about trading affect all aspects of your trading performance (and your life) you will likely have an epiphany! We see this all the time. You may never think about trading the same and be happy you participated for years to come (again the team at VTI sees this happen to traders year in and year out).

Van Tharp will teach you how to become a genius in the market through this recorded production which originally aired via live stream. 

Van Tharp’s Own Journey

Dr. Tharp’s doctorate in biological psychology. He is a trained scientist and research psychologist. He is also an NLP modeler which gets to the heart of his passion, figuring out what makes people tick. What makes some people successful and what makes others fail.

After his doctorate, he originally did research on such diverse things as drugs and human performance, sleep loss and human performance, and stages of information process. But he discovered some interesting things about doing research. For one, if you want to get published, don’t stray too far outside of the boundaries of established research. For another, don’t upset the government as government bureaucrats tend to fund most research. And during the 1960s and 1970, researchers could only study “the observable” – which ruled out studies on how people think.

But how do you model success without knowing how people think? You can’t. That’s what interested Dr. Tharp so he continued to dig and investigate until he discovered NLP which he defines as the science of modeling.

Dr. Tharp also had two major losses in the market. The first one was during the early 1970s while he was in graduate school and the second one was during the early 1980s when he discovered that you could take an account value below zero. Being a psychologist, Dr. Tharp finally concluded that he must have had some responsibility for those losing efforts and so he began a lifelong quest to determine how to turn around his own trading and how to help others learn to do the same.

The Map is Not the Territory. What Does That Mean?

Tharp’s research and scientific background was also combined with a thirst for a spiritual/transformational quest. For example, he studied a book called A Course in Miracles (ACIM) from 1982 through 1986 and the outcome of this book made profound changes in how he understood spirituality and transformation. It was during this time he started his business of coaching traders and investors. He quickly made his mark in the field after he developed the Investment Psychology Inventory (his famous test to measure psychological strengths and weaknesses) and his quintessential Peak Performance Home Study Course for Traders and Investors.

A Course in Miracles begins with the following statement:

“Nothing real can harm you; nothing unreal exists; herein lies the Peace of God.”  

Yet despite spending four years completing the course he never really understood that what the course was saying is: our world is all just a big illusion. It’s all made up; hence all the things we fear are just illusion. It wasn’t until Gary Reynard came out with his classic book, The Disappearance of the Universe that Dr. Tharp realized that ACIM was actually saying that it is all made up.

For example, Lesson 6 in ACIM says “I am upset because I see something that is not there.” That’s talking about illusion.

Two of the other major religions of the world also believe that our experience of the world is illusion. The Buddhists and the Hindus both have the same name for this – Maya.

Dr. Tharp now has a solid theory for how the brain works and how we think, and it totally explains semantics scholar Alfred Korzybski’s famous saying, “The Map is not the territory.” This means that what you think about is just a map – it is not the real world at all.

Look at the following:

  • Our senses convert electromagnetic vibrations to electrochemical stimulation in the nervous systems. For example, a 650-nanometer light wave stimulates the R cones in the back of the retina and gives us a particular sensation.
  • Our five senses only sense a very small percentage of the vibrations out there in the universe and that’s all we can know directly.  I’ve heard some people say that we only experience a trillionth of what’s really out there. It might be a larger percentage than that, but it’s still only a tiny fraction of what’s out there.
  • When we have an electrochemical sensation, we use language to give it a name. So that 650-nanometer wavelength now becomes the word “red.” But RED is not equal to that wavelength at all…. That’s just our personal experience of it.
  • And then we tend to give words meaning. For example, a red candlestick means a down bar in the West but it’s an up bar in the East.
  • We then combine words together and form beliefs. Beliefs are our filters to reality. But beliefs are not true, they are just useful to us in some context.
  • What most people call a fact is simply a belief that everyone agrees to be true. For example, if you jump off a 20-story building you will make a mess on the pavement below. That’s not a fact, but a useful belief within a particular context. It’s mostly true (some people have survived falls from a higher distance) on a planet like Earth. It’s not true on a much smaller planet with less gravity. And in outer-space if you jump, you might go up, not down.

These points only scratch the surface about how the brain structure is an illusion that we think is reality, and why the map is not the territory. But if you understand this, you will realize that many people hold beliefs that are not useful at all. Genius is having very useful beliefs where useful means it brings value to yourself and to others.

Dr. Tharp is incredibly excited about the material in this video workshop. He has been reading and writing and researching this topic for decades now and it’s all come together in a way that will unveil just how you can become a genius in the market!

This course will show you how to become a better trader and help you recognize common beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. The course will focus on the psychology of trading, systems thinking, and what’s impacting your success. Dr. Tharp will cover:

  • A new way to think about what we know and what we don’t know. Most people think of science as having the answers to what is real and what is not real. But did you know that science theories for how the universe works now change every 25 years or so? And what was once thought to be definite and real is now just an obsolete theory. Thus, in these lessons, Dr. Tharp will give you a new way to think about knowledge and about what is real.
  • Did you know that what so many people value—logic—often doesn’t work when you move from one map of reality to another? For example, Euclidian Geometry was once thought of as absolute knowledge – a gift from God. But Euclid made certain assumptions. When you change Euclid’s 5th postulate, the parallel postulate, that you suddenly have a totally different form of Geometry – Non-Euclidian Geometry.

By now you are probably wondering what does this have to do with me or with trading. Well, the answer is everything.

When you totally comprehend everything Dr. Tharp talks about in the first few sections of this course, it will change your life. TOTALLY!!!!!!

How, you might ask?

Well, one of the ways that we humans create illusion through our language is through a process called nominalization. This means we turn processes, think VERBS, into nouns. One example of this is that we take the process of buying and selling and turn it into a noun called the market. There is no such thing as the market. It’s just a verb. But when you turn it into a noun and actually believe that there is such a thing as a market, you can make up all sorts of things that don’t exist but that suddenly have a reality for you. Now think of the advantage you could possess as a trader when you know this and others don’t. You can concentrate on useful maps that give you an edge.

We can not stress how important this course can be for successful trading. What you learn from these virtual lessons will benefit you for a lifetime. If you are not sure if it is for you, feel free to call or email us, and we will be happy to help you decide.

We can be reached at 919-466-0043 and

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