Peak Performance Home Study WITH Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. One click purchase for both items. Many people buy the profile as an aid for use with the Peak Home Study.

This package can save you $25 by pairing the Peak Home Study with the Investment Psychology Inventory Profile!

Home Study

This home study course is Dr. Tharp’s masterpiece. It is designed for all levels of investors and traders—beginners, advanced, unsuccessful traders seeking to better their performance and successful traders who want to continue to improve.  

In the nearly 15 years since Dr. Tharp last made significant changes to the Peak Performance Home Study Course, he has researched and learned so much more about how to achieve peak performance in trading and investing.

In this second edition of the home study course, Dr. Tharp shares this knowledge.

The course contains five workbooks and four audio CDs. Dr. Tharp carefully crafted the information from his studies into a model that people like you can use to improve your skills and increase profits. 


This analysis is a helpful tool in determining your areas of strength, as well as areas of weakness as a trader.

It can help guide you towards the areas in which you most need to focus.

The Investment Psychology Inventory™ profile is a 176-item questionnaire designed by Dr. Tharp.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

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Peak Performance Home Study WITH Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. One click purchase for both items. Many people buy the profile as an aid for use with the Peak Home Study.

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Peak Performance Home Study WITH Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. One click purchase for both items. Many people buy the profile as an aid for use with the Peak Home Study. is available to buy in increments of 1
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Peak Performance Home Study WITH Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. One click purchase for both items. Many people buy the profile as an aid for use with the Peak Home Study.
Peak Performance Home Study WITH Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. One click purchase for both items. Many people buy the profile as an aid for use with the Peak Home Study.

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    Peak Performance Home Study WITH Investment Psychology Inventory Profile. One click purchase for both items. Many people buy the profile as an aid for use with the Peak Home Study. is available to buy in increments of 1

    This package can save you $25 by pairing the Peak Home Study with the Investment Psychology Inventory Profile!

    Peak Performance Home Study

    Do You Make Money in the Market or Do You Plan To?

    Are you interested in learning how to make an extra $10,000, $50,000, $250,000 or even a million dollars in excess cash profits from the market over the next year or two? If the answer is "yes," then keep reading!

    With this home study course, you are going to learn to do exactly that with your trading or investing—regardless of any limits you may have put on your time—by discovering the simple "edge" you need for super success in today's markets.

    Once you master key trading principles often overlooked by even the most experienced investors and traders, you will finally understand and possess the same money-making and cash-flow secrets that have catapulted certain astute traders to superstar wealth and success status. You will know why they continue to make money while everyone else is losing their shirts.

    It has nothing to do with following conventional market wisdom; nor is it any ego-driven nonsense that passes for investment strategy. Instead, it has to do with understanding the principles contained in a unique system of mental technology pioneered by peak performance coach and investment psychologist, Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

    "I discovered your course and enrolled. I spent four months reading and studying the material until I felt confident with everything I learned. At this time, I began trading again, and I could not believe the difference in how I felt when trading. The anxiety level was gone, sleepless nights disappeared."
    — Terrance R. Caffey

    Dr. Tharp is a consistent and systematic researcher of human behavior. The opportunity to learn from someone of his caliber does not come along every day. He has collected psychological profiles from over 5,000 investors and traders and has personally interviewed hundreds of top people in the field to determine what makes them excel and how they make immense profits.

    Once he obtained all of the information from the top investors and traders, Dr. Tharp carefully crafted it into a model that people like you can use to improve your skills. The model he developed works to enhance profits. In fact, when Jack Schwager interviewed 16 of the world’s best investors and traders in his book Market Wizards, he also elected to interview Dr. Tharp as a Peak Performance Trading Coach.

    Here’s what another professional in the field says about Dr. Tharp’s work:

    "I have a Master’s degree in a multi-disciplinary area that involved a considerable amount of psychology, and I continually read in the field—from the academic literature to Tony Robbins. Your work is, in my opinion, simply the best. I want to thank you for the efforts you have made on behalf of people like me. I have followed your work since inception and commend you on the wealth of knowledge you have added to the field."
    — Brian Casselman, Portfolio Manager

    Moreover, there’s an extra benefit: Dr. Tharp only studied those investors and traders whose lives seem to work. As a result, when you apply this model, it typically helps you lead a much happier and more satisfying life.

    What Kind of Profits Can You Expect?

    How much you make depends upon the amount of work you put into applying the principles of the course to your investing and trading. It will also depend upon how much money you have in your account and the amount of risk you are willing to take. However, if you are a losing trader with sufficient equity, you still could efficiently use Dr. Tharp’s course to become a full-time professional.

    Here is what one long-term trader said about how Dr. Tharp’s Peak Performance Course helped him to become profitable:

    "For the first ten years of my trading career, I was on balance, a losing trader ... Finally, I ordered the home study course. I got into it the first night. I was excited about this business and the future, so I knew I had to change me to get on track. So, without hesitation, I rolled up my sleeves and started the training.”

    "How well did it work? .... I had to pay taxes on my trading profits. While April 15th is typically not a fun time, I was delighted to have to pay taxes on gains ... not get a deduction for losses. In fact, I was very close to making up all of my losses for the previous ten years! My return for the year on my personal capital was a gain of 253.8%.

    "After seven months I am again in a situation where I have created a taxable event and, I have made up for any loss that I have ever taken! And as of the end of July the following year, my personal gain is 226.5% (this is on top of the 250% mentioned above). Also, I have begun trading personal IRA money in the futures market following the conservative mode of my system. Year-to-date I am currently up over 100% following the conservative model!

    "So confident am I in my abilities that I have registered as a CTA and have begun managing money for other people. My composite return for clients was a gain of 74.7%. (I trade my client’s money in a far more conservative fashion) and at the end of the first seven months, the composite performance shows a gain of 54.7%.

    "But the results cannot only be measured in dollars. Dr. Tharp’s training helped me to become a better person. Improved trading was just a beneficial side effect. I am happier than I have been in years, I now focus on what is important to me, and am in better physical and spiritual condition than I have been in years."
    — George Moldenhauer, CTA

    Another investor who ordered Dr. Tharp’s course wrote the following six months later:

    "First, let me say that I now devote the majority of my investing time and energy in myself, instead of spending countless hours studying market theories, newsletters, and statistics. I made more money during the first four months after completing the course than I had made during the previous three years."
    — George Hull

    Here’s what a broker said about his performance with his client’s accounts after studying and applying the principles of the course:

    "I took your course so that I could better understand my customers. I have tripled my business, while significantly helping my account’s performance."
    — Russell Herman, Prudential Bache Securities

    We have numerous success stories like these in our files—all from people like you. And if they can do it, you can, too!

    You only have to learn and apply the course materials. It is that simple.

    Is the Course for Everyone?

    The Peak Performance Course includes over 1,000 pages of exercises and insights about investing and trading. It will take time, effort and the willingness to dig down deep inside to complete. We estimate it takes approximately 2-3 hours per day for about 2 to 3 months to complete the program. In fact, the best results usually come from going through the course thoroughly multiple times.

    As a result, the course is most appropriate for success-driven men and women who genuinely want to excel in the market and who are willing to devote the time and energy that it takes to master the key principles. It is also for brokers and institutional investors and traders who want to improve their company profits.

    We expect you to be logical, ethical, practical, open-minded and willing to persevere tenaciously. You must also be willing to invest the effort to better yourself and your trading business. You must be willing to work to change yourself and your approach to the markets. If that description fits you, then the course will help you immensely.

    The course is also for those of you who have considered casting off the handcuffs that tie you down to consistent tax write-offs every year for investment losses. Deep down you know there is a better way for you to direct your energy that will make you consistent profits.

    "The Peak Performance Home Study Course is the most comprehensive guide ever written about achieving peak performance trading and a peak performance life! It is one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. The comprehensive planning and discipline acquired through the course have improved my life on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. The improvement in my trading by reducing mistakes and maintaining the discipline to follow my trading rules has been invaluable. I have learned so much about myself and look forward to continuing to apply what I have learned to my trading and continuing to review the course at least once a year. No matter how new or experienced you are, if you commit to doing the work in this course, you will be amazed by the results in many areas of your life, not just your trading."
    — Ashay

    New in the Second Edition:

    Everything has been modernized and updated in this new edition. Market examples and real-world references are from today rather than the early 1990s. There are numerous new ideas, theories, and practical exercises to help you become a more successful trader. Moreover, an estimated 20% of the existing content of the five volumes has been revised.

    Of all the additions and revisions, Dr. Tharp thinks these are the most noteworthy improvements:

    • Four entirely new chapters
    • Significant changes to other chapters amounting to about 16K words of additional, new material.
    • Two new daily tasks of trading.

    "I believe that increasing the scope of the 10 task of trading to 12 has made a profound difference in my trading and life. Focusing on these new tasks, and the belief that we all create our universe are the keys to your life mission, whatever that may be. This program can help make that possible."
    — Thomas

    Format: This home study course comes with 5 physical workbooks and 4 MP3 audio files that will be automatically added to your eLearning profile, accessed via our website.

    The Four New Chapters:

    Personal Responsibility.

    “I can explain today what I was unable to articulate fully in the original course. Teaching this topic over and over again for the last 15 years has enabled me to now extensively describe the all-empowering idea of total personal responsibility. You create the results you want in trading. When you hold sources other than yourself responsible for your mistakes, you tend to repeat those mistakes over and over again. This chapter will open your eyes to recognizing and correcting mistakes that you once thought outside of your control and allow you to take charge of your trading.”  — Van Tharp

    "I would recommend the new Peak Performance Course to anyone who wants to excel in their trading, and in fact, I would recommend that no one actively trade until you have gone through this material several times and understood it completely. The new version is excellent, and I found the new chapters on personal responsibility and changing your beliefs to be the most valuable. This course forces you to do the self-work that is critical to successful trading and improving all aspects of your life!"
    — Peter

    Trader Preparation Self-Assessment:

    Are ready to trade now? Find out by answering questions regarding your psychology, your business plan, your systems and other significant factors of trading success. If you find that you are not ready to trade, then that just means that you are taking the right action by working on this course rather than trading. People have been asking for a way to assess their preparedness as a trader, and now it is a new chapter in the course.

    "The course was wonderful – well written, enlightening and full of great information and teachings. The quality and clarity were exceptional. I did work hard to complete everything and made sure not to skip any exercises. At the end of my work, I created a spreadsheet that has two columns. One is a list of things that I need to go back and review, work more on, and just think. The second column is a list of all the things in the five volumes that I need to incorporate into my Trading Plan/Business Plan and Daily Routine. I will be working off this spreadsheet for probably the entire time. My next steps are to use the Designing a Winning Game Plan chapter as my Guide going forward along with the above spreadsheet. The most unexpected part of the course was all the “awareness” work I am now completely engrossed with, including ACIM, The Secret, Eckhart Tolle and the list goes on. This evolution is the most amazing part of the course."
    — Kathy Rauzi

    The Four Models of Self-Sabotage:

    Sometimes you try to stop a behavior, but it continues and just seems impossible to change. Your mental states are so overwhelming that you cannot alter them. Alternatively, you find a belief that you know is not useful, but you cannot change it. For example, suppose you believe that you are not worthwhile and that you do not deserve profits. When you think about that belief, you know it is not useful, but somehow you just cannot shake it. Those are the examples of self-sabotage that we will be dealing with in this new chapter, as well as a specific instance of a classic case of self-sabotage. Dr. Tharp has explored this topic in-depth in the last ten years. This new chapter also includes the oneness model of self-sabotage, Dr. Tharp’s most recent understanding of self-sabotage.

    Changing Your Beliefs:

    This section is one of the most important new topics in the course as Dr. Tharp believes that beliefs shape your world. When you realize that your beliefs control your reality, you can change how you experience the world by merely changing your beliefs. The straightforward, step-by-step procedure found in this chapter will take you through how to monitor, look at, and most importantly, alter your beliefs. Most beliefs can be replaced with these procedures except those that have a powerful emotional charge on them. When you have an emotional charge on your beliefs, that charge seems to anchor into your body until you release it, so there is a section in this new chapter dedicated to helping you release that charge.

    "For me, the Peak Performance Course is a valuable working tool/frame for inner development, discovery, and growth. It helped me to a large extent not only in my trading but my personal life (including relationships), as well. I became more balanced (in both trading and life) and achieved a higher level of peace and joy in my daily activities, making life and trading easier and more enjoyable. Although it is not always easy to find the time and courage to work on owning your issues, it surely has the potential to transform lives in many aspects."
    — Gabriel

    Section Revisions:

    Dr. Tharp has updated almost 20% of the course, including these changes:

    Significant new insights into the psychology of risk.

    This section has a new prediction test that amazes the traders that have taken it thus far. People are seldom as accurate as they think; furthermore, the more confident they are in their predictions, the worse their predictions can be. Find out for yourself.

    Six new beliefs of top traders and a synopsis of how to control losing attitudes!

    As mentioned before, there are now two new tasks of trading. A new morning task and evening task will add important dimensions to your trading day, and your life!

    "The two new tasks, along with key beliefs, mental state, and mental strategies for each trading task, are very beneficial. Compared to the previous version of Peak Performance, it has a lot of detailed steps and procedures. I found the new enhanced prediction exercise provides many insights into some of my beliefs about the market. The new value elicitation test was helpful for understanding my move toward value as well as my move away from value. This content brings a new point of view to understanding myself and my behaviors."

    — Ryan

    I have included an updated discussion of trader types and how understanding yours can help you leverage your strengths and manage your challenges.

    I have expanded the value elicitation test significantly. Now you also identify your “move away from” values, those that are likely to conflict with your core values. You resist your move away from values but what you resist tends to persist. That is, the negative values that you defend against, the hardest tend to stick around. The expanded exercise helps you identify these values clearly and then explains how you can clear them from your life.

    I have expanded my 10-step plan for investment excellence to include a new eleventh step that leads you towards a place of gratitude in your trading and your life.

    A new discussion of the four methods of doing a feeling release. There is also an explanation for alexithymia and how to get rid of it (hint: it does not involve an ointment). Additional insights into compulsiveness and what you can do to prevent it from interfering with your trading. How to conceptualize mistakes as a measure of your self-sabotage and use them to minimize your subconscious self-sabotage efforts quickly. How to design a winning game plan. The significant changes in this section came out of developments and experiences personally teaching so many traders in the Blueprint for Trading Success Workshop.

    Fresh insights into diet and health to help you reduce stress and reach optimal performance. There were so many new insights in these sections that I had to split it up into two chapters. The first part focuses solely on nutrition. This chapter includes an in-depth look at common food addictions and a list of 24 things you can do right now to move toward peak performance health. The second part centers around exercise and gives you space to write out a plan on how to physically improve your body for peak fitness.

    Peak Performance Gives You 24 Money-Making Secrets You Can Use Now!

    1. Imagine having a model of how the best investors and traders do it! It is what they do in common that is the real secret behind their greatness. Dr. Tharp has spent 27 years determining what those common elements are and he teaches them to you in his home study course. His top-task model for investing and trading success will help you dramatically increase your profits

    2. Dr. Tharp’s course consists of five volumes and four audio CDs. You will get a complete volume on each of the following topics: risk control, stress control, turning around losing attitudes and beliefs, developing discipline, and making market decisions. And the four audio CDs will help you put what you learn into practice. The CDs help guide you through exercises in the course on such topics as how you think when you make profits and lose money; stress reduction; programming yourself not to repeat your mistakes; and trading unemotionally.

    3. Learn 15 ways to control your mental state. When you master these techniques, you will bring much more discipline to the task of making more money. Once more, these methods will not only help you make higher profits; they will help you in every aspect of your life.

      "Since taking your course, I find it easier to stand back and observe my own mental and emotional state while trading and, if necessary, alter the emotional state rather than let it alter my trading strategies."
      — Frederick W. Landru

    4. Learn self-confidence— the one trait that is essential if you are to follow your game plan for making money. Dr. Tharp’s course will teach you techniques to overcome fear and nervousness and bring out the big winner in you.

    5. Make a habit of keeping an investment/trading diary that will put you in control and help you gain insight into getting more profits out of your trades. You will learn a new perspective on what you have been doing and why. Put yourself in charge of your future.

    6. People do not trade the markets. They trade their beliefs about the markets. Learn about the six levels of belief and how those beliefs influence your investing and trading. Learn how to evaluate your beliefs, change those beliefs that are not serving you, and be able to adopt beliefs that will help you to become more efficient. And most importantly, learn the beliefs that only the best investors and traders have and utilize them for yourself.

    7. Learn how to avoid the school of hard knocks. Save $1,000's of dollars that you might have lost in the markets by doing it right, to begin with instead of making lots of costly mistakes. 

      "I have learned many techniques on keeping track of how and why I make a trade plus guidelines to follow before making the trade."

      — Gary Edlin

    8. Be able to deal with investing and trading mistakes immediately so that you do not have to repeat them. Dr. Tharp’s third audio CD in the course provides you with an exercise that will help you avoid similar mistakes in the future. This CD alone is worth $1,000's of dollars to you in preventing losses.

    These secrets are just the start! Other tips are interspersed below. 

    Keep reading to learn more…

    What If You’re a Beginner? What If You’re Already Successful?

    Dr. Tharp’s Peak Performance Course is for all levels of investors and traders—beginners, advanced, losing investors/traders who want to improve, and successful investors/traders who want to do better. Many of the best investors and traders in the world have Dr. Tharp’s course and use it regularly. Can you afford to be without it in the zero-sum game of trading?

    "Thank you for teaching a beginner and saving me $1,000's of dollars and anxiety-ridden hours."
    — Leopold Hauser IV

    In contrast, Mr. Larry Satell managed over $40,000,000 trading gold funds. Larry has done both the home study course and private consulting with Dr. Tharp.

    Here’s what he says about the course:

    "I considered myself to be a top successful trader before taking this course and even more successful after completing "Peak Performance." I highly recommend it as a requirement in the basic training category to anyone interested in trading. That goes for beginners, average traders, as well as successful traders."
    — Larry Satell, President, Satell Investment Management, Inc.

    Perhaps you have heard of Jack Schwager’s book, Market Wizards, in which he interviews some of the world’s top traders. One of these "Market Wizards" used to have a training program for traders. They kept five copies of Dr. Tharp’s home study course on file in their library for their training program— it is that good! Also, at least six other market wizards have Dr. Tharp’s course as part of their personal libraries.

    Another major trading firm, Infinium Capital Management in the last ten years has grown their firm from a startup company to on occupying 60,000 square feet of space and employing 100s of traders all of whom their train using Dr. Tharp’s principles. They have met or exceeded their trading goals every year since they have been in business by applying the material in the Peak Performance Course. The President of the course was so impressed that he wrote the forward to the second edition of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom.

    9. Learn how to prevent disasters. Think about how this will change your life knowing that your trades and investment are in safe hands you can trust—yours. You will develop two or three options to respond to everything that could happen to you. The results will be a consistently profitable performance.

    10. The course will teach you a self-improvement process that will apply to all areas of your life and can be used throughout your life. The benefits of going through the course just once can last a lifetime, but the benefits of going through the course four or five times are absolutely incredible!

    "While sitting under a spruce tree in a lush Alaskan forest, success stories flowed from my mind to the pencil, onto the paper for nearly two hours. My personal life feels balanced. I have made some money. And I have accomplished many great things as part of an outstanding team. ... However, the success I most celebrate is the improvement process you helped instill."
    — Anonymous

    11. You will learn how to turn complexity into simplicity. And, interestingly enough, simplicity will make you the most money. People reported improvement of at least 100% when they had gone entirely through the Peak Performance Course several times. Think about what an improvement of 100% would do for your trading or investing. For example, if you make a 20% return on your money, you could quickly start making a 40% return.

    All you need to do is plan some time to devote to yourself.

    Aren’t you worth the time it takes to study Dr. Tharp’s course?

    How much are increased returns and an improved lifestyle worth to you?

    How Stress Affects a Trader:

    When people are overstressed, their ability to do things well shrinks dramatically. It is directly related to what happens to the brain.

    During stress, the hormone adrenaline is released into the bloodstream. This hormone has the effect of diverting blood from the brain to the major muscles of the body. It means that you can run faster, but it also means you are much less efficient at processing information. In fact, the conscious mind, which usually can process seven chunks of data, shrinks down to the point of being able to handle only one or two pieces of data.

    Think about what that means to most investors and traders. They get stressed—either by the market or by something going on in their lives—and can no longer efficiently function. They either freeze or keep repeatedly doing what they are already doing—only with more energy. Neither response is healthy in today’s fast markets.

    Dr. Tharp has the solutions to help you with stress management.

    12. One whole volume of the course is devoted to stress management. You will learn how to measure your stressors and your stress protectors. More importantly, you will be able to add enough stress protection so that you can withstand the effects of today’s markets. However, the course also helps you deal with stress in many more ways.

    13. You will learn the one activity that almost all top athletes use in their training for peak performance, but only top traders and investors seem to apply. This action alone could mean a significant difference in your profits. Why? When you use it, you will know how to deal with problems almost instantly and avoid the stress response. It makes the trading process almost automatic.

    14. Relax more and have fun in your life. Relaxation transfers directly into your trading so that what was once a chore is now a joy. And you will not only enjoy more profits; your family will appreciate the changes in you as well.

    "Volume two of the course taught me how to treat the cause of stress. I believe volume two to be the leading edge on this subject. This course alone has changed my life and the life of a friend and trading partner."
    — Thomas Smith

    Overcoming Self-Sabotage:

    The area in which people find the Peak Performance Course helps them with the most is overcoming self-sabotaging behavior.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do you have trouble pulling the trigger and frequently miss big trades or investments that you are sure would be winners?
    • Do you seem to have a ceiling in your investing/trading? For example, do you make a specific amount of money only to find that you give it all back?
    • Do you invest for excitement?
    • Do you see that you take high-risk trades and can’t help yourself?
    • Did you have a significant loss at some point in your investing/trading history and then find that the loss still affects what you do in the market today?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to work on yourself to overcome self-sabotage. Dr. Tharp’s Peak Performance Course for Investors and Traders is the perfect solution for you to overcome these problems.

    15. The course presents five ways you can overcome self-sabotage and four different models of self-sabotage. The methods include dealing with stress, working congruently as a whole human being, changing limiting beliefs that hold you back, dealing with feelings that get in the way of investing, and avoiding repeating mistakes. Each of them will help you invest or trade more efficiently.

    16. If part of you wants to trade, while another part of you wants you to be very conservative, then you may have to do some conflict negotiation to allow your different components to work together. Many investors and traders have benefited from following the course exercises in conflict resolution.

    Ray Kelly was a floor trader on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. The traders on that exchange were hurt the most by the 1987 crash. After doing some "parts work," this trader avoided the crash and then made $650,000 in just a few months after the crash—more money than he had made in any year before that. Moreover, he said he owed it all to the parts work, as described in Dr. Tharp’s course.

    17. If your emotions get in the way of your trading, the techniques for emotional control presented in the course will help you. Also, you will learn specific methods for dealing with the stored feelings—which are a significant source of self-sabotage.

    18. However, most importantly, you will learn the secrets behind why you act the way you do and how you manage to sabotage yourself. Once you have that information, you will be well on your way toward becoming a more successful investor/trader.

    "The Peak Performance work has sufficiently changed my attitudes and beliefs to empower me to flow with the natural. And my life and our family’s life is so much richer for it."
    — Paul Wenning

    Trading Techniques that Fit You!

    What about techniques for successful investing or trading?
    Can the course help me develop a more efficient system or plan for trading?

    One of the most significant strengths of the Peak Performance Course is that it helps you find the investing or trading that is just right for you. Jack Schwager, after writing two Market Wizard books and interviewing over 40 top investors and traders, concluded that one of the essential qualities of these market giants was that they all had found something that fit them perfectly. Unfortunately, until now, it was challenging to figure out what was right for you— that is until Dr. Tharp came out with this course.

    The steps toward meeting your objectives include:

    • Knowing who you are
    • Understanding your objectives
    • Developing a position sizing™ method for meeting your objectives

    We now know of a better way to go through these steps, by thoroughly understanding the material in the Peak Performance Course.

    19. You will learn to understand the structure of your thinking and decision-making process. Once you know how you function, it will then be much easier for you to develop a business plan to achieve peak performance.

    20. You will learn how to determine what time frame is right for you and what kind of investing or trading is right for you. Until you know that, trying to make money in the market is like treading water—you may stay afloat, but eventually (without something that’s right for you) you will probably tire and drown.

    21. Dr. Tharp’s course will teach you how to develop a complete business plan for investing or trading. Most businesses fail in the first few years, and the same is true for most investors and traders. A common reason for failure is that business people fail to develop an adequate business plan.

    Investors and traders are no exception. Few of them have business plans to help them deal with anything that could go wrong. However, in Dr. Tharp’s course, you will learn how to construct a business plan to meet your needs for consistent peak performance. Learn the real secret behind successful investing and trading—the mastery of taking low-risk ideas.

    "Your course has finally shown me in plain English how to develop a statistically valid trading system."
    — Scott Kruse

    "I'm taking the Peak Performance Home Study Course. I enrolled in the course because I was actively trading but found myself always in a losing position. I'm in private business as my primary source of income—my business was also in a slump. Although the course is geared to the psychology of trading, I have found as I go through it that I'm making much better business decisions (I have refrained from trading until I finish the course—at Van's recommendation). Just wanted to pass that along as an interesting side benefit of your course."
    — J. Boyd, Lt Col, USAFR (Retired), President Premier CIRE Systems, Inc

    You want to be able to take the best and most profitable investments and trades.

    More importantly, you want to be able to sleep comfortably at night knowing that your risk is relatively constant and you still have the potential to make a great deal of money.

    "Your course enabled me to develop, complete and apply a comprehensive trading plan, not just a system. Through your course, I came to realize that a good trading system is only one component of an overall trading plan. … the guidance of your course enabled me to create a system that compliments my personality rather than conflicts with it."
    — Larry Lawrence, Lawrence Financial Services

    22. You have heard people say "let your profits run and cut your losses short." One of the real secrets to peak performance is being able to do it. It is as simple as it sounds, and you will learn how to do it in Dr. Tharp’s course. Getting out quickly from just one losing investment or trade will probably pay the price of the course. And you will learn how to do it consistently for the rest of your life.

    23. Most importantly, Dr. Tharp will teach you about how money management systems, as opposed to rule-based systems, are the real key to making big money in the markets. You will learn to assess your risk tolerance and then devise a method that’s just right for your temperament and personality.

    "Before your course, I had never really thought much about risk. Now I am always conscious of the risk in my portfolio and every trade. No single trade is that big a deal."
    — John Higgens, Ph.D.

    24. Have you ever wondered how intuition works or how you can apply it consistently? There are three types of intuition. If you are good at intuition and able to control your risk, then perhaps an intuitive system (as opposed to a mechanical system) is right for you. The course will teach you the difference between intuition and being "into wishing" so you can allow your instincts to work for you. Order NOW!

    I just finished Volume 5 of the Peak Performance Home Study Course...

    "I can summarize my learning experience in one sentence: ‘All causation is mental.’ This is not my quote but, for me, it exemplifies the power of the mind. Robert Kiyosaki interviewed Dr. Tharp on a tape that was included in the "CashFlow 202 game."

    “I was completely absorbed by the approach (so different from most trading commentary) that Dr. Tharp used in his thought processes. What held my attention was the similar 'it's in your mind' component of the BE - DO - HAVE equation that Kiyosaki teaches. I see crystal clear that the seed of the results we get in our lives is germinated first in our minds. The growth or death of that seed also depends on our minds. To me, in hindsight, it is obvious that the most important part of trading is the one doing the trading. The trader is completely controlled by the trader's mind!”

    "I heard it said once that, in healthy human evolution, we proceed from dependence to independence to interdependence as we grow and mature. This [Peak Performance Course] introduced ways to think, independently, and interdependently; I believe there are useful ways to employ all three modes that will support successful trading. This course taught me the basics of fishing instead of depending on someone to give me a fish. The real benefit is the fact that the material can put the power of the material where it should be—between the ears. I anxiously look forward to reviewing the course, using it as a model to build my trading business, and studying further with Dr. Tharp's material. Hopefully, you find this useful and an encouragement to keep up the good work!"

    — Rick Redel

    "The two new tasks, along with key beliefs, mental state, and mental strategies for each trading task, were beneficial. Compared to the previous version of Peak Performance, it has a lot of detailed steps and procedures. I found the new enhanced prediction exercise provides many insights into some of my beliefs about the market. The new value elicitation test was beneficial in understanding my move toward value as well as move away from value. This brought a new point of view to understanding myself and my behaviors."
    — Ryan

    "I've just been through the Peak Performance Home Study... It took me about 5 months. Most enjoyable hard work I've ever done! I learned a lot about myself as a person and as a trader. I balked a lot, told myself; 'I'm going to need help with this. 'But I got through the exercises OK. Trading Beyond the Matrix arrived in the mail as I neared the end of the course. I was most grateful to find some of the 'Super Traders' had discovered similar barriers to self-discovery that I'd experienced. I was able to forgive myself for not getting it perfect the first time. I had a part of myself that I hated. I'd been fighting it for years. Conflict dissolved when…

    A) I accepted that I created that part 

    B) Found two positive intentions for its creation. Resolution of that conflict alone was worth the cost of the course

    I am now able to take losses easily. Not letting my losses run. However, I still find monitoring profitable trades and exiting profitable trades very stressful. No system, mental strategies, and position sizing algorithms to assist. There were many other smaller, positive shifts in my consciousness along the way. Presently feeling a little overwhelmed by the workload ahead of me. Have loved it so far. I am looking forward to learning more".
    — J. Littlejohn

    "The light went on after the third reading of chapter 6. I highlighted almost everything. This is fundamental to trading, period. If you do not let this soak into your brain slowly you might miss how profound this is. The early concepts of this course are an important base. I will not rush anything."—D.R., NY

    Learn Your Strengths & Challenges as a Trader or Investor:

    For those of you that have been investing or trading for at least a year, we strongly recommend that you take the Investment Psychology Inventory before beginning the course. The analysis and results from the profile are used in Volume One to indicate which areas of the course that you should concentrate on to improve your performance. We have modernized the profile recently into an easy-to-use online test.

    The profile is sold separately for $100.00, but when purchased along with the course, the profile will only cost $75.00.

    A message from Van Tharp about how this course can help you.

    A Healthy Psychological Profile is Needed for Trading Success

    Stop Worrying Yourself Out of Profits

    Make an Honest Self-Appraisal

    Your Beliefs About Trading

    Investment Psychology Inventory Profile

    Why Do the Inventory:

    Over the past 20 years, Dr. Tharp has conducted extensive research on how stress affects human performance. This unique profile will evaluate your areas of strengths and weaknesses as an investor or trader. You can use the analysis and results from the profile to help guide you in your quest to improve your performance as an investor or trader.

    Your results are kept in confidence and are never shared with anyone other than you.

    The Investment Psychology Inventory Profile will rank your characteristics in three areas: 

    1. Psychological characteristics
    2. Decision-making skills
    3. Management and discipline skills

    The profile scores will give you insight into specific questions such as:

    • Does your personal life interfere with your trading success?
    • Does your attitude support trading activity?
    • Do you make decisions without worrying about what others are doing?
    • Are you disciplined and patient in your approach to the markets?

    These are only a few of the many areas analyzed in the profile.

    What the Test Measures:

    The test measures ten areas that Van Tharp has concluded are important for trading success.

    These include:

    1. A stress level scale – the more stressed you are, the less well you’ll probably perform as an investor/trader.

    2. A scale that measures how positive you are. Since you tend to get what you think about, positive people will do better as traders

    3. A scale that measures personal responsibility. If you accept responsibility for what happens, then you can always fix mistakes. If you blame others, then you do nothing except feel bad and repeat your mistakes over and over again

    4. A scale that measures whether or not you are motivated to make money. It’s almost an inverse scale because the best traders/investors are not motivated by money, they’re motivated by the drive to be the best or by the joy of trading or by the desire to work on themselves.

    5. A scale that measures conflict. If you are not motivated to make money, then look for possible conflict, and if this scale is high, then conflict is probably there.

    6. Next, there is a scale that measures judgmental heuristics. People have lots of biases in which they tend to use shortcuts to make decisions. These can render them inefficient, and this scale measures that tendency.

    7. The next scale measures conformity. A conformist tends to follow the crowd and do what everyone else does. Conformists tend to have less success in the markets.

    8. There is also a scale that measures intuition. This scale is fairly neutral. Being intuitive is not necessarily correlated with success or failure. Its just good to know where you fall on that scale.

    9. The next scale tends to measure how organized (and disciplined) you are. It also measures, to a minor extent, how likely you are to use good position sizing.

    10. The final scale measures the tendency to be a gambler and trade just for fun and excitement. Good trading tends to be quite boring, so those who are in it for fun tend to have a tough time.

    It's a Tool:

    The Investment Psychology Inventory is simply a tool. It gives you a snapshot of where you are right now in regard to your beliefs and knowledge, in the context of trading. Taking the assessment helps you to discover your strengths and expose your "blind spots."

    Many times, the test results will point students to certain sections of the Peak Performance Home Study that they should concentrate on because the test reveals different qualities about the person. These areas are better worked on outside of the stock market. If a person were to work through these issues within their trading habits, they could end up being quite costly!

    Every trader is different and has different goals. So, depending on their trading style, some areas may matter less because their trading style isn't as dependent on that area. Another trader may have certain preferences but is missing a key component that is crucial to their success, given their trading style. Even if a trader has perceived themselves to be deficient in one way or another, as measured by their composite or overall scores, or in any given area addressed by the test, it simply means that they have a bit more work ahead of them to reach their goals.

    Options & Discounts:

    This is a much more in-depth analysis than Dr. Tharp's Tharp Trader Test which has 35 questions. The Investment Psychology Inventory Profile includes 176 questions. The results from the Profile work best when used in conjunction with the material from the Peak Performance Home Study Course

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