Moti-Maps: The Definitive Guide to Self-Propulsion and Getting Your Dream Life

Van Tharp, Author, Coach, and 30-Year Trading and Investing Thought Leader Reveals His Remarkable New Research!

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Moti-Maps: The Definitive Guide to Self-Propulsion to Getting Your Dream Life

Bring Energy, Happiness, and Joy to Your Trading and Investing

Do you have important goals but can’t seem to reach them? Are there actions you could take that you know deep in your heart would make a positive impact in your life, but find it difficult to take action? Is there a home project; a degree; a program of study; a trading system, or a health-related task you want to achieve, but can’t quite get around to? If so, this book is for you.

Dr. Van K. Tharp’s Moti-Maps book is about self-motivation. “Moti” is short for motivation. The primary way that you motivate yourself is through your internal maps of the world. When these two powerful forces are understood you can break negative patterns that hold you back in life.

When it comes to self-work, many people find the process too painful and run away from their negative feelings and pain. But that doesn’t solve anything. It just delays the process without fixing the problems. If you have negative feelings that you constantly avoid, then you will continue to carry them with you. This book offers the solutions.

Dr. Van Tharp, author, coach, and 30-year trading and investing thought leader, reveals his remarkable new research in Moti-Maps: The Definitive Guide to Self-Propulsion and Getting Your Dream Life.

The key to self-propulsion is to understand what motivates you and how your beliefs about the world would help or harm your efforts. In this book, Dr. Tharp helps reveal what motivates you, sending you on your journey to self-propulsion.

Van Tharp, Author, Coach, and 30-Year Trading and Investing Thought Leader Reveals His Remarkable New Research

Van Tharp has captured his latest research and theories in this new book: Moti-Maps: The Definitive Guide to Self-Propulsion and Getting Your Dream Life. His work extrapolates from renowned scholar Alfred Korzybski’s famous quote from his book Science and Sanity stating, “The map is not the territory.”
Your internal map of the world is basically a fiction that you’ve made up and then projected onto the world, thinking it is real. Knowing this, you can see that you are in charge of your own motivation. You only have to change your internal map of the world to motivate yourself. It has nothing to do with the world itself because you can only experience your own internal map of the world.

In 2019 Dr. Tharp spent time in a health clinic in India. The inspiration for writing this book came from his experiences finding the motivation he needed to complete the program. He found the food unappetizing and felt confined by his small room and lack of any ‘modern’ conveniences, such as the internet. In just 6 short weeks the first draft of this book was written and is now available to people around the world through

In addition to the motivation strategies Dr. Tharp used during his program, this book also covers topics such as:

  • How beliefs are filters to reality.
  • How beliefs are useful in a context, but not universally true. Although, the wider the context the more useful the beliefs are and the more likely they are to be held onto as facts.
  • How “who we are” is shaped by our values and how to determine your values.
  • In other words, if you make it all up, then why not make up something that is useful and helps you with your motivation?

Through the 14 chapters of Moti-Maps, you will learn all of the known ingredients of self-motivation. This will include:

  • 1) How sensory details (or meta-modalities) are the basis for our judgments;
    2) How we have motivation strategies which are the sequencing of our thoughts to produce such a meta-modality change;
    3) How our unconscious programs, called metaprograms, result in automatic behavior;
    4) How values dominate motivation along with models for values that could provide a structure for motivation (if you believe them to be true);
    5) Your purpose in life which tends to change everything when you find it;
    6) What stops you from motivating yourself; and
    7) Moti-Maps, the key to achieving your dreams. We will also help you develop a complete guide for your propulsion systems, show you how to manage your time to accomplish what you deem to be important, and show you how to deal with the personal demons of compulsions and procrastination.

Helpful Summary Chapters

Some of you might be reading this book to solve a particular motivational problem. For example, you seem to procrastinate working on important projects and you don’t know what to do about it. If you have that sort of problem or another specific motivational issue, then we recommend that you first read the summary chapters and then do the essential exercises that are specific to your problem. There is an index of various motivational issues at the end of the book to help you find the relevant material that you need.

Eight of the fourteen chapters in this book might be considered summary chapters and should be read if you wish to determine what your motivational problem might be. Those chapters include:

Chapter 1 The Big Why: Contains solid introductory material.

Chapter 2 Understanding the Roots of Propulsion Systems: Includes 10 subsystems involved in propulsion. Finding what pertains to you will save you needing to read chapters that are not pertinent.

Chapter 6 Metaprograms: If you have a driver metaprogram (i.e., meaning that you have no choice in that pattern), then that metaprogram would limit your ability to control your own motivation. As a result, you will not know about it unless you read this chapter and determine where you stand with each metaprogram.

Chapter 7 Values: Values are key to your motivation so unless you’ve determined your values elsewhere, I’d recommend you read this chapter and do the exercises.

Chapter 8 Models of Values: This is a good summary chapter that you should read as an overview.

Chapter 9 Purpose: If you know your life’s purpose, it will change everything in your life. I recommend that you read this chapter and use one of the methods given to determine your purpose in life.

Chapter 10 Focusing on things other than what you want to do will kill propulsion: If you are clear with the material up to Chapter 10, then there are 12 areas that you might be focusing on that contribute to your self-propulsion issues. Thus, reading this chapter is a must.

Chapter 11 Secrets and Hidden Agendas: If you have something that you want to keep hidden, it is because you have some very non-useful beliefs. Those non-useful beliefs might undermine your ability to motivate yourself. We’ve determined that there are 16 different types of secrets that might undermine your motivation.

Finally, one of my beginning Super Trader candidates said that he didn’t have any problems with motivation and that he thought that this book might be implying he was broken. However, that is not the case at all. If you are perfectly happy with your life, then you do not need this book. On the other hand, if you have problems with addiction, compulsion, distraction, procrastination, or perfectionism, then this book should enable you to solve these issues. Furthermore, even if you are perfectly happy with your life now, if you have a dream life that you cannot seem to achieve, this book could easily be your roadmap to attaining that dream life.

Take a Look Inside!

To view the complete Table of Contents, click here.

To read a sample chapter, click here.


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