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What if You Knew How to Time the Stock Market?

Almost everyone in the world has exposure to the United States stock market.

Just think about it…. What could you do if you knew when the market was going up and going down?

You could:

  • Hedge or switch your exposure in your retirement accounts to dramatically reduce risk.
  • Create HUGE winning trades in Stock Indexes, especially on the short side!
  • Use market timing with momentum stock trading strategies and know when to be an aggressive buy/seller and when you want to be more cautious and look at hedging your trades.

The problem with the stock market is that breaks in the market come so fast. Before you blink, your portfolio is taking on large losses.

Then you go into hope mode and wait to see if it comes back. But what if it doesn’t…

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Please Note: Participation in this course is strongly encouraged. Cameras are required and should be turned on during the workshop. While using your camera, you may wish to use the virtual or blurred background feature. Click here to learn how.

Recordings: Recording access will be available to students for 30 days following the event.

Open to all! No prerequisite is required to take this course.

Once you have completed this Stock Market Timing Workshop, Mark and Chuck of REEDSTRADER are offering a follow-on Mastermind Class for those who want to take their training to the next level. Read more here.

Is the stock market a source of anxiety for you? Do you end up with the feeling that you are either underperforming (like this year) or taking a massive amount of risk (seeing the market reverse months of gains in just a few days)?

For many of us, the big question is, “Will my accounts be big enough to provide for the future?” Some worry that they could be one health challenge away from deep financial trouble. Others feel shame simply because they aren't better prepared for the coming years.

There are strategies out there, of course, that generate big winning trades, but they can also have losing years. This is where our market timing experts step in.

Reading Market Internals to Improve Market Timing.

In looking back at markets since data is available (back to the 1920s-40s for most indicators and '60s for others), we have found that internal market indicators can give an excellent impression of whether a rally is currently underway. In addition, the indicators help us identify whether the rally is sustainable or not.

Imagine knowing when to increase your exposure, to benefit from a great environment, and when to cut your exposure to avoid significant drawdowns. Possessing the skill to use these indicators would have a massive effect on the compounding of your wealth. You could move towards retirement at a more rapid rate. You could leave that job you can't stand sooner. You would feel confident knowing you’re in charge of your financial future.

My partner, Mark Boucher, is one of the best market-timers I have ever seen.

I was a client of Mark’s for over 18 years before partnering with him. I have seen Mark call Market Tops/Bottoms, corrections, and correction over signals over and over. From the 1999 Nasdaq top to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, to the bottom in March 2009. Just last year, Mark called the correction in stocks and had all our clients out of the market on February 24th. Our clients were on the sidelines during one of the fastest breaks in US Stock Market history during February and March 2020.

Mark wasn’t done yet though…. On March 23rd, Mark called the correction over on March 23rd and told students it was time to put their toes in the water and start adding risk again…

Check it out for yourself…

Comment from the February 27, 2020 issue of REED$TRADER DAILY COMMENTARY

“And our Supply Index, which was divergent at the February highs in the S&P, today signaled a potential uptrend by breaking above the May 2019 highs today in a bear market signal. The mechanical strategy is already sidelined from our other defenses”

Comment from March 23, 2020 issue of REED$TRADER DAILY COMMENTARY

“One of the great advantages of internals is that they force you to focus on what investors are doing and not on what they are saying. Our short-term trigger point of 70% down-volume accompanied by 5 distribution days came on Feb 21 just two days after the all-time highs on the S&P, with our Bear Market signal coming just three days later. Since that first warning day, we have had eight 90% down-days and three 80% down-days over the next eighteen trading days for the largest conflagration of these intense one-sided selling panic sessions in market history, including the crash of 1929, the two months of meltdown into the Oct-Nov 2008 momentum bottom of the GFC, and even the 1987 crash. “

Comment from March 24, 2020 issue of REED$TRADER DAILY COMMENTARY

“90% up-day on >85 point demand/supply imbalance (+105.1 Spread) on >Volume and >avg V after one day break of key 2300 major support that took S&P back above this key level (so double signal coming from one day breaking of key major support level and then immediately closing back above it again on an 80%+ up-volume day); “Now we’re starting to get some more concrete evidence of at least a tradable bottom trying to form here. Today was a 90% up-volume day that actually came on a better than 85 point spread in demand versus supply. “

Comment from March 25, 2020 issue of REED$TRADER DAILY COMMENTARY

“Short term models turn positive to confirm a correction-over signal -80% up-day on higher and above avg Volume; This is a correction-over signal but in a bear market…. All traders need to watch the character of this rally” If it garners substantial further signs of a major bottom, such as more 90% up-days, many more 80% up-days, a strong Follow-Thru day on high volume, and many breadth, volume, and momentum thrusts, it will signal a more substantial rally is underway that can be exploited via Slow-Reeds trades and via other long-oriented plays… Absent strong evidence otherwise, the base case is likely that we are in the midst of a bear market rally that could last 3 weeks to many months”

Are You Ready to Become a Stock Market Wizard?!

Here’s your chance! Learn directly from Mark Boucher, one of the top stock market analysts of this generation!

In this course, Mark will share some of his top Stock Market Timing Techniques. These techniques can benefit you in a number of ways. For instance:

  • Do you engage in short-term trading of stocks? Mark’s techniques will help you make sure that your exposure is in alignment with the market.
  • Are you a Swing Trader? You will leave this workshop with a much better sense of when to push your positions and when to be cautious.
  • Are you a long-term investor utilizing your 401k or IRA? Use these techniques to hedge or switch your exposure to dramatically reduce risk in your long-term accounts.
  • Do you trade ES on a Daily Basis? Leave this workshop with a set of tools that will make your Index trading more reliable than ever.
  • Since most of the world invests in US Stocks in one form or another, this Stock Market Timing Workshop can make a substantial impact on many different types of traders.

Your Lessons Include:

• Introduction to the Reeds Internals Market Timing system
• Identifying Bull Market Top Checklist
• Identifying Bear Market Bottoms Checklist
• How to use the Supply Gauge Indicator
• Going over Market Internals
• Short hedging in bull markets
• Timing Trading System and Campaign Trading concept
• Major Trend Timing Indicators
• Catching Corrections Against the Trend
• How to use the Market Timing Strategy for trading
• How Great Timing can explode the trading profits of nearly any strategy for trading intermediate-term, long-term, and even short-term trends
• How to locate and turbo-charge wildly asymmetric opportunities in trading
• Putting it all together


"I have done several Live and Streaming workshops already. No questions the quality of education at VTI is superb." - Nestor P.

"The best information on market timing that I have ever been exposed to...Excellent, relevant information, well organized and well presented by someone who very obviously is a master in the field" - Ken A.

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