Sideways Market Strategies

Have you always believed that Sideways Markets are not profitable? Maybe you preferred to sit back and wait until the market turns.

Why not add a few more strategies and systems to your trading arsenal that will allow you to take advantage of this under-traded market?

This Course is Divided into 3 parts:

  • Part 1  What Are Sideways Markets - Contains over 4 hours of video instruction.
  • Part 2  Systems and Strategies - Has over 12 and a half hours worth of video including simulations.
  • Part 3  Psychology - Finishes up with over an hour of video.
  • 3 parts, 14 lessons, containing 21 different topics

In all you get nearly 18 hours of instruction from Kim!

It's the next best thing to taking her live workshop.
Even better you can view at your own pace and revisit different lessons and watch the videos as often as you like.

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Proven Strategies to Profit When Price Goes Nowhere:

Learn about distinct strategies—from cash alternatives to advanced options techniques—that will give you the courage and confidence you need to profit in sideways conditions while dramatically increasing your chances for long-term trading success.

  • No matter what time frame you trade or what method you use to measure them, Sideways markets happen between 59% and 65% of the time!
  • Sideways markets can be hard to recognize, making it difficult to enter and exit effectively.  In fact, they demand a completely different mindset to trade well.
  • And yet sideways markets are rarely discussed, even in professional circles.
  • When you encounter them trading becomes much more challenging, stressing your systems and your psychology beyond your normal comfort zone.

This is why at the Van Tharp Institute we felt it was imperative to go beyond just the concepts…and offer our students the opportunity to learn specific market methods, including the unique mental states, beliefs, and strategies that will give you the edge you need to successfully trade Sideways markets.

Join a small group of fellow traders, and get everything you need to profit in this misunderstood market type by registering today.

We have retired our Sideways Market Workshop to bring you this new course. Using video from our most recent workshops we have created this course covering all the content Kim Andersson used in her curriculum. 

This course costs less than half of our popular live Sideways Workshop but contains all the same content that you can watch at your leisure!

Do you know which market type is the most lethal to traders?

I will give you a hint; it has nothing to do with an animal. Most traders who have handled their psychological issues and who have defined trading systems can do well in either a Bull or a Bear Market. With volatility high or low, at least you can still find trends and profit.

So, what market type tends to kill traders? (psychologically or monetarily – not physically)

The answer is the Sideways market.

You know, the one where you might trade for small wins and losses annoyed by the lack of any price movement or aggravated by the whipsaws up and down within a range.

That is, you trade until your confidence erodes to the point of you turning off the screen and walking away — ending any chance of you hitting your objective.

That’s a shame because the sideways market type exists for a majority of pretty much any trading period you pick … Did you know that? (Don’t worry, a lot of traders don’t know that statistic either.)

  • What if you knew how to recognize sideways markets right away?
  • What if you had strategies specifically designed for sideways market conditions?
  • What if you could make money trading for more than 50% of the time in any given market?

If you didn’t know any differently, you might have thought that starting off with sideways trading strategies would make more sense than focusing on bull or bear market systems since they happen only roughly one-quarter of the time each.

That’s why we have developed an unprecedented workshop… one where you will learn the exact strategies you can use to not just survive, but also thrive in this common, but little-discussed market.

In fact, one of my most gifted Super Trader graduates, Kim Andersson, engineered the strategies she’s going to teach in this new workshop.

Kim holds a Masters in Systems Engineering so she knows what it takes to create winning trading strategies. And as a sought-after IT Security consultant, she also knows how to deliver value.

Kim first became interested in sideways markets when the equities markets were doing a lot of that for much of the last few years. She honed her sideways trading skills and systems on trading “flat” days. Deciding she could build a powerful edge in a common though little-understood area, she then put a tremendous amount of work and effort into researching and developing her knowledge of trading systems that profit in sideways markets.

We originally intended to create a workshop with our Super Traders in mind but Kim and I decided her material was well developed enough that we could present it to anyone interested. Now all traders and investors could attend and take home critical trading information on an underappreciated — yet very common — market type.

Dear Traders and Investors,

Because of what one of my Super Trader graduates has discovered about trading sideways markets, I want to share with you some of the unique benefits you will receive when you attend our newest workshop on this often misunderstood market type.

If you haven’t experienced Sideways markets for yourself, you will soon discover that they occur a lot more frequently and last longer than most traders realize. If you learn how to successfully trade in sideways conditions, you will find multiple opportunities to profit while dramatically increasing your chances for long-term trading success.

This course has been specifically designed to give all traders the courage and confidence they need to profitably trade in this environment. Please read on to learn more about this unique opportunity. —Van Tharp

Consider These Questions:

  • Whatever time frame you trade, are you having feelings of uncertainty, frustration, or annoyance?
  • Are you hoping for a bigger change in trend or volatility?
  • Do you have a need to make something happen?
  • Are your stress levels increasing, making it even more difficult?

How about your strategies…

  • Are you sure that they are the right choice for this market type?
  • Are they performing as expected in this whipsaw action?
  • How about during periods of extremely low volatility?
  • If not, do you have specific systems designed for this unique market type?
  • Engineered to perform extremely well in this environment?
  • Easing both your stress and uncertainty, all while delivering consistent R?

Understand What You Are Looking At:

For most of you reading this, you understand the methods and concepts of trading trending markets, whether a Bull or a Bear. Teaching the useful beliefs, mindsets, and strategies of great traders to others has been the main goal of the Van Tharp Institute for 35 years.

With that said, take a look at this diagram…

Sideways Diagram

As you can see, there are a number of ways this market could develop.

It could stay a Bull after going Sideways a while, or it could go full-on Bear before turning Sideways again.

The key here is the amount of time the markets spend going nowhere…

No matter what time frame you trade or what method you use to measure them, Sideways markets happen between 59% and 65% of the time!

And even though they appear a majority of the time, Sideways markets are rarely discussed, even in professional trading circles.


There are a number of valid possibilities, including:

  • They can be hard to recognize, making it difficult to enter and exit effectively
  • They usually don’t offer large R multiples-think more singles and doubles
  • They demand a completely different mindset to trade well
  • They are considered the “Rodney Dangerfield” of markets and do not get the respect they deserve
  • They require an extraordinary level of commitment to developing winning systems
  • With these various beliefs about Sideways markets and the scant attention given to them in general, you are not likely to learn the specific techniques and skillsets needed to trade this market type from a position of strength and confidence. When you encounter them (and you will between 59% and 65% of the time) the task of trading becomes much more challenging, stressing your systems and your psychology beyond your normal comfort zone.

Success is Possible in Sideways Markets

We know you have choices when it comes to learning how to trade the markets. Information, both good and bad is online and readily available.

But we believe we can offer you much more than just information…

Like an opportunity to work with a genuine leader… a true mentor.

Someone who offers to:

  • Easily explain the market cycle and what to monitor in terms of the Big Picture, giving you a distinct edge
  • Work directly with you to develop a sideways market trading plan for your time-frame
  • Provide you with various strategies so that you can trade this market type with confidence
  • Commit to working with you after the workshop to ensure your success

At VTI, we had been looking for someone to take up the challenge of teaching these specific market methods, including the unique mental states, beliefs, and strategies necessary to successfully trade Sideways markets.

The best traders and investors, including those from past Super Trader classes, understood what a large undertaking it was to develop the techniques needed to effectively trade this market type successfully.

  1. What was required was someone with a high level of dedication…
  2. Who possessed a true commitment to the process…
  3. And a passion for teaching.

We needed someone uniquely qualified and someone who was ready to dedicate themselves to this complex task... And, we've found her.

Introducing Kim Andersson

Kim is a Super Trader Graduate from VTI. Before she completed her studies with us, she had earned a Masters in Systems Engineering - which is no small feat! She has also served as an IT Security Consultant to the Pentagon, while also performing her duties with the Canadian Air Force.

She currently works as a Cyber Security Engineer at Lockheed Martin/Leidos and trades her systems part-time, finding a work/life balance that works for her and her family.

With over 1,850 trades completed, Kim has the solutions AND THE EXPERIENCE to lead you in a Sideways Market.

She has put in a tremendous amount of work and effort into bringing this unique training out into the open. Originally designed with our Super Traders in mind, Kim and I decided to develop this material so that all traders or investors could come to the workshop and take home this critical information on this underappreciated market type.

The Course

This course is broken into 3 parts as seen below.

More details on what Kim will share in each section...

Part 1

Kim will take you on a deep dive into the concepts of trading Sideways markets, including:

  • What they are and when they are likely to occur in the Market Cycle
  • How this market type can be dangerous for all time frames –especially day-traders
  • Learn multiple ways to measure market type and the best one for you
  • Why a single ‘holy grail” system for all markets is insane
  • How to choose a sideways strategy to trade based on market volatility
  • The secret to using options to hedge, speculate and generate income in this market
  • What useful beliefs you MUST have to successfully trade Sideways markets
  • Learn what volatility is like over 70% of the time in this particular sideways market type
  • Understand the impact that changes in volatility and interest rates have on your options values

Part 2

Kim will spend the entire day getting into all of the strategies you need to take advantage of sideways markets, from cash alternatives to advanced options techniques.

  • Discover Kim’s Strategic System Chart to tell you EXACTLY when to use a specific strategy, given volatility and time-frame traded (Absolute Gold!)
  • Learn how to use volatility targeting to outperform the markets with significantly less draw-down
  • How a 4+SQN day trading system can work for you in quiet sideways markets
  • The secret to using options spreads- take advantage of big moves in either direction with minimal risk
  • Learn a simple long-term strategy that can confirm a bear market
  • How to immunize your portfolio from every market type with 4 uniquely different strategies
  • Discover 5 different risk management techniques for options and the best one for you
  • How you can effectively use various market-neutral ETFs to safely grow your assets
  • Learn a basic sideways system that has outperformed the SP500 by 7 to 1
  • Why sitting out the first 30 min of trading can give you a decisive edge
  • Why the best systems fail and WHAT MATTERS MOST when they do
  • Over an hour of simulations so you can see how these systems and strategies work.

Part 3

  • Execute your own trades in both Sideways quiet and Sideways volatile markets
  • Understand how your own psychology works in this market type
  • Learn how to adapt and succeed in Sideways markets.
  • Kim will also cover how you can make a career out of trading the markets, including:
  • Why creating structure in your trading business is key – see Kim’s checklists
  • Why support networks are important to you beyond just trading
  • Discover how a systems engineer creates a system from scratch - see Kim’s own development chart
  • Why caring for yourself gives you a true edge over other traders in ALL timeframes
  • Master the top 25 lessons that most traders learn the hard way
  • Why objectives should consist of more than just risk and return
  • The secret to becoming unconsciously competent and why it matters
  • How to use Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Start-ups in your trading business
  • How great traders ensure victory with the concepts of Tharp Think
  • Why NOT defining each of the 11 parts of your system leads to guaranteed failure
  • Why this Van Tharp secret is the “linchpin” to your trading success

As a Super Trader graduate, Kim knows and understands that if you adopt the beliefs, mental states, and strategies of exceptional traders, you can achieve similar exceptional results.

Course Objectives

Assist with your sideways market preparation:

  • Provide you with tools to trade a sideways market with confidence
  • Allow you to begin (or continue) to develop a sideways market trading plan that fits you
  • Be in a position to profit from sideways markets

Overall Course Objectives:

  • Learn methods to identify and define sideways markets
  • Understand what causes market cycles and what to monitor in terms of the big picture
  • The importance of market psychology in sideways markets
  • Provide an introduction to options — a very useful tool in sideways markets
  • Provide an introduction to hedging techniques and strategies
  • Learn several strategies  for sideways markets (three different timeframes in sideways quiet and sideways volatile)
  • Applying Tharp Think to sideways markets trading including:
  • Learn about the psychology (self) of trading in sideways markets
  • The importance of setting objectives
  • System development plan/process
  • Outline your next steps to develop your plan for trading sideways markets
  • Network with other traders during and after the workshop
  • Set up personal accountability / inspiration

Q & A With Your Instructor, Kim Andersson:

Q: How many and what kinds of strategies will we be learning?

A: I will teach 5 different day trading strategies, as well as a version of Ken Long’s channeling system. We will also cover various options strategies including calendar spreads, condors, butterflies, strangles, and straddles. For long-term investors and investment accounts, we will cover 4 different systems designed for all market types.

Q: What is the expectancy of the systems?

A: I prefer to use SQN (System Quality Number) when quantifying my system performance, because it takes into consideration the standard deviation of the results. Results for a few of the strategies that will be covered in the sideways workshop are as follows: Bounce has an SQN of 4.6, ARLS has an SQN of 3.9, RSI2: 3.5, Z3PO: 3.3, Kirk’s Fake Out system: 2.9, and Ken’s Channeling system: 4.3.

Q: What is the required capital needed to trade these strategies?

A: It depends greatly on the system you want to trade. If you plan to day trade equities within the US, you need a minimum of $25K but preferably at least $50K. For the longer term and swing trading systems you can get away with a much smaller account; however, lack of diversification and under capitalization become an issue for smaller accounts. I include a couple of great longer-term systems in this workshop that provide built-in diversification, so someone with a small account would not need to worry about those issues.

Q: What markets can the strategies be traded in?

A: The strategies are designed for equity indices, ETFs, Forex, and individual stocks

Q: What is the minimum risk required per trade?

A: That is entirely up to the individual trader; however, I do not ever risk more than 0.5% of my total equity per position on my day trades and never over 1% per position for swing trades. And I don't recommend more than 10% portfolio heat at any given time.

For anyone who is new to trading, I recommend starting out with paper trading and then moving the risk up slowly to no more than 1% of total equity over several months or even years. I will teach a position sizing technique that ensures that you will never blow up your account, which is particularly important when learning how to trade.

Q: How much trading experience should I have before buying this course?

A: You should understand the various uses of market, stop, and limit orders. Without some previous trading experience, you could be frustrated by the pace of the course and likely unable to realize the full value of the workshop. Options experience, while helpful, is not necessary. I will cover the basic concepts in the course.

I believe this Sideways Market Workshop could be the most important market type technical workshop we have ever put together. With Kim mentoring you, giving you the guidance you need both during and after the event, you are bound to get the tools you need to achieve the results you deserve.

To your success,

Dr. Van Tharp 

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