Spiritual Awakening Event Series

"Many people trade unconsciously, without knowing, at even a shallow level, what they are doing in the markets and why. This applies to the psychological parts of trading like beliefs, emotions, discipline, etc. as well as the “technical” aspects of trading (which I view as all psychological).

"To begin the transformational process, simply become more aware, more conscious of what’s going on inside you." —Dr. Van Tharp

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Spiritual Awakening Series 

Take this opportunity to become more aware, positive, calm, centered, and successful!

Three profound teachers will take you through transformational processes spanning a week.  

Patricia Keel
Monday, December 5th

Friday, December 9th (Reverend Keel will open and close the series)

1:00-2:15 PM ET

Claiming Your Super Trader State of Consciousness

Being in the Super Trader program, for that matter just being a trader, involves a massive commitment of your energy, your time and resources and a commitment to your personal and financial vision.

Van was a champion of bridging the gap between the spiritual and material world in his life and in his work. You are part of that groundbreaking work. Bringing awareness and focus to your inner state is an integral part of the Trading Excellence Model.

In the opening and closing sessions of the Awakening Event Reverend Keel will address some persistent issues that face many of you:

  • Feeling stuck,
  • Balancing lessons and life,
  • Getting clarity on how your inner life will impact your decisions and outcomes,
  • Finding and keeping motivated.

We will explore your inner state, chaos or calm, do you have a spiritual vision, and you’ll experience some very simple practices that you can do at home to help you create extraordinary success in life, whether you are in the Super Trader Program, professional trader, or just getting started.

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel is an Advanced Oneness Trainer and One Consciousness Transformer and is in demand across the country as a speaker and spiritual teacher. Patricia has been a teacher and presenter at VTI since meeting Van in India in 2015.

Doug Bentley

Tuesday, December 6th

1:00-5:00 PM ET

The Power of Being

Session 1 - The Art of Seeing

  • Discover the most important foundational step in inner transformation and how to apply it practically in your life.

Session 2 - The Art of Acceptance

  • Learn about the root cause of inner conflict and suffering, and the wisdom to come out of it.

Session 3 - The Art of Experiencing

  • Experience the realm of the heart, and learn how to move out of the grip of the mind into a space of vast beingness.

Session 4 - The Art of Listening

  • Unlock the infinite wisdom and knowingness that resides within you, guiding you each moment through the journey of life.

Doug has traveled throughout the country as the U.S. Guide for Oneness University. As a meditator and former monk, he possesses some great insights on what is taking place right now inside the spiritual movement. A longtime friend of The Van Tharp Institute, Doug wrote the forward to Van's acclaimed book, Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors.

Doug runs The Sacred Wisdom School.

Stuart Mooney

Thursday, December 8th

1:00-5:30 PM ET  (Break between 3:00-3:30 PM)

Stuart Mooney Jr. M.A. is a renowned author, teacher, and healer. For nearly 50 years, he has lectured all over the world, on the “Nature of the Awakened Consciousness”. Stuart was one of the first western clinicians to use yogic meditation in the treatment of mental illness and, in 1972, he helped perform landmark research into the effects of mantra meditation on the human brain. Even today, Stuart remains on the cutting edge of the study of the Psychophysiology of the Awakened Consciousness.

The first session will include a Siddha technique to raise consciousness followed by a teaching. During this teaching Stuart will provide context for why a spiritual practice has utility. He will demystify spirituality by answering questions like: What is spirituality? Where does spirituality come from? How is it intertwined in human life? How can spirituality benefit us in our personal lives, in this world, and in our ability to succeed?

The second session will include a more advanced Siddha technique followed by a teaching that will discuss Siddhas, who they were and how spiritual technologies became powerful. This session will also focus on applications expertise by discussing how to implement these technologies to support and enhance your daily life, your family life, your relationships, your health, and your finances.

Sessions will also include a Q&A period.

Days are not sold separately.

Herein Lies Peace

Einstein once said that the most important question you can ever ask is 'Is the universe a friendly place?'

Van observed that many people, in their spiritual beliefs, find things to fear. You must fear the devil. You must fear God. You must fear your enemies. And all of this leads to building a wall around oneself. This wall is called the Ego and it keeps you separate from all the danger out there. But the fear is really coming from inside and then projected outside. And that’s why we do so much clearing. Van found that, in essence, A Course in Miracles says it all at the beginning when it states:

Nothing real can hurt you; nothing unreal exists. Herein, lies the peace of God."

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