Momentum Stock Options eLearning (Non-Refundable) Plus Day One of Vertical Spreads Workshop

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Reedstrader Momentum Stock Options eLearning Course

Using Options to Turbocharge Returns on Momentum Stocks

  • Would you love to understand options to be able to reduce your risk in any given trade while increasing the size of your big-R winning trades?
  • How about knowing how to hedge your position so that you can reduce risk while keeping your upside?
  • And what if you could put your positions on with lower margin and greater returns on capital?
  • In addition, what if you could hold your positions through earnings announcements instead of getting out prematurely?

If yes, this course is for you! 

Options trading can be intimidating with so many different strategies available to you.

What is worse, I find that most people who trade options lack the understanding to truly maximize the edges that trading options provides. The reason is that few people understand their risks in their trading positions or understand all the ways they can transform the position to meet their ongoing objectives. Options are an incredibly powerful tool that will give you a major edge vs. your competition. 

In Reedstrader Momentum Stock Options eLearning Course, you will learn about specific options strategies that complement the return profile of the Reedstrader Mechanical System.

These same strategies are outstanding for anyone who trades Momentum Stocks (IBD style) because they help decrease risk while giving the possibility of even bigger returns.

At the end of this course, you will leave with an options playbook you can implement immediately that will help you identify the optimal option strategy to trade and more importantly, show you how to manage and exit those strategies. 

Course Objectives:

  • To demonstrate why there is an edge in trading options with REED$TRADER Mechanical System or other approaches trading high momentum stocks
  • Learn how to use the Rule of 16 to determine if volatility is cheap or expensive vs. your trade expectations
  • Learn basic options strategies (long call, short call, long put, short put, long straddle, short straddle)
  • Learn synthetic equivalents (synthetic long/short call, synthetic long/short put, synthetic long/short underlying, synthetic long/short straddle)
  • Learn how to execute and manage positions to reduce bid/ask spreads and increase liquidity
  • Learn how to identify which stocks have liquidity and tight enough bid/ask spreads to be worth trading
  • Learn how to adjust your position to maximize your objectives as the trade unfolds
  • Learn how to quickly identify what positions you have on and what your risk is without fancy software
  • Learn how to manage trades around earnings using options
Learning Outcome: You will have an understanding of basic option strategies that you can implement to improve returns and reduce your risk.

Chuck Whitman's Career Trading Options

I started working with options when I was 17 years old and started trading options full time when I was 22.

Since then, I have trained over 200 traders to trade options full time and built one of the largest option market-making operations in the United States. 

My approach is unlike any approach you will see in typical textbooks. The key to your success is to not only learn the strategies but it is to put the strategies into application.

My experience is that most people are overwhelmed by the possibilities and they need help to narrow their focus. In this workshop, I will help you focus on what is essential to improve your trading of momentum stocks. 

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Rules of the System: The information will be concretely beneficial. Chuck and Mark explain that the REEDS system will be fully mechanical (meaning objectively verifiable and easy-to-follow) and they claim that those rules all by themselves are responsible for double-digit gains for nearly two decades of performance. So even if all you could do was hear the rules of the system it will be valuable.

Is there an upsell: The system does not require additional purchases to run, it is a position-trading, low maintenance system that can be operated from anywhere in the world. It is based on the idea of U.S. Stocks, but the principles used in working with these stocks may be applicable to other markets (Australia, UK, or Germany) depending on the information available from the companies selected. No back-testing has been done on those markets to know for certain what the returns would be, but from the principals involved, students will be able to see for themselves why the system is likely to be transferable--largely because it is based heavily on relative value strength.

Value: Chuck and Mark are trading-education customers themselves, so they are striving to make sure the customer feels they are getting a great value for what they pay. We have engaged a team of e-learning and live stream specialists to make certain that this course is not merely a camera in the back of the room. The experience will be significantly better than what you may have experienced elsewhere.

Are Reeds systems beneficial for those trading in markets outside of The U.S.? Yes, we have had many international students take the Reeds system courses, so the techniques are applicable across markets. Our students have given us great feedback on these simple yet effective systems. If you have specific questions about your fit for these courses let us know at and we can consult with instructors.

Can the WAM relative strengths be calculated for Australian stocks? Yes, Chuck explains how he calculates that value in his course and it could be applied to any set of symbols for which you can get data.