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If you missed the live workshop, you can still learn this flexible and robust system in this recorded version. 

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Course Description

With great opportunity comes great danger. Van Tharp believed that cryptocurrencies will present the opportunity of a lifetime over the coming years, but that most people will “lose their shirts”. As traders, how do we avail ourselves of this opportunity and avoid the dangers?

In this recorded workshop, you will learn to successfully trade a crypto-specific system in a professional and risk-managed manner, using a variety of time frames and crypto instruments. This system was designed around Van Tharp’s crypto beliefs and Ken Long’s tactical market framework. With SQN’s ranging from 3.11 to 6.37, this system can be traded intraday, swing, or weekly. It works on crypto ETFs, crypto futures, altcoins, and Bitcoin.

The system you will learn produces large R multiple trades, with winners of 20R – 25R being quite probable, and winners of 60R – 80R not being impossible. Thanks to its simple and robust rule set, this system is easy to understand and execute. With its low cognitive load, this system is time efficient, can be easily automated, and offers an excellent payoff relative to the amount of time it takes to implement.

Because it does not require an in-depth understanding of crypto fundamentals, this system makes trading crypto accessible to those who don’t want to constantly keep up with the complex and rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology.

Learning Objectives

After this workshop, you will be able to successfully trade the PRX Crypto System in a professional and risk-managed manner, using a variety of time frames and crypto instruments.

Professional is defined as:

  1. Incorporating the foundational elements of Tharp Think
  2. According to the written rules of the system
  3. With accountability and responsibility for your results

Risk-Managed is defined as:

  1. Understanding the beliefs, edges, limitations, and assumptions behind this system
  2. Being aware of the dangers inherent in the crypto markets
  3. Accounting for the volatility of the crypto markets through the use of adaptive technical indicators and position sizing
  4. Implementing a time frame(s) and crypto instrument(s) that fit you as a trader

System Edges

The PRX Crypto system has a number of powerful edges. These include:

  • Flexible:
    Captures opportunities in crypto through several different instruments including crypto ETFs, bitcoin, altcoins, and futures
  • Robust:
    Avoids overoptimization and data mining
  • Simple:
    Easy to understand and easy to execute
  • Crystal Clear Rule Set:
    No matter what the market does, we know exactly how we will respond
  • Low Cognitive Load:
    Cognitive load is one of the often-overlooked costs of trading. We believe it’s wise to ask, “How much does all that money cost?”
  • Time efficient:
    Excellent pay off for the amount of time it takes to execute, and can also be traded on a fully automated basis
  • Does not require an in-depth understanding of the complexities of crypto fundamentals
  • Fractal:
    This system can be traded intraday, swing, or weekly or any combination thereof
  • Volatility Adaptive:
    This is accomplished thanks to the math behind the indicators we use and the way we apply them in this system’s rule set
  • Large R Multiples:
    20 – 25 R is quite probable, 60 – 80R is not impossible
  • Unique View of Price Action:
    Not many people are looking at the market using these indicators
  • Statistics based:
    Think like the house, put statistics and long-term probability on your side
  • Trades Crypto:
    This is an edge in itself!
  • Ruthless Risk Management:
    This is built into the system at a number of levels
  • Can Be Fully Automated
  • Custom Built Indicator and Strategy Available:
    Low cost, easy to use, works on mobile devices, system-specific, easily enables backtesting and automation, further reduces cognitive load


    The agenda for this course includes the following topics.

    Agenda Topics

    • Beliefs, Edges and Assumptions
    • What is PRX?
    • PRX Crypto ETF Swing System
    • PRX Alt Coin Swing System
    • PRX Intraday System
    • PRX Weekly System
    • Bar-by-Bar Chart Practice
    • How To Get Started

      About Your Instructors


      Bill Scheidt has more than 15 years of experience trading stocks, options, commodities and crypto. He credits his participation in the Super Trader program as the transformational experience that galvanized his journey to becoming a successful trader.

      Bill is the former co-owner of a Registered Investment Advisor firm and is now the founder and CEO of Applied Finance Research where he researches and develops systems-based strategies for trading and investing, builds systems of systems, offers consulting and instructional services, and manages private equity.

      Bill is a natural instructor and has a talent for helping others in their growth and development. He combines a methodical and scientific approach to trading with a down-to-earth and approachable teaching style. Having undergone the journey from losing trader to profitable private equity manager, he has a unique ability to meet traders where they are and help them get where they want to go.


      Jeff Boccaccio has over 20 years of experience in the financial sector having worked for Deloitte Consulting, UBS and Barclays Capital across the US, Switzerland and London. He has a broad range of skills combining a strong background in information technology with financial market analysis and trading.

      By leveraging his IT background he cultivated a lifelong interest in financial markets and transitioned to full-time trading and investing his personal funds. Technical Analysis was a natural fit and he used this as a foundation for his trading after gaining the MSTA diploma from the Society of Technical Analysts where he now sits on the Board of Directors.

      After building a suite of automated trading systems and customized trading and analysis apps for their own use, Jeff and his partner founded Rfactory where they offer some proprietary tools to other traders and funds along with consulting services.


      I am proud to give my highest personal and professional recommendation to the work and intentions of Bill Scheidt and Jeff Boccaccio, who have crafted a concise, professional set of systems and techniques for trading cryptocurrencies that have proven successful and robust with manageable risk in forward trading and real conditions.

      I have worked for over 15 years with both of these traders, on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, as a teacher, coach and collaborator on a wide variety of trading styles and systems. They have attended each of my annual research weeks and live trading workshops since 2009, and their deeply researched and back-tested systems and innovation have always been world-class.

      Working with them has been among the top highlights of my professional trading and educating careers, and I have the utmost trust and confidence in them. I have seen them in action as traders, as coaches, as partners as students and would encourage VTI students to take advantage of their knowledge, insights and systems. I have closely and critically examined their work on numerous occasions over the years and always found it to be of the highest caliber, demonstrating a commitment to professional standards and due diligence. You are in good hands!

      I personally am looking forward to being their student in this workshop, and I am bringing my children to learn from them, as we plan for managing their retirement and growth accounts.

      —Ken Long, Professional Trader and Workshop Instructor

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