Peak Performance 203: Avoiding Self-Sabotage by Following Your Bliss

Learn how to get in touch with your higher guidance, and how to reap the benefits!

"If you want to experience glimpses of pure happiness, take this workshop. If you want to transform yourself, make these lessons part of your life."  — Peter Godfrey

Peak Performance 101 is NOT a prerequisite to attending this course.

But... what does happiness have to do with trading?

Dr. Van Tharp said: "BEINGNESS is much more important than doing or having. If you want trading success, you need to step into what it’s like to BE a good trader, a successful trader. As you move toward happiness, one of the miracles is that you naturally see the markets for what they are. You do what is necessary to make money and do so with little effort...happiness is already there as a background state."

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Your Natural State:

In your natural state, you have the ability to see the market just as it is. No thoughts come up to remind you of the past or attempt to predict the future. Instead, you see exactly what’s happening in the market. And from that flow state, an amazing level of trading is possible.

"For example, one of my Super Traders has done a lot of meditative training. She stopped doing it because she said it was boring. It didn’t motivate her. However, after an exercise at one of our recent workshops, she got into that state and reported how blissful it was. I suggested that she start trading from that state. She did, and the results have been amazing. She trades about an hour each day. She does very short-term trading in a volatile stock and makes five to ten trades in just one hour of trading. You can imagine how stressful that might be to the average trader. Think about it— five to ten trades in an hour! However, in the average one-hour day she makes 6-7R or about 6 to7 times what she risks." —Van K. Tharp

When you really understand that you are not your beliefs about the market, but the awareness of those beliefs, then you can really know what the market is doing. It gives you a tremendous edge. That type of trading is possible for everyone.

Workshop Dates: TBD

Recordings: Recordings are available, but discouraged. The set of Peak Performance workshops are best experienced when attended live. Group interaction and personal input make the difference in transformational breakthroughs. Recordings are available until the start of the next workshop day.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage:

Models for Self-Sabotage

Those of you who have finished the new edition of the Peak Performance Home Study Course know that Van has several different models for self-sabotage.

  • The Matrix Model says we are programmed to self-sabotage.
  • The Creative Model says that when we disown our creations, we are committing self-sabotage.
  • And the most significant model, Oneness, shows us that most of what we do, which keeps us in an ‘ego’ state, is self-sabotage.

However, now Van has discovered how to help people through these self-sabotage issues at the deepest level. And the basic concept is simple: When you are not doing what brings you joy, you are committing self-sabotage. Imagine moving toward being happier and happier and at the same time becoming more and more successful as a trader. Well, that’s the core concept behind Peak Performance 203 Workshop: Avoiding Self-Sabotage by Following Your Bliss.

Workshop Objectives:

1. To introduce you to an advanced model of self-sabotage based upon the idea that self-sabotage occurs when you are not feeling totally joyful for no reason at all. Can you think of a better way to lead your life than to go for being happy for no reason?

2. To help you gain some understanding of WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

3. To introduce you to your happiness set-point. You actually have set a limit on your happiness. But once you recognize it, you can start to raise the setpoint higher and higher. Is that something you’d like?

4. To get you a program to help you increase the amount of joy/happiness in your life.

5. To help you understand the hidden parts of you that block your happiness and hold you back.

6. To learn how to embrace and then release the thoughts/beliefs that do not serve you as a trader/person and that block your happiness

7. To help you trade from a position of being in the flow/bliss in which you can respond to the market rather than the thoughts in your head.

8. To work with partners and small groups for various exercises in virtual "break-out rooms."

9. And to allow you to network with some really great people who have a lot in common with you.

One of the key principles of this work is that you really don’t understand much of what is blocking your happiness and success. It’s what might be called your shadow self—the disowned parts of you. You suppress those parts and project them onto others. And you start to hate the others…not for who they really are, but for what you’ve projected onto them. And when you react to your projections, you become them.

But the good news is that there is a method of seeing those projections for what they are. And when you take back ownership of those parts, you free yourself up to be happier. You free yourself to see things as they really are—such as the market. And you put yourself in a place where it’s possible just to trade the markets. You respond to the markets in a flow state from which immense profits are possible. Are you interested?


"This workshop has the potential to transform you." — Lars Jorgensen

"Every part of this workshop left a huge mark on me. It is not exaggerations to say that it transformed the way I look at myself." — Neil Abrams

"A day full of energy, joy, and heightened awareness." — Bruno Serfaty

"This course made more difference to me than any other." — Jan Steensma

"This workshop has given me a lot of ideas for personal transformation and practical applications on the most important part of my life: being happy. Thank you!" — Curtis Wee

"This workshop is not just for traders but for anyone who wants to understand themselves." — T. N.

"The information and experiences are certainly life changing if one is open to them." — Beth Sime

"Best psychology class I’ve ever attended." — Jim Ehrestman

"How to see yourself as a good trader and investor." — John Lee

"Following your bliss—how easy it can be if we desire to choose it instead of living in fear." — Ashay Brahmbhatt

"It amazed me to find happiness could be such an easy choice to make. I don’t have to have all the things I want. I could simply choose to be happy now. I have known that, but now I know how." — RJ Hixson

From our June 2020 Streaming Students:

"By far the best class I have ever attended. This brings together so much of Van’s teachings and shows how it all integrates together. This would even make a great standalone class. In the end, I’m happy for no reason virtually all of the time now. And, when I slip, I can catch myself and know how to correct my thoughts and feelings before they become a storm cloud over my head. Amazing!" — Jim Anderson

"My view of happiness has changed. It went from being a feeling to a state of being. It is coming to terms and accepting WHAT IS. It helped me direct my focus to what I want." — Yasmin Mohammed

Your Rating on the Happiness Scale:

So where are you right now on the happiness scale?

Van developed this quick and simple test to gauge happiness scores. Originally it was just used for the workshop. Now he uses it for multiple purposes. You can take the test below manually, or CLICK HERE to take it online.

There are 35 statements below; rank yourself on each statement according to the following scale:

1 = Not like me or my thoughts

2 = Rarely like me or my thoughts

3 = Sometimes like me or my thoughts

4 = Often like me or my thoughts

5 = Always like me or my thoughts

Now take the test below and be honest because the only person you can possibly cheat is yourself and you might be doing that all the time.

On a sheet of paper, write your answer next to the number for each statement.

For your convenience in scoring later, write the answers to the statements in red on the left of the statement number, and on the right of the number of those in black.

1.           I feel happy and satisfied for no reason.                      

2.           There is someone in my life I cannot forgive. 

3.           I don’t blame others or complain                      

4.           I live in the moment.                                                 

5.           My head is full of internal chatter                       

6.           I feel alive, vital, and energetic                         

7.           I worry a lot                                                             

8.           I experience a deep sense of peace & well-being

9.           I don’t let bad situations keep me down.

10.        I feel inspired by a purpose in my life.

11.        Sometimes I feel like a victim.

12.        Life is a great adventure for me.

13.        The universe is not a very friendly place.

14.        I’m always looking for things to fix.

15.        I’m enthusiastic about what I do.

16.        I feel a lot of joy.

17.         There is a gift or a lesson in everything that happens.

18.         People around me are not that supportive.

19.         My life is quite burdensome.

20.         I am able to let go and forgive.

21.         My negative thoughts don’t overshadow me.

22.         I tend to judge others a lot.

23.         I love myself.

24.         I feel at one with everything.

25.         I am a God-fearing person.

26.         I look for the good in every person I meet.

27.         I’m always trying to get the approval of others.

28.         I feel a general sense of gratitude.

29.         Inside I feel a little empty.

30.         I’m connected to something bigger than myself.

31.         I change what I can and accept what I cannot

32.         Everything in my life is perfect just as it is.

33.         I’m sensitive to criticism.

34.         I sometimes get angry, but for a good reason.

35.         Quite often bad things happen to good people.

Now it’s time to score the test. You'll total the statements in two parts: A & B.

A. Total your answers for statements 1,3,4,6 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30, 31, 32

These are the statements in red above. Label this total "A".

B. Total your answers for statements 2,5,7,11,13,14,18,19,22,25,27,29,33,34,35.

These are the statements in black above. Label this total "B."

Subtract the total "B" from the total "A."  Record the result. 

Were you honest with yourself?

What was your score for questions 1, 4, 24, 28, 32?   

  • If the total of those five questions was more than 20, then you are either an incredibly advanced person, or you were trying to get a good score and thus deluding yourself. It’s normal, but you won’t make any progress until you start being honest with yourself. As Walt Kelly’s cartoon character, Pogo, once said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

You could score as high as +85 on the test or as low as -55. An average score is between 20-25.

Were you about average?

  • If so, you have a lot of work to do, and you have little idea of what it is like to be really happy. And you probably are not that successful either.
  • What would it be worth to you to raise your happiness quotient another 10 to 15 points?
  • And what if you could do that in as little as six weeks?
  • And what if you could raise it 25 points in about six months?
  • Who would you be then?
  • What would your life be like?
  • What’s that worth to you?

And what if your trading tended to improve as you raise your happiness quotient? 

Well, that’s our goal in the Peak Performance 203 Workshop.

"I helped one of my clients get in touch with his higher guidance in the mid-1990s. According to his report to me, the results by mid-2008 were absolutely amazing. His trading account (over a 14-year period) had grown in size over 51 times. Not only that, his internal guidance had told him to stop trading right before the 2008 meltdown." — Van K. Tharp

Our Risk-Reversal Guarantee:

Dr. Tharp totally guarantees that you will be delighted with Peak Performance 203. In fact, we'll take all of the risks ourselves.

If you aren't totally satisfied after the first day of the workshop, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid for the workshop. 

Why are we willing to assume your risk?

The key to our guarantee is if you are ready to work on yourself, then there is no risk to us. We know you'll be delighted. On the other hand, if you're not ready for that kind of experience, then this course is not for you.


There are no prerequisites. 

We can not stress how important this workshop can be for successful trading. The workshop could quickly pay for itself in preventing one loss you may have otherwise taken or from the profits of one new idea. More importantly, what you learn from this workshop will benefit you for a lifetime. If you are not sure if it is for you, feel free to call or email us, and we will be happy to help you decide.

We are at 919-466-0043 and

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Our Risk-Reversal Guarantee:

The Van Tharp Institute totally guarantees that you will be delighted with this workshop. In fact, we will take all of the risks ourselves. If you are not satisfied after the first day of the workshop, you may request a full refund before the start of day two.

Why are we willing to assume your risk?

The key to our guarantee is if you are ready to work on yourself, then there is no risk to us. We know you'll be delighted. On the other hand, if you're not ready for that kind of experience, then this course is not for you.