Peak Performance 204 - Modeling Great Trading Through Mental Strategies ~ Coming 2019

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Peak Performance 204 - Coming in 2019
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In this ground-breaking workshop, you'll learn how to adopt the strategies that successful traders use to achieve peak performance in their lives!

Strategies for Successful Trading:

The material presented in this new, advanced workshop is poised to make a dramatic impact on your life. While in attendance, you will gain understanding about how you are the central character in your story, and how you really create this story and see how you can ultimately play an active role in shaping your own life. By thoroughly exploring how each of us uses mental strategies and the sequencing of thoughts, you will have the groundwork to continue to hone your skills throughout the workshop and beyond.

Explore success strategies in a way that they've never been explored before, and learn what really makes a difference in many areas traders often strive for success. Attend this non-competitive, supportive workshop to realize your potential, and you will have the opportunity to deeply understand which areas of your life you want to apply these strategies too!

Mental strategies are one of three crucial ingredients to success. I only touch upon this topic in Peak Performance 101, and in this workshop, you'll take the time to explore this secret to success. If you have studied the fifth volume of Peak Performance Home Study in earnest, you may recall some information about mental strategies from the discussions contained in this course. Typically, few people realize the power and real profit-potential one gains from knowing his/her various strategies. In the Modeling Great Trading Through Mental Strategies Workshop, we're going to go much further than just teaching you about your own unconscious methods of achieving excellence. Our goal is to be able to go one step further and help you apply these concepts to affect change in your life!

Speaking generally, strategies are methods of how you get things done. Consider them your personal recipes for success! While you may have some idea of what strategies are already, they are quite different than many people think. A strategy is not simply a one-size fit all solution, like a silver bullet trading system (sometimes called “the holy grail”). It is how you arrive at creativity, motivate yourself, convince yourself, make a decision, remember things, learn things, or do any particular task. In this workshop, you’ll learn what’s really important about these kinds of strategies, how they’re different and at the same time, how each part is integral to your success. You’ll find that in each of these scenarios, it’s about the sequence of your thinking!

Here are just a few of the topics we plan to cover in the Mental Strategies Workshop:

How You Organize Your Brain for Failure or Success:

Think of your brain as if it is the unexplored countryside. At first, you may not have any landmarks or know of any “roads” that exist in your brain. Once you discover certain qualities, you definitely want to take note of them, so you will have a “brain map” for future reference, right? Success (or failure) is all about the map you make of your reality. Your map can never be a reality, but the more distinctions you can make in the map, and the better you understand how you do various tasks, the more success you are likely to have in the markets or any other area. In other words, this workshop will give you a roadmap to how you think and how you can discover ways to improve your thinking.

Seven Basic Kinds of Strategies:

The four basic dimensions of our internal reality through which we give meaning to the market or anything else.

Super Learning Strategies:

Do you have a desire to improve your ability to spell? Perhaps learning a new language and becoming bilingual, trilingual, or to learn new languages even faster than before appeals to you? Would increasing the depth and breadth of your vocabulary give you an extra edge in your personal and professional life? These skills are possible for everyone! During this workshop, you’ll even learn Walt Disney’s creative strategy - a man considered to be a creative visionary in the 20th century.

Making Judgments:

Think for a moment - how do you currently make judgments such as knowing when to make a trade, adopting a trading decision, or even choosing one thing over another, such as which shirt to wear or where to eat for dinner? Whether you realize it or not, it’s all through meta-modalities. By the end of this course, you’ll discover how your mind works in the context of meta-modalities. Being aware of these processes and understanding this concept alone could change your life.

Convincer Strategies:

When you think about any of the trading systems you have used, how do you become convinced that they work? Does your strategy prove to be valid, or in reality does it hinder you? Wouldn’t it be useful to be able to have a tool to convince yourself or others of something? By being able to recognize another’s convincer strategy, you’ll know better how to interact with them and ultimately influence a positive outcome in interacting with others!

Determining Strategies:

Do you know how to recognize someone else’s strategies for doing things well? Can you recognize these skills in yourself? This is an incredible skill if you want to become a master in your field, including trading! We’ll teach you how to determine what someone else’s strategy is for doing something well, including recognizing your own strategies, too!

Decision-Making Strategies:

Think about how you make purchases - from the smallest item to big things like autos and vacations. How do you decide to buy something? When you apply this “buying” metaphor to trading, how do you decide that a trading system works within your beliefs? How do you know if it fits you or that it works?

Communicating With Your Inner Guidance:

This is more than just intuition— it’s about interaction with the innate intelligence that resides within you, and everyone else! No matter what your belief system, there is a presence that is superior to the thinking mind that makes us living, breathing beings. Cultivating the skill to tap into this intelligence could totally change your life for the better.

The Top Tasks of Trading:

In the upcoming Mental Strategies Workshop, we will help you to adopt the strategies that top traders use to ensure their goals are met. You will learn these top tasks, and be able to practice and apply them when you return home so that they become second nature to you!

Learning and Memory Strategies:

How would you like to be able to pick up a book and within 10-20 minutes know the content well enough to recall the information, as if you had read it page by page? More than just a fun party trick, this useful skill can help you determine within minutes (instead of hours and hours) if any given book has merit for you to explore deeper. Since you have an interest in trading, can you imagine how much more efficiently you could scan these types of books to determine if a particular trading book is worth your while to read?

Contrasting Strategies:

What’s the difference between someone who is really organized and someone who is disorganized? When you consider your own life, what is the difference between times that you have strong goals and other times when you are uncertain? What about when you are motivated vs. when you are bored? You might find that knowing the qualities of each of these states results in a higher perspective that will change your life.

How do you truly know what the markets are all about?

What’s real about the markets and what is made up?

Here we will be discussing and exploring these topics in a way that will blow your mind…

Trading Decisions:

As a part of this workshop, you’ll be exploring:

1) How to determine if a system not only works but also fits you

2) How to decide how you will measure market type

3) How to determine if a trading system is broken

4) How to decide which ones to take, when you have more viable trades available than you can take in your account

All of these issues will be explored at length and in great detail during the workshop.

Strategies of Genius:

What turns someone into a genius? You’ll be exploring the creative strategy behind the famous icon and genius Walt Disney. Dr. Tharp will be showing you how Leonardo DaVinci used analogies to undertake new projects, about which he knew nothing. You’ll even explore Einstein’s genius in the markets! You will explore the mental strategies that turn someone into a genius, and it’s quite possible that you could easily use this material to become a genius in the markets yourself!

What You Will Learn In This Workshop:

A highly effective process to change your beliefs — especially non-useful ones.

Non-useful beliefs can hurt your trading performance and inflict self-sabotage. The method taught in this workshop is unique and quite effective so you can realize your potential.

How to motivate yourself — especially when you're not motivated.

It’s easy doing what you need to do when you are motivated. Doing what you need to do when you aren’t motived, however, can be difficult or impossible. Being able to identify and implement the psychological differences between the two states can make all the difference.

How to make better, faster decisions.

Do you know — in the process — how you make decisions? Everyone typically has a pattern or strategy that they go through to make a decision — but it’s nearly always an unconscious process. Defining how you make decisions can lead to an improved process and improved decisions.

How your brain is wired and how to best use that wiring.

Everyone is “wired” differently — you’ve probably heard that before. Do you know, however, how you are wired? Do you know how to use that current wiring best? Do you know how to do some re-wiring on yourself? This is possible, and the workshop will help you do that.

Access untapped portions of your mind for more creativity and better overall performance.

Because your brain is wired in a certain way and you process information in well-worn ways, you have certain areas of your mind which you don’t access frequently or don’t leverage. In this workshop, we’ll look at those areas and give you some tools on how to improve your thinking processes.

How several acknowledged geniuses thought and how to apply their strategies to your thinking.

What if genius was not simply a matter of IQ? What if genius, rather, was made up of unique and identifiable strategies of thinking? Furthermore, what if you knew you could learn those processes — without having to worry that you are no “genius” yourself? Well, you can learn those strategies and apply them to whatever area you would like to develop your genius.

How to deal with uncertainty effectively.

Traders deal with some uncertainty every trade. What if uncertainty gets to a level where you seem to make poor choices or are simply frozen. Learn the distinctions between various levels of uncertainty and apply strategies to help with situations with greater uncertainty.

How to become more goal oriented and how to set richer and more motivating goals that fit you.

You probably are already goal oriented but do you have trouble setting effective goals or pursuing them through to completion? Even the best goal setters would benefit from learning strategies that would make the goal setting and completion process more effective.

How to tell if your trading system really works or not.

Do you know how to tell if a system works or not? Why do some traders insist on extensive backtesting while others can study the rules and start trading? Whether you are an extensive tester or whether you can develop a feel for a system quickly, how do you know if a system works? You’ll learn how to answer this question for yourself and hopefully save a lot of time, effort, and possible frustration before you start putting your capital at risk.

How to tell if a trading system truly fits you.

Have you ever tried to trade a system that works fantastically for another trader but you can’t seem to enter or exit as the rules say? You wind up doing something else multiple times and generate weak or unprofitable results. There’s nothing wrong with the system — and there’s nothing wrong with you — the trading system simply doesn’t fit you. You’ll learn in this section how to tell if a trading system is going to fit you so you can put your time and effort into those where you’ll be able to follow the rules.

Learn how to tell if a trading system is broken or not.

Let’s say you have been trading a system for a while and now some performance issues start showing up in it. This will surely happen, and you’ll have to come up with a way to deal with the issue. Is it broken? Is it just experiencing a losing streak? How would you know? You’ll learn how.

How to tell if you have a viable market type classification process.

If you don’t have a market type classification process defined, this section will help you understand why you need one and how to construct it.

What to do if your systems generate more trades than you can enter at one time.

Should you ever face this situation, what will you do? Decide ahead of time through understanding who you are and reviewing your goals. Then when it happens, you’ll be able to follow the best direction for you rather than worrying about what to do.

How do you determine what is real or factual versus what could be useful — and how you tell the difference between the two.

Sometimes, people get hung up on the difference between “real” facts and “just” beliefs. By focusing on how you determine whether something is factual or not, you can then move quickly to the evaluation of how useful it is — arguably a more important distinction.

How to better store and recall information-especially the kind that you have trouble recalling.

There are many memory strategies, and you use some every time you want to remember certain things. Everyone, however, tends to have the ability to remember one kind of information more easily but tend to have trouble remembering other kinds of information. You’ll learn how to identify and improve all of your memory strategies with some simple steps.

How to learn more effectively and more efficiently.

Would more effective learning strategies be useful to you? You are a learning machine, but maybe your equipment is not so effective or very efficient. Understand how you learn and how you can improve those strategies to accelerate your forward momentum in a big way.

What kind of strategies will help you reach a goal?

How do you think about reaching your goals? You probably have ways that are effective because they have gotten you by up to this point. What if, however, you could improve your goal achieving strategies — after you have improved your goal setting strategies as mentioned previously? Get ready for a whole new level of performance.

The top tasks of trading at a much deeper level than covered in any other workshop.

The top tasks of trading are taught in the Peak Performance 101 workshop. In the Peak Performance 204 workshop, however, you’ll learn the tasks in much greater detail which will make the entire process more effective and more tailored to the way your brain is wired.

How to read 5-20 X faster and yet retain more information.

There may be a part of you saying sarcastically “5-20X faster? Retain more information? Right!” If you want to pick up this skill, you can take seminars that take days and cost thousands if you prefer. However, you could learn to read more, remember more, and actually do it as part of this workshop. How much would being able to read and remember at rates multiple to your current rate be worth to you?

How to become more organized.

For peak performance, there’s a certain amount of organization required. Wherever you are on that spectrum, you can move towards the more organized direction — once you understand some key distinctions between organized and disorganized — and apply those to your situation.

Learn the Mental Secrets for Getting What You Really Want!

Perhaps you can now understand why the Mental Strategies Workshop can translate into real profits and successes for you.  The material will be information you can use to improve your life and your effectiveness.

The material also will be cutting-edge.  It's not the sort of thing that you can learn anywhere else.  This workshop will probably be the only place that you could possibly pick up all of this unique information together. 

Most importantly, the material will be presented in a practical way with plenty of exercises so you can incorporate the strategies you learn right into your daily life.  When you leave the workshop, the most important strategies will become part of you.

Remember, this is a very exclusive workshop.  It requires that you’ve attended Peak 101.  We will be doing a lot of work with sub-modalities so you should at least have a little experience working with submodalities.  

In addition, you can expect highly motivated, like-minded, success-oriented traders like you to join you in this incredible experiential workshop.

Advanced Mental Exploration:

Hopefully, by now you already know the quality of our courses and workshops.  However, I want to caution you that this workshop involves advanced mental exploration.  You must be open to what goes on in your mind to appreciate the depth of this workshop.

If you are the sort of person who is always working on yourself to make an improvement, then you’ll love this workshop.  It’s the ultimate step, and I urge you to attend.


Van K. Tharp


Because this workshop is very advanced, I only allow people who have attended the Peak Performance 101 workshop to attend. In the Peak Performance 101 Workshop, traders and investors like you have earned a foundation for real success in the markets. But many of you still want more — a chance to get together once more with like-minded people to experience more exercises, more change, more personal evolution, and more successful strategies.

 What Others Have Said About this Workshop:

Our advanced students loved the material.  Here are some of the quotes we have on file from prior attendees:

“It seemed as though I learned something new every five minutes.”  — Bill, Houston, TX.

“The workshop has given me the tools and confidence to make critical decisions regarding my trading and all other areas of my life.  The workshop is a must for anyone who wants to improve their trading and their life.  By understanding mental strategies, you can achieve anything.” — Kevin, London, England

“I enjoyed the workshop very much because it gave me additional tools that I can use to improve my trading.  I learned more ways about how to recognize when the unconscious gives me signals, and in some cases, what the signal means.  I learned more ways to access my unconscious mind.” — Herb, Vancouver, Canada

"I often think about how your courses revolutionized my life.  Through taking your home study course, Peak Performance Workshop, and Mental Strategies I have transformed not only my business and investments but how I perceive and react to all aspects of my life."  — M.T., Santa Fe, NM

Perhaps the most unusual story about this workshop came from Tom Basso who attended the first workshop at Pinehurst, NC around 1991.  Tom was featured in the New Market Wizards by Jack Schwager.  Tom's a very mechanical trader, but at this workshop, he learned more about his creative side and his creative strategies.  As a result, he modeled several book authors and turned on his creativity.  The result of this process was his book, The Frustrated Investor (later renamed Panic-Proof Investing).  Fund managers used to buy large numbers of these books to give to their clients.  And that book would not have existed without this workshop!

Our Risk-Reversal Guarantee:

Dr. Tharp totally guarantees that you will be delighted with Peak Performance 204. In fact, we'll take all of the risks ourselves.

If you aren't totally satisfied by 12 pm (noon) on the second day of the workshop, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid for the workshop. Just return your notebook to a Van Tharp Institute staff member, and we'll refund your course fee even though you've already had many of the benefits of the workshop. (Note: workshops held in international locations have a non-refundable $250 fee).

Why are we willing to assume your risk?

The key to our guarantee is if you are ready to work on yourself, then there is no risk to us. We know you'll be delighted. On the other hand, if you're not ready for that kind of experience, then this course is not for you.

Is there anything I need to do before I attend?

  • You must complete Peak Performance 101 to enroll in Peak Performance 204. If you have attended Peak Performance 101 in the past, you qualify.
  • Before you attend this workshop, please read the book, Celestine Prophecy. (Click the links below to purchase from Amazon if you wish.)
  • Also, bring with you your choice of one of the following books. (DO NOT read these books before you come. Just pick one (or more) and bring it with you for an exercise.) NOTE: Any format, paper book or ebook is okay.
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Our Risk-Reversal Guarantee:

Dr. Tharp totally guarantees that you will be delighted with Peak Performance 204. In fact, we'll take all of the risks ourselves.

If you aren't totally satisfied by 12 pm (noon) on the second day of the workshop, you'll receive a full refund for what you paid for the workshop. Just return your notebook to a Van Tharp Institute staff member, and we'll refund your course fee even though you've already had many of the benefits of the workshop. (Note: workshops held in international locations have a non-refundable $250 fee).

Why are we willing to assume your risk?

The key to our guarantee is if you are ready to work on yourself, then there is no risk to us. We know you'll be delighted. On the other hand, if you're not ready for that kind of experience, then this course is not for you.

What to Expect When You Attend Our Workshops

The three-day workshops begin at 9:00 a.m.; registration on the first day begins at 8:30 a.m. We suggest that you arrive the evening before the workshop starts. Each course ends at approximately 5:00 pm on the last day.

Dress is casual.

Attendees of our courses come from literally all parts of the world. You will meet all types of traders from all aspects of trading, as well. Through their casual conversations about trading and investing at these events, we often hear how much attendees learn from each other.

Our courses offer a relaxed, noncompetitive environment in which you will learn some of the most cutting-edge and sophisticated trading concepts and strategies available. Our speakers are handpicked by Dr. Tharp for their expertise. They are open, they welcome comments and questions, and they share in Dr. Tharp's philosophy of generously imparting their knowledge.

Materials & Supplies

Most of materials that you need are provided at the workshop. Notebooks are provided for certain workshops. For our more technical workshops, however, we sometimes provide your notes via a flash drive. For these workshops, you will need to bring a laptop. Contact us if you have questions.

If you need to bring a laptop, we will let you know. If you want to bring your laptop regardless, you are welcome to do so. The workshop room has ample electrical outlets (international clients: remember to bring your converters for US outlets). Wireless internet connectivity is available. Note that the Peak Performance workshops do not use tables, so we would recommend not bringing laptops to these workshops.

A community computer and printer are provided for student use which is useful for printing boarding passes or checking your email.

We also provide workshop necessities such as paper pads, notebooks, flash drives when needed, pens, etc.

Course Schedules

Registration on the first day begins at 8:30 a.m.

The three-day courses begin at 9:00 a.m.

Courses end at approximately 5:00 pm on the last day.


When traveling to a three-day course, it is best to arrive the evening before.

See Travel and Hotels for information about making your travel arrangements. 

What You Should Do Before Attending 

We highly recommend that you read Dr. Tharp's books before attending a workshop. Ideally we'd like to see you come in having read several of them, but at a minimum read the following.

If you are attending any of the Peak Performance workshops, Oneness, or Blueprint for Trading Success, read Trading Beyond the Matrix first.

If you are attending How to Develop A Winning Trading Systems or one of the Systems related workshops (Day Trading, Swing, Forex), read Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom before attending.

Where are the Courses Offered

All workshops (other than international locations) are held in Cary, North Carolina, USA, at the Van Tharp Institute’s on-site workshop facility. (See Hotels and Travel section below for international locations)

Facility Address:

102A Commonwealth Court

Cary, NC 27511


See Travel and Your Stay in NC for information about making your travel arrangements and hotels.           

Dress in layers. We find that while one person is too warm another is too cool; short sleeves with a jacket or sweater work best for your comfort.

Coffee, beverages, bottled water, and healthy snacks are provided throughout each workshop day. Lunch is not provided on site, but there are several restaurants within walking distance.

Our workshop room has comfortable seating, a large projector screen and a smaller ”smart board” screen. Maximum capacity (with tables) is 30 students, so you will be able to hear and see well from every seat.

We have staff on-site to help you know where to go for lunch, call a cab, give you directions to the mall, and assist you with whatever might arise. 

Hotels for Cary North Carolina

Hotels Near Our NC Workshop Location click here.

Click here to see of list of recommended hotels. Note that the top two hotels have week-day shuttles and Homewood Suites offers weekend service as well.

  • Comfort Suites (has a shuttle)
  • Homewood Suites (has a shuttle)
  • Hampton Inn
  • La Quinta

These four hotels are close together and are where most clients stay. This makes catching rides and after hours dinner plans more convenient. If you are not getting a rental car we strongly advise you stay at one of these four.

If you know other students and wish to share a room, consider the Homewood Suites.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions. Call 919-466-0043.

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Hotel for London, England October 2018

Join us in October at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Bloomsbury Street hotel situated within minutes of the stylish shopping districts, and within walking distance of the West End Theatres. Each of the 174 bedrooms has an elegant blend of lavish furnishings, marble bathrooms and cutting-edge technology, including flat screen televisions, iPod docking stations, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Book soon to ensure you can stay in the same hotel as the workshops.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel


9-13 Bloomsbury Street

Nr Covent Garden

London  WC1B 3QD

LAT: 51.5176 LONG: -0.1277

Bedroom Reservations:

Phone: + 44 (0)20 7636 5601

Use the link below for special rates for Van Tharp Institute Students.

The ultimate blend of luxury and contemporary style.

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Book your flight arriving to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU).

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Car rentals are recommended.

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When traveling to a three-day course, it is best to arrive the evening before.

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About Raleigh/Cary, NC

Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina. Cary is a suburb of Raleigh. Other nearby cities include Durham and Chapel Hill. The area is known as the Research Triangle Park (RTP), a globally prominent, high-technology research and development center.

Our strong university system, which includes Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University and a number of other area universities/colleges, gives us one of the highest per capita Ph.D. populations in the US.

We are in driving distance of the beach (2-4 hours), the mountains (3-4 hrs), Charlotte (3 hrs), Washington D.C. (5 hrs) and Atlanta (7 hrs). North Carolina beaches and mountains are known for their beauty and are popular vacation spots.

NC is well-known for its golf courses. The world-renowned Pinehurst Resort is only a one hour drive from Cary.

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How to Save $500-$700 and Other Discounts

Early Enrollment Discounts

Most workshops have a $700 early enrollment discount that expires about three weeks before the start of the workshop.

This is our best offer and we encourage all students to take advantage of this pricing!

Check the workshops course list to determine which discounts are offered.

Bring a Friend and You Both Deduct an Additional $200!

If you bring a colleague who is new to Van Tharp Institute (not already a customer or subscriber), you can both deduct another $200 off the price, even if you take advantage of the early enrollment discount offer! (Discount applies to workshops priced at $2,295 or above.)

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How to Get a Custom-Designed Workshop

We can tailor a workshop to a topic, to your group size, to your location and more.

Call 800-385-4486 to learn more. As an initial point of reference see Consultations with Dr. Tharp.

Is there anything I need to do before I attend?

  • You must complete Peak Performance 101 to enroll in Peak Performance 204. If you have attended Peak Performance 101 in the past, you qualify.
  • Before you attend this workshop, please read the book, Celestine Prophecy. (Click the links below to purchase from Amazon if you wish.)
  • Also, bring with you your choice of one of the following books. (DO NOT read these books before you come. Just pick one (or more) and bring it with you for an exercise.) NOTE: Any format, paper book or ebook is okay.
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