The ABCs of Trading A Course for the Beginner

This course includes audio-visual instructions that explain the basics of trading (Van Tharp style) in clear, easy-to-understand terms. This is a 4-hour course and you have the freedom to review the material as often as you wish during your two-year subscription period.

  • Are you an investor, but you want to become a trader?
  • Do you want to figure out what markets and what types of trading might suit you?
  • Are you at a loss for how to begin? 

This course will answer those questions (as well as many more) over several, easy-to-follow lessons written in terms that any trading novice can understand.

If you want to learn more about the basics of trading, this is the perfect course for you!

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What This Course Will Do for You:

Hard-working, avid learners like you want top-quality information presented in an efficient and orderly way. The Van Tharp Institute offers this course in an online streaming format.

Students who have completed this course have told us that they love the straightforward and methodical presentation which has easy-to-follow audio, video, and interactive features.

Visionary trading coach, Van K. Tharp breaks down a complex topic into easy-to-understand lessons that you can repeat as often as you like during your subscription.

The course takes about four hours to complete, and it covers a lot of topics. Because of its online format, you have two years to watch the course as often as you'd like. You can start and stop the course when you need to and pick up right where you left off—all at your convenience.

Once you have completed the ABCs of Trading Course, you will have a firm foundation of basic trading knowledge and know-how on which to build a profitable trading plan.

The losses you will avoid, and the profits you will earn by learning how to trade the right way from the beginning will easily pay for this course many times over.

This course will answer the question of "How do I start trading?" (as well as much more) over several, easy-to-follow lessons written in terms that any trading novice can understand.

Most people start trading by opening a brokerage account, making a lot of trades, and losing a lot of money in the process. How do we know this? Many traders find the Van Tharp Institute after they have paid many (many!) thousands of dollars of tuition to the market. If you have enough money and time, you might learn enough in the markets to trade successfully—eventually. But there is an easier way: prepare to trade before you start.

Dr. Tharp believes that you need to put as much effort into your trading education as you would entering any other profession, and the best way to do that is to make sure you know the basics. This course guides you step-by-step through the basics necessary to begin trading: markets, trading systems, order types, trading psychology, business planning, and much, much more. Knowing how to trade properly from the start can reduce your losses, increase your profits, and prevent a lot of stress.


"I just completed the ABC’s of Trading seminar and have also read a couple different books from your products list, and I have to say that it is very refreshing to hear a realistic approach to trading. I have steered away from these type of investments for years but saw some of your introductory material online, and it sounded so grounded that I thought I might read some of your material.

I also appreciated the psychology teachings, and it has now challenged me in several areas of my life to take more responsibility and make something happen. I am very encouraged and appreciate all you are doing to help people improve themselves and their opportunities to make a living. Very well taught, and very well thought out. Definitely worth the money. Already, what I have learned I can see will make a definite impact on my financial future. I will be purchasing many of your products and hope to attend some of your workshops as I learn more about trading."

— Christian H.

What You Will Learn:

The basics:

  • The difference between trading and investing
  • How the equity, debt, currency, and futures markets differ and how they are alike
  • How to read price charts
  • The differences between technical analysis and fundamental analysis and how traders use them
  • What different order types are and the kind of circumstances where they best fit
  • How your personal psychology has a big effect on your trading results
  • What it means when people say day trading, swing trading, and long-term trading
  • How to make a trade from setup to exit, etc.
  • The kinds of questions to ask yourself and prospective brokers before you put your money with a broker. You could save yourself hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars and many hours of frustration by understanding which broker will fit your needs.

The ten parts of a trading system. Having all of the components put together in the right way will help you avoid disasters and improve your results.

How to use position sizing™ strategies to help you achieve your financial objectives. Few traders appreciate how position sizing methods play a more important role than trading systems to trading success.

The critical importance of creating a plan for your trading. People who treat trading like a business are much more likely to be successful traders than people who treat it like a hobby.

How different types of traders think differently about their trading methods. Trading may mean one of a lot of different strategies or markets—you can pick the market and strategies that fit your abilities and schedule best.

This course is perfect for market neophytes who need a simple and straightforward explanation of how to start trading.

Instant Gratification:

The Van Tharp Institute offers this course in an online streaming format.

This gives you the option of watching the course in a timeframe (one lesson per day or the entire course in one sitting) or location (at home or on the go) that’s convenient for you. 

You have the freedom to watch the course as often as you wish during your two-year subscription period. Plus, there’s no waiting for delivery nor are there shipping charges to pay!

Once you purchase the online course, you can start Lesson One immediately!

Types of People Who Might Enroll in the ABCs of Trading:

  • Anyone that has a curiosity about trading or who wants to start trading will find the ABC course valuable.
  • Alice is a middle-aged homemaker who has always managed the family’s finances. She has more time on her hands now that her children are in college. Her friend’s husband, a broker, has piqued her interest in trading.
  • Steve is getting ready to retire from his career as an engineer. He is interested in stretching his retirement savings, managing his money better, and staying busy after retirement. The idea of trading attracts him, but he’s not sure how to make the shift from his conservative approach to managing his retirement accounts.
  • Lisa is a 30-something marketing professional that travels twice a year internationally. She has learned firsthand how the dollar fluctuates in relation to other currencies and wonders if she could make money trading the Forex markets, but she doesn’t know anyone that trades.
  • Dr. Dave is a mid-career physician. He finally paid off the bulk of his school loans and has now accumulated some money. He’s leery of having someone manage it, however, after hearing about the consistently poor performance of money managers from his partners. He also has his doubts about “buy and hold” after the last ten years, so he is curious about what it would take to trade his own money.

Do any of these descriptions resonate with you?

If so, the ABCs of Trading e-Learning course is the ideal starting point for your trading journey!

Course Content:

  • Introduction: What Is Trading?
  • Lesson One: Introduction to the Markets
  • Lesson Two: Analyzing the Markets
  • Lesson Three: Trading Psychology
  • Lesson Four: Trading Systems
  • Lesson Five: Position Sizing Strategies
  • Lesson Six: Trading As a Business
  • Lesson Seven: Choosing a Brokerage and Trading Platform
  • Lesson Eight: Discover Your Trading Strengths
  • Lesson Nine: PreparingtoTrade
  • Anatomy of a Trade
  • Review and Conclusion

Questions and Answers:

Q: I have a little trading experience, is course too basic for me?

A: This course was designed for people who have not traded before and who know little to nothing about trading. If you have read and understood Dr. Tharp’s Super Trader book or any of his other books, this course may be too basic for you. But if after reading Super Trader you were left with questions about trading then this is perfect for you.

Q: What is the format of the ABC course? Do I need to buy and install a software player before I can watch this course?

A: You do not need to buy a specific player for this e-course to run on your computer. This course relies on Adobe Flash technology. Adobe Flash is downloadable for free, but most computers already have it functioning with their browser. You will need speakers or headphones if you wish to listen to the audio portion of the course.

Q: Does the online format mean I must always be connected to the internet to view the course, or can I download the course?

A: You need a broadband internet connection, and you need to be connected to the internet to view the course. The online course is like a subscription: you have a two-year viewing window. We believe this provides more than sufficient time for any student to go through the course several times and get their initial questions answered.

Q: Can I view the course on my smartphone?

A: Yes, you can view it by using the Articulate App.

Order Now!

We know we could offer this course for many hundreds of dollars, but we genuinely want to help those new to trading start off in the black and stay that way. At the very affordable price of $149, we priced this product low enough so that it’s an easy decision. At less than $150, this is a very low-risk choice—and low risk is attractive to anyone who has the knack to trade.

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