Peak Performance 202: The Trader Reinvention Workshop

At Peak Performance 202, one of our most significant breakthrough workshops, you'll learn how to reinvent yourself as a trader/investor, gain greater control of your life and broaden your perspective on what is possible!

Peak Performance 101 is a prerequisite to attending this course. 

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The Secret Ingredient:

Immense success is possible for most traders and investors. But the secret to that success has little to do with some magical trading indicator. Instead, it has everything to do with you. You are the secret ingredient to your success. And when you transform yourself, you transform everything. Peak Performance 202 is a major leap forward for those of you who are willing to step out of your comfort zone.

"This is the best financial/trading course I have taken. It has given me the foundation to understanding my current financial/trading strategies and what I need to do to grow my skills." — B.R. Johnson, KY

Workshop Dates:

Saturday, October 15th

Thursday, October 20th

Saturday, October 22nd

Thursday, October 27th

Saturday, October 29th

Time: 11 AM - 3 PM ET (First five sessions)

Thursday, November 3rd

Saturday, November 5th

Time: 11 AM - 2 PM ET (Last two sessions)

Recordings: Recordings are available, but discouraged. The set of Peak Performance workshops are best when attended live. Group interaction and personal input make the difference in transformational breakthroughs! Recordings are available until the start of the next workshop day. For example, the recording from April 7th will be available until April 10th, and so on.

The Games We Play:

Van Tharp believes that understanding games is one of the real keys to psychological breakthroughs in trading and wealth. Learn how to become aware of your games: the Domain, the Rules, the Levels of Awareness, and the Trading and Wealth Games we play.

Your Winning Strategy:

Your Winning Strategy has been the basis for all of your past success, but it will limit you as a trader/investor. In fact, the more powerful it is (i.e., the more success you’ve achieved with it), the more it limits you now. Learn how and take steps to overcome those limitations.

Personal Reinvention:

In Peak Performance 202, you’ll learn how to make a declaration for a trading vision that might seem all but impossible now. You’ll also learn how it is possible, and how you can take the first steps toward a new you, and success that’s beyond your current scope of understanding. This workshop is that powerful.

"Finally finding a purpose! I have been rushing through my daily life and never had the time to think and focus. To have someone guiding you on the way to find your own path was incredible. Much less frustration than before. An extra plus was that there were more 'professional' traders in this course." — Fredrick Bodecker

"Glad I came! Too many areas of enlightenment [to write in] this space. Overall, I am walking away with a new look at my thought process." — Michael Herlehy, CO

What You Can Expect to Learn:

1. How you are programmed to follow the path that others want you to follow.

It’s one that will help them win, while you lose. You are totally unaware of most of this, but when you start to wake up, you’ll be amazed at your new freedom. And, imagine what will happen when you start to program yourself instead of following the programming of others.

2. The various games that you play.

These are mostly unconscious games. And when you play a game unconsciously, you have no chance of winning it. Instead, the winners will be those who made up the rules in the first place. The whole area of games is a major breakthrough in the psychology of personal success, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover and what you can do with that knowledge.

3. Personal reinvention.

You’ll learn what your strategy has been for winning in all aspects of life and how it’s held you back. And, when you’ve accomplished that, you’ll have the opportunity to come from another place as a trader. You’ll form a team with the other participants and declare a vision that is currently way beyond the scope of your imagination. Only by day three, you’ll realize that you can reach that dream! Furthermore, you’ll leave by taking the first steps toward your declaration with a whole team of people behind you.

Participants all agreed that this was one of the most significant workshops they had ever attended. Everyone left with a new sense of purpose and a new direction and a support team behind them. We expect the second workshop to have even more impact.

“Opened my eyes about my own limitations so that I can finally begin trading without self-sabotage. The presentation gave me enormous motivation.” — DJH, San Bruno, CA,

4. Uncover the Beliefs that Really Shape Your Success and What You Can Accomplish:

Imagine that you are asleep, but you don’t know you are asleep. Instead, you are dreaming, and the dream appears quite real. In it, you find yourself in an existence in which you are continually frustrated. Your goal seems right in front of you, but something holds you in place. Or, your goal seems right in front of you and suddenly it disappears because someone simply took it away.

Have you ever had a dream like that? Most of us have such dreams, but when you think about it, our lives are very much the same way. Life can seem very frustrating and sometimes hopeless. Do you know how to make your dreams a reality quickly? Probably not, but there is a secret. And that secret is to undo your unconscious programming because you are programmed to create that in your life. You have beliefs, beliefs you are not even aware of, which hold you in the dream of life and keep you frustrated. And to undo the programming, you must become aware that it is there.

The first part of this workshop is designed to help you wake up. You’ll learn how you’ve been programmed to fail through a process that might be called "domestication." You’ll learn how domestication works and you’ll learn how many of the agreements that you’ve made with yourself (and others) keep you asleep. You’ll find that waking up is an exciting process because you can start to program yourself.

In Peak Performance 101, we only devote a few hours to the topic of how you are programmed by your beliefs and attitudes. In the Advanced Peak Performance 202 Workshop, you’ll get an incredible day of uncovering just what keeps you stuck in the dream. You’ll learn how to begin to charge forward really.

“The workshop succeeded in really pushing my limits and opening my eyes to how the world really operates….I will never see the world the same way again.” — FL, San Francisco

"I met some incredibly wise, wonderful and talented people." — Sara Rich

In the Peak Performance 202 Workshop, Libby Adams presents a process she calls Transformational Mediation™ (shortened to TfM). The premise is that you are a collection of parts called little “i”s who masquerade as you. These little “i”s speak for you often and they surround your Big "I"s, meaning your Higher Self, or your Inner Guidance. Libby's process exposes the problem-causing little “i” parts to the Big “I.” The little “i” parts then either merge with the Big “I” or they are tossed aside. The result is a massive clearing.

If you do this process enough, then you begin to trust your inner guidance more and more. Your inner guidance can begin to lead you. And if you do the process enough, then theoretically, all that’s left is the Big “I” or your Higher Self. When your Higher Self begins to advise you on how to live life, then if you are trading still, you are Trading Beyond the Matrix. Which is the third level of transformation Van demands from his Super Trader students. We recommend that you read chapter 11 of the book Trading Beyond the Matrix before attending to enhance your understanding. The book is free, just let us know if you need one (you pay to ship).

The Games We Play:

Awareness of Human Games We Play Is the Most Important Psychological Breakthrough of the New Millennium

Everything we do is basically a game to prove ourselves to others. We want to prove that we are better, smarter, and more likely to win. However, those very games are what keep us asleep and hold us back.

In this workshop, we teach that games are any activities which have winners and losers. Money is such a game. Trading is such a game. Power is such a game. NFL football is such a game.

Games have structures, some method of keeping score—which is how we define winning — and rules to keep the game in place. The rules seem mandatory because of the severity of the perceived punishment should you break the rules. But all rules are made up by someone or by some group. As you become aware of the games in the world, it’s possible for you to devise and play your own games or, at least, change the rules so that you have a much better chance of winning whatever games you are playing now.

Here’s one example of such a game, the money game. You’ve been programmed with lots of beliefs about money. These might include: "Money is power and freedom." "The love of money is the root of all evil." "People who have money are not very nice." "The more money you have, the more you are likely to win the game of life." "It’s important to be right." "It’s important to get a good job to be successful." Do some of those ideas sound familiar? They should because they are some of the rules that most people follow when they play the money game unconsciously.

The game of money as played by society is typically thought to be won by having the most money. You get on the Forbes 400 list, or better yet, you are #1 on the Forbes 400 list. In that game, however, only one person (or 400) of 7 billion people can win this game. As a result of so few winners, Madison Avenue has tried to transform the money game into those who have the most toys are the winners. Society makes this game is easier to play, even for everyone who isn’t wealthy. Thus, if the down payment on a nice toy is small enough, you can buy it now. Nearly all of the money games people play mean massive financial slavery.

In fact, the money game is one of the hundreds of games that most of us play unconsciously. We play these games without knowing it in our relationships, in our finances, with our health, with our trading, and with our lives. In the Peak Performance 202 Workshop, you’ll learn how to recognize the games you are playing and how to wake up to them. And doing so will change your life forever. In fact, the key to winning any game is to start to make up your own rules.

But you won’t be able to make up your own rules until you learn the rules you’ve adopted unconsciously. And that’s one of the major benefits of Peak Performance 202.

Now you might be saying, “Wait a minute, that might be illegal, and I don’t want to do anything illegal.” But that’s not what I’m suggesting. Not at all. Instead, there are lots of ways that you can invent your own rules and still play the game legally. If you accumulate enough passive income so that you never have to work again because money is working for you, is that illegal? Of course, not! But it does involve changing the rules to the game. Most people believe that to win the money game, you must have the most toys. And those who play that way either end up with a lot of toys and probably not feeling like it is enough or they end up totally broke—one or two big mistakes, and you’ll be discarded as a loser of the game.

There is another alternative to the traditional money game. It’s called the “Infinite Wealth” game. In this version of the money game, you win when your passive income is greater than your expenses. This is one of the primary topics of the New Infinite Wealth Workshop. The infinite wealth version of the money game is one that very many people, if not everyone can win.

In this incredible workshop, you’ll learn about the common games that most of us play unconsciously. Only after you’ve finished, you’ll have a tremendous edge. You’ll get to make up your own rules because you’ll understand how you’ve been programmed in the past. In Peak Performance 202, you’ll learn about the trading game and the universal human game. All of them are very significant in reinventing your new future.

The Trading Game Re-Invented:

We identified a minimum of eleven levels at which the trading game is played. Each level has its own set of rules and tends to superimpose those rules (at least for those who are unaware) on the levels below it. Most people are probably playing at one of the bottom three levels. As a result, there are many rules superimposed upon you that you just unconsciously obey. But you don’t have to do that, especially once you are aware of the game and how it is played.

Furthermore, we identified 23 rules and presuppositions that you are expected to follow as a trader in the bottom three levels. If you want to know what these rules are, just watch Wall Street Week, CNBC, or read the most common business magazines and periodicals and books. All of those sources assume that certain rules are important.

Here are just a few examples:

  • You must pick the right stocks to be successful.
  • Hold for the long term.
  • You need the right information to win.
  • Your broker is an expert and your best advisor with respect to the market.

We could go on and on with this, but you probably get the picture. The bottom line is that these rules are not the rules of most winners. And if you want to win the trading game, you must know the rules that winners follow—or better yet, invent your own rules. You’ll learn all about that in this section of Peak Performance 202.

The Universal Human Game:

Most of us elect to play this game unconsciously. It is the basis for all of the other games, and it limits us to very restricted lives and existences.

The game has the following premises:

  • There is a way things should or should not be.
  • If things are not the way they should be, then something is wrong with me, with them, or with something else in the universe.
  • It’s necessary to fix what is wrong.
  • As a result of these premises, you’ve developed a strategy (that’s largely unconscious) to help you win the game of life.

When you read these premises over, you probably agree with them. Of course, you will because you are playing the game, so you adopted them unconsciously a long time ago. However, your strategy for winning has severely limited you. And the more successful you are at playing the game, the more your strategy will limit you without you knowing it. And, it will especially limit your trading success.

When you start becoming aware of all the games you play, and then you make up your own rules in ways that don’t hurt other people, you’ve really achieved a massive transformation - you have realized that you make up your own reality.

You’ll learn the benefits that come from not playing the game or at least taking steps in that direction. And that will be the foundation for reinventing yourself to go way beyond your current limitations.

Determine Your Winning Strategy and How It Limits Your Trading:

In this course, we help everyone determine their personal winning strategy and how it limits them. Dr. Tharp will make sure that everyone understands his or her strategy before going into the trader reinvention paradigm. And that’s why we’re strictly limiting the attendance at this amazing workshop.

Here is an example of a winning strategy just so you can notice its limitations:

“I look for possible areas of conflict and dissent, so I can smooth feathers and assume total control of the situation. This allows me to be in charge and avoid being hurt.”

What does that strategy tell you about this person? Several key things stand out immediately. This person is constantly looking for conflict and thus will find it. This strategy will typically miss understanding what is working well. The person has a big ego. All of these patterns have contributed to great success in the past, but notice how they limit one’s perception in the present. And how effective do you think this strategy is for trading success? That’s why “winning strategies” are typically a big limitation. And in Peak Performance 202, you’ll learn how you’ve limited yourself by beliefs and how to charge forward into the future.

“I discovered and learned so much about myself from this.” — A.D., Ireland

"Understanding domains and wealth and trading games give an extremely valuable insight into how each level made money." — B.R.J., KY

"Thought provoking and challenging material forced me to rethink basic premises on many levels. A better understanding of my edges and a practical plan to go forward." — J.A. Martin

The New Paradigm:

The third part of Peak Performance 202 will help you adopt a new paradigm to reinvent yourself.

You’ll learn how to determine your real purpose, what you really are all about on this planet. Leaders who learn this paradigm typically accomplish what they’d previously thought to be impossible. As a result, we’re excited to begin teaching traders this same paradigm for reinventing themselves. It’s how you’ll accomplish the impossible.

Here is just a small glimpse into what you’ll be doing:

  • First, you and the other workshop participants will use advanced thinking concepts to declare a new, previously impossible vision, that you’ll all strongly adopt. It’s an incredible process that produces incredible results.
  • Second, you’ll take the first action steps toward making your new vision a reality.

These steps are not taken lightly because they are made as promises to the group.

  • Third, you’ll have group support to help you in your vision. At the last workshop, there was an incredible sense of unity and purpose for the vision. Each person had a job, and each person had the support of everyone else to help them accomplish the vision.
  • Fourth, everyone had a set of procedures to continue the vision into the future and to help them deal with each event that could occur in the future. It was a significant breakthrough for everyone.

“Great new tool. Illuminates a spiritually based approach to life alternatives.” — T.P.G.

“Excellent. I feel the course reached a highly empowering climax in the afternoon of the last day. You really shifted the entire class.” — B.D., Ireland

“I absolutely loved the workshop, and I’m amazed at being able to begin trading and start with a plan to do so. It educated me to a new, once impossible avenue, that is now possible for me.” — A.D., Ireland

"This is the best financial/trading course I have taken. It has given me the foundation to understanding my current financial/trading strategies and what I need to do to grow my skills." — B.R. Johnson, KY

"I can see how re-creating my life is not the same as transforming (re-creating is like moving the furniture in the same box). I have met some incredibly wise, wonderful and talented people." — S.R. GA

"Take this class!!! It will and has changed my life in wonderful ways. Profitable trader, better person to all. So become your dream!" — Rodny H.

Our Risk-Reversal Guarantee:

This workshop is so powerful that I’m willing to guarantee that you will be totally satisfied with the workshop. In fact, I’m willing to offer the best guarantee that anyone has ever offered you. It’s better than risk-free.

Attend Day 1 of Peak Performance 202, listen to the discussions and participate in the exercises. Then, if  you are not totally satisfied with the workshop, ask for a refund and we’ll refund every penny of your tuition. You have this guarantee in both payment options. 

You’ll get the benefit of the first day of the workshop, and we won’t charge you a cent. That’s a totally risk-free opportunity for you. And you’ll still have the benefit of the first day of the workshop, so our guarantee is better than risk-free!

Why Such a Guarantee?

If The Van Tharp Institute absorbs all of the initial risks, you’ll be more likely to come. Our objective is to help you really. As a result, Dr. Tharp is willing to make it very easy for you to attend.

Dr. Tharp can afford to take the risk because he knows the quality of the workshop and the quality of the materials that will be presented. Consequently, he knows that chances are you’ll be delighted with it. That means you’ll be happy and you’ll want more of our products and services.

Most investors who are really committed to doing research will probably spend a significant amount of money and time just to find the same information that will be presented at this workshop. We’re certain you’ll be delighted.

Enrollment Is Strictly Limited:

Peak Performance 202 involves intensive group interaction, and it also involves fairly intense (and often one-on-one) work with the instructors. That format produces dramatic results and change, so we must strictly limit the enrollment in this workshop. As a result, we urge you to make a reservation now if you are up for the challenge. Once it is full, we can only put you on a waiting list, and you’ll have a six month to one year wait until the next workshop. This workshop is a core component of the Super Trader Program.

Workshop Objectives:

This workshop has a team of instructors who will be focused on meeting these objectives:

  • To teach you how to obtain greater control of your life and to give you a broader perspective of what is possible.
  • To teach you how to create your own experiences and how you are responsible for the results that you get.
  • To help you use “Big I” to solve what seem like issues and keep you on course. To make you aware of some of your own psychological issues that affect your performance as a trader/investor.
  • To teach you about games and the factors that affect games:
    • Level of awareness
    • The ability to make up rules
    • Game domains
    • Game rules
  • To teach you your “Winning Strategy” and how - although it has been responsible for your successes - it holds you back from doing even more.
  • To give you a procedure to re-invent yourself using advanced psychological principles.
  • To allow you to meet and network with some really great people who have a lot in common with you.


Q: Do I need to take the Peak Performance 101 Workshop as a Prerequisite?

A: Yes, because of the nature of this workshop, we require Peak Performance 101 as a prerequisite.

Q: Will the workshop be specific to trading?

A: Most of the games we play in life affect all aspects of our lives, including trading. Although there are specifics about the trading game that we will cover, you could take this workshop and apply the material to all aspects of your life. It has to do with you and changing yourself. However, you will leave with a new vision about trading, a procedure to help you go forward, and a strong group to support you.

Q: Can I talk to someone about this workshop?

A: Attendees have raved about this workshop. Most of them said it was one of the best (if not the best) workshop they had ever attended. We’d be happy to give you several of their names as references.

Q: Is this workshop really worth my time?

A: Absolutely. This workshop is about really living your life and making a difference. It could have a dramatic effect on your trading bottom line, and we expect that it will change your entire approach to life. You can’t say that about many workshops.

Q: How can I prepare?

A: We recommend that you read chapter 11 of the book Trading Beyond the Matrix before attending to enhance your understanding. The book is free, just let us know if you need one (you pay to ship).

At Peak Performance 202, one of our most significant breakthrough workshops, you'll learn how to reinvent yourself as a trader/investor, gain greater control of your life and broaden your perspective on what is possible!

You Will:

  • Achieve levels of success you once thought were beyond you.
  • Explore your beliefs and find out who you really are.
  • Learn to expand beyond your current limitations.

We can not stress how important this workshop can be for successful trading. The workshop could quickly pay for itself in preventing one loss you may have otherwise taken or from the profits of one new idea. More importantly, what you learn from this workshop will benefit you for a lifetime. If you are not sure if it is for you, feel free to call or email us, and we will be happy to help you decide.

We are at 919-466-0043 and

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The Van Tharp Institute totally guarantees that you will be delighted with this workshop. In fact, we will take all of the risks ourselves. If you are not satisfied after the first day of the workshop, you may request a full refund before the start of day two.