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TIME: 2-6 PM Eastern Time

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December 17th at 2 PM Eastern Time

Recordings: Students will have access to workshop recordings and additional free resources for 30 days.

A message from Chuck Whitman of Reedstrader:

Our System is called the Slow Reeds System because it is intended to be a flexible system used to read the market. The system can be used to trade in any market environment including the volatile market we are currently seeing.

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Are You Stressed Right Now??

  • Have you been concerned about the market correcting?
  • Do you have a method of determining when to pull back exposure because of market-related risk?
  • Do you wish you could find some way to get your investment portfolio on a more sustained and proven track toward consistent gains and outperformance?
  • Do you want to learn a strategy that has led to huge R winners, with students turning hundreds of thousands into millions and showing literally 100+R gains over the last few years of real-time trading using a strategy that has kept drawdowns low and led to consistent gains for over 30 years real-time?

A message from Chuck Whitman of Reedstrader:

Our System is called the Slow Reeds System because it is intended to be a flexible system used to read the market.

The system can be used to trade in any market environment including the volatile market we are currently seeing.

Next step to grow your REED$TRADER skills!!

Learn how to hold top positions for long-term trades. Learn how to reduce your risk by incorporating more stringent scanning and trading rules.

This momentum equity trading system begins with the Reedstrader SLOW-REEDS System, a rules-based, trading system for use on stocks and ETFs, and expands the toolset to high-powered discretionary trading. The information in this advanced class can be learned by novices just starting to learn about stock trading, as well as experienced professionals and Van Tharp students looking to add a defendable edge to their trading process. The system can help you generate larger gains regardless of your trading performance so far.

The Reeds system is appropriate for novice and expert alike. All students will come away with a high-powered trading system that can be used in any kind of account.


  • Learn what strategies produce the best reward/risk long-term and why.
  • Learn “Slow” REED$ Method – Long-term Signals that can be held for multiple months.
  • Learn WAM Relative Strength – Relative Strength that is applicable to any asset class to improve performance and reduce drawdown.
  • Runaway Patterns and Volume Traction.
  • Correction over signals and how to integrate with “Slow” REED$.
  • How to pick top names when correction over signal is provided.
  • Slow-Reeds Strategy of Entry/OPS.
  • Slow Reeds Trailing Stop allows you to build massive R winners while keeping losses to a minimum.

    This course also includes:

    • Mark’s proven tools for analyzing the market
    • Mark’s Long-term and Runaway pattern analysis technique
        •   Lower Turnover, less management time
        •   More scalability
        •   Ideal for retirement accounts
    • Mark’s correction-over identification tools and methods
    • Mark’s vehicle and sector selection methods putting patterns and timing together
    • Mark’s Longer-Term models for high R-multiple returns

    Primary Takeaway:

    Learn Discretionary tools that will reduce Strategy draw-downs, improve returns, increase scale and offer more trade alternatives 

    Learning Outcome:

    Framework for compiling a discretionary trading plan OR implementing new Systems that can enhance the REED$TRADER Slow Reeds market edge. 

    REED$TRADER Student Testimonials!

    “I thoroughly enjoyed and thought the course taught by Mark & Chuck was worth many times the cost of the couple days. I could take any of the multiple sessions & state the value of the course was well worth any one of them alone. Chuck & Mark balance each other out and both have tremendous knowledge of the markets. Overall, I highly recommend attending this course!" —R. Wize, VTI customer.

    “I have learned a tremendous amount from Reedstrader with so much more to learn. Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share your knowledge with others. With every other subscription, I've felt as though they were just doing it for the guaranteed income and holding key pieces back. I don't have that same feeling with Reedstrader.”—Rui Luo Van Tharp Super Trader Student

    “In December 2019 you explained how to hedge with vix. In Mark's newsletters and updates he also discussed this aspect of portfolio management. I was a bit nervous about the repo thing in December. As a result, I bought a hedge using the guidelines you presented. This hedge was a reasonable cost for the protection it offered in spite of the event not happening. As a result – I’ve stopped selling puts as I could sense the market type was changing. I tightened up stops on holdings I had and got stopped out at 1R for a few things I added in the short term here. The best thing I did by far was to hedge what I had open and put on a very affordable position to do that (VIXY). This position is still open now and has a 7R stop of protected profit. In general, as my open positions were stopped out, I was able to trail this profitable position. It’s a nice start for me in 2020 here, to be out of the way of this correction. Now I am in an excellent position to rebuild my cash accounts and my retirement accounts following Yours and Mark’s principles.”—Tom Osborne, Super Trader Student

    Is This Course Worth It?

    Can you consistently reap 24% profits a year? If your answer is no... then this course is for you.

    You will learn an unfair edge that has three decades of proof behind it. All in just under 30 minutes a day.

    It’s no mindset gibberish. Just pure rigorous strategy designed to grow your portfolio.

    Your Instructors:

    The Reedstrader System courses will be taught by both Chuck Whitman as well as Mark Boucher.

    The Reedstrader Slow Reeds Method has deep research behind it. The research suggests that the benefits of this system are not fleeting, this edge is likely to endure in the marketplace.  Components of the strategy have been traded by these traders in real-time for market-beating profits for decades.

    If learning a massive edge that has shown profits over a decade could improve your trading, then you likely can’t afford to miss these courses. They are hands-on, practical, and built to help you emerge from the class with trade-ready strategies in hand.

    Chuck Whitman

    I have been involved in trading since I was 14 years old. I have been a successful options trader, spreader, trading educator, CEO, Macro trader, and Asset Manager.

    I have a broad array of experience and skills that I have developed over the years. I’ve traded by myself, with others, with small amounts of money, and with very large amounts of money. Over the years I’ve traded every asset class and I trained traders to trade in many different styles.

    However, even with all the knowledge, I have accumulated over the years, I can say the market selection aspect has been the most challenging. I struggled to sort through a world of many opportunities to find the BEST opportunities. Mark Boucher played an instrumental role for me in solving this issue.

    Mark was the first to show me the power of combining fundamental research (Mark calls this fundamental fuel) with technical models. Mark demonstrated to me that the best trends all had fundamental fuel behind them. This fundamental fuel created trends that were longer and had fewer corrections and more shallow corrections than typical trends.

    Mark showed me how to scan for top fundamental fuel in stocks. Once I had the list of top fundamental names, I could then put them through scans of technical criteria and I had the confidence to know that I could purse trading these names with lower risk than the patterns alone.

    This method that Mark uses is called REEDS. I convinced Mark that this strategy was so powerful and simple that we could help people to have greater clarity on what to trade as a result. He has agreed to teach this workshop. I’m excited to introduce Mark to the Van Tharp community.

    Mark Boucher

    My name is Mark Boucher. I have been a trader and fund manager for over 30 years. During that time I have been an active trader and investor in all asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Commodities, Real Estate, corporate debt, and structured notes.

    When I was nine years old my Dad passed away at a young age. I was given a trust of stocks to fund my college education. The trust was managed by a bank, but it began managing the money right as the Bear Market of the 70’s hit and my portfolio was cut by 80%. I learned at a young age the power of drawdowns when I was left without enough money to pay for my college education.  As a result, I started trading stocks when I was 16 years old to support myself through college.

    During my time trading stocks, I have always noticed the challenges posed by the volatility in stocks and investing in stocks that don’t move.  To be a successful investor, we must generate strong annual COMPOUNDED returns.  This means controlling our drawdowns in addition to generating gains annually. The evolution of my stock trading has included a multi-faceted approach that seeks to optimize capital, improve selectivity, focusing on vehicles that are actively trending, and minimizing drawdowns. My methods have undergone years of refinement and now produce exceptional returns.

    We’ve been publishing our list of Top EPS/RS low PEG stocks each month since 1992 and the overall list has demonstrated consistent outperformance in good markets and bad.   And our list of Bottom EPS/RS high PEG stocks has shown consistent underperformance for potential short-hedging during this period too.  Slow-Reeds allows one to rotate to only top tier stocks on our published lists that also meet technical criteria that really pulls this together and boosts performance consistently. 

    I’ve also improved how and when to use short-hedging to profit from bear markets, but not negatively impact performance at other times – and this combination I call the REEDS strategy that has never been revealed before. I’m eager to introduce this to the Van Tharp community.

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    Can I ask Questions? With all that as qualification, Chuck and Mark will be taking chat and email questions and incorporating them into the presentation.

    What if I Can't Watch Live? Students will have access to workshop recordings and additional free resources for 30 days. You must sign up for these resources within the two weeks following the workshop. You will then receive a link to access the recordings and all additional materials.

    Value: Chuck and Mark are trading-education customers themselves. They know what it is like to pay for and attend one of these workshops, so they are striving to make sure the customer feels they are getting a great value for what they pay. We also have engaged a team of e-learning and live stream specialists to make certain that this course is not merely a camera in the back of the room. The experience will be significantly better than what you might have experienced elsewhere.

    Do you need access to specific software to trade the system? Indicators used are relatively standard. We recommend and Stockcharts is priced reasonably.

    Are Reeds systems beneficial for those trading in markets outside of The U.S.? Yes, we have had many international students take the Reeds system courses, so the techniques are applicable across markets. Our students have given us great feedback on these simple yet effective systems. If you have specific questions about your fit for these courses let us know at and we can consult with instructors.