Spiritual Awakening Event Series

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Spiritual Awakening Five-Day Series 

Don't miss a chance to learn more about how you can become more aware, positive, calm, centered, and successful!

A note from Dr. Tharp: This special event is part of the Super Trader Program 2020 Summit. However, I will open up a few seats for those who are not yet in the Super Trader but have an interest in joining. If you then decide to join the Super Trader Program in the next two years you will receive 100% credit ($1,500)* to apply towards the program. To read more about Van's Super Trader Program, click here!

The Power of Present Mind State with Patricia Keel

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel is an Advanced Oneness Trainer and One Consciousness Transformer and is in demand across the country as a speaker and spiritual teacher. She has hosted and produced The Oneness Program, an online radio station where she shares blessings and stories of awakening 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In this transformational event, we will explore the incessant activity of the mind that drags us back to an unresolved past or catapults us into a chaotic future. We will learn a practice to move into our Present Mind State and see how this state supports our relationships, work, and brings clarity and calm to everyday trading decisions.

Vibration and Sound with Stuart Mooney

Stuart Mooney Jr. M.A. is a renowned author, teacher, and healer. For nearly 40 years, he has lectured all over the world, on the “Nature of the Awakened Consciousness”. Stuart was one of the first western clinicians to use yogic meditation in the treatment of mental illness and, in 1972, he helped perform landmark research into the effects of mantra meditation on the human brain. Even today, Stuart remains on the cutting edge of the study of the Psychophysiology of the Awakened Consciousness.

In this session, Stuart will talk about how the early Rishi’s went into oneness and discovered the 50 sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet. They came to realize that sound produces changes and that certain mantras were the key to everything. This is why a process like Sri Vidya, which has been held in secret for thousands of years (until about 5 years ago), is so powerful in helping people toward Enlightenment.

Clearing the Heart with Doug Bentley

Doug has traveled throughout the country as the U.S. Guide for Oneness University. As a meditator and former monk, he possesses some great insights on what is taking place right now inside the spiritual movement. A longtime friend of The Van Tharp Institute, Doug wrote the forward to Van's acclaimed book, Trading Beyond the Matrix: The Red Pill for Traders and Investors.

Doug runs The Sacred Wisdom School and in this event, he’ll be talking about clearing up the stored hurts in the body and especially the heart.

Contacting Your Inner Guidance with Doug Bentley

In Doug's second presentation, he will be talking about how to contact your Inner Guidance.

Exploring the Subtle Energy Centers with Patricia Keel

In this session, Patricia will take us on an introductory journey through several energy patterns known to the mystics and honored in many wisdom traditions. We will activate the 5 vayus through breath practices, bringing attention, and balance the 7 chakras. Awareness of our subtle energy body can significantly impact everyday experiences and deepen awareness of Present Mind State.

Recordings: Recordings of this series will be available until December 15th, 2020.
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