Hybrid Trading Systems Workshop

In this three-month format, Dr. Ken Long presents a better way to teach you how to understand an adaptive market framework and to trade a portfolio of high-performance systems.

Note: The Foundation course is required learning in order to attend Ken's technical courses. Additionally, in order to take Hybrid Trading Systems, each student must first attend Day Trading Systems, or Swing Trading Systems.


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While Turbulent Markets Tumble Out of Control, Traders Are Making Money.

You Can Too.

The markets were free-falling in March 2020 and many hit circuit breakers or limit down conditions. There were also some breathtaking up-move days toward the end of the month as well.

But, because Ken’s systems adjust to the volatility, he continued to take the signals and continued to trade in risk-controlled ways. The tight risk controls, his adaptive systems combined with the volatile conditions generated a string of double-digit positive R multiple days. 

In this Advanced Hybrid Trading Workshop, Ken applies rock-solid VTI principles and the market-proven Tortoise strategies, blending the best of his previous Day Trading and Swing Trading workshops. This market type adaptable approach has allowed him to succeed in bull markets, sideways markets, and bear markets – including the historic volatility-infused Coronavirus market of March 2020. Though he prefers to trade large caps and index-based ETFs, he and his chatroom traders have used the same basic strategies successfully across asset classes in the equities, futures, and currency markets.

Dr. Ken Long, professional trader, professional instructor, systems thinker, coach, and generous gentleman has come up with a better way to teach you how to understand an adaptive market framework and to trade a portfolio of high-performance systems.

Lesson Structure:

There will be one lesson per week allowing you to manage your own study time and calendar. Lessons are delivered through live-stream and recorded material. In both cases, Ken will be available for live questions during and after the lesson.

This combination of recorded lectures, nightly strategy podcasts,  and live Q&A weekend sessions will also include access to past terms' Q&A sessions.

Key Takeaways

Develop risk-managed action plans on a daily basis:

  • You never have to worry about losing “too much” with such a plan.

Use different time-frames to improve trading results across timeframes:

  • Increases the likelihood and confidence of positive trade results.

Understand a group of indicators to be able to interpret the most likely price move:

  • This makes it easier to understand any price chart for almost any instrument over any timeframe.

Always, always, always manage your risk and evaluate your potential reward prior to and during every trade. Ken calls this process “framing the trade”:

  • You enter trades more confidently knowing your reward to risk ratio is always in positive territory and your losses are tightly limited.

Apply a statistical approach to price moves to evaluate different scenarios and have entries or exits ready for each:

  • Ken’s approach is not just arbitrary or discretionary – statistics help describe price moves and you can calculate these meaningful numbers easily.

Be able to identify critical junctures for high R multiple trades:

  • Certain situations are worth watching for as the reward to risk ratios improve dramatically“Add a second scoop” as Ken likes to call trades where he scales into a profitable position: When a position moves a long way, you want to be big with a position that you can pyramid.

Get out of a trade that’s not going to work as estimated – often with less than a full -1R loss:

  • With smaller than -1R losses on a regular basis, you can improve the net profit for your system – not to mention your system’s performance statistics.

Develop a trading plan for each week based on your weekend assessment – a process you will practice with Ken each week:

  • Taking a step back and a higher-level view of the market each week enables you to better understand what’s likely to happen and adapt.

Use trading simulation to help hone your knowledge of and application of the systems’ rules:

  • You don’t really know the rules until you can apply them to a developing chart many, many times and you can speed up that process significantly with a trading simulator.

Be accountable for your trading tasks with Ken and accountability partners:

  • You get the support of a coach and a partner to help you master your newfound trading skills.

Break down every trade into the meaningful parts and analyze your performance in the execution:

  • You see how each trade went and how you performed so that you can improve – trade by trade.

Interpret Ken’s daily report or generate your own daily report to zero in on the best trading opportunities for you in the next session: Ken delivers a robust analytical report each day that offers more trading opportunities than any single trader can take – but you will be able to pick the few that make sense for you.

Judge the market type by the swing trading system signals and several key variables:

  • You can focus on the trades more likely to win based on what Ken’s systems and strategies say will work on a daily basis.

Adapt system rules to fit you so you can minimize your mistakes and maximize your efficiency:

  • Ken’s systems allow for flexibility and you can adapt the rules to fit you better.

Advance from trading charts to trading simulations to trading the live market with small positions to eventually trading the live market with “production size” positions:

  • You will benefit from guidelines about advancing to keep you safe but to also challenge your growing skills.

Interpret the best trades after the open and then narrow down likely next best trades in the morning session:

  • You can use the information at the market open to position yourself to open great trades for the morning.

Find great trades over the “lunch break” in New York when trading volumes wane – but opportunities are still there for the pickings:

  • Many people take a break, go eat lunch, or catch up on emails during the lunch period but you will be making profitable trades instead.

Manage your energy and emotions through the trading day to maintain your peak performance:

  • You are ever ready and vigilant for executing your rules and making money.

How to initiate risk-free swing trades from profitable intraday trades:

  • Who wouldn’t want to learn how to place trades that can only make money?

How to “fish” the markets yourself rather than simply being given a fish by another trader:

  • You won’t grow dependent on Ken to continue trading well but instead, will develop your own trader self-sufficiency. 

Adjusting for Volatility in March 2020

The markets were free-falling in March 2020 and many hit circuit breakers or limit down conditions. There were also some breathtaking up-move days toward the end of the month as well.

But, because Ken’s systems adjust to the volatility, he (and his chatroom traders) continued to take the signals and continued to trade in risk-controlled ways. The tight risk controls, his adaptive systems (and their high SQN scores) combined with the volatile conditions generated a string of double-digit positive R multiple days. For just one early example on March 12, Ken said, "The overnight positions people put in yesterday were up over 20% today and the intraday volatility has been excellent."

Click here to view the intraday trading charts from March 12th: https://www.patreon.com/posts/34821900

Don't Sit This One Out!

Many traders don’t know how to trade in volatile conditions and have stepped back from the markets.

Did you trade through March or sit that one out? If you traded, were your R-multiples much higher than average? They could have been!

You too could have traded through March and you could be trading profitably right now – with the proper preparation – high-quality instruction, practice, and coaching. It doesn’t take years.

Dr. Ken Long has been utilizing his hybrid approach of combining swing trading signals with day trades very effectively for the last few years. These strategies have also helped many of Ken’s trained traders protect their capital and exploit low-risk (yes, low risk) / high reward opportunities in March – in both directions. Ken and his traders were regularly making double-digit R-multiples throughout the volatile market period in March. And not just Ken and the masters of his trading style . . .

For example, "JG” attended one of Ken’s weekend workshops near the end of 2019. He followed up the workshop with four months of practice trading and coaching from Ken – similar to what you’ll get from Ken’s Advanced Hybrid Trading workshop. By early March, he was live trading and was averaging a net +2R to +3R per day – until one of the really big move days happened. He stuck to the rules for the systems on March 10 and his trades he netted +11R. That was just the start of a good run for JG in March.

  • Would you like to average +1R to +3R each day?
  • Would you like to hit an occasional double-digit R-multiple day – in an average month?
  • Would you like to reap double-digit R-multiple results for multiple days if (really when!) the market returns to March like conditions again?

You can, just like JG who learned the strategies that Dr. Ken Long will teach you in the new Advanced Hybrid Trading Workshop.

Want to see more?

Feel free to sit in on any of these recorded nightly strategy session webinars that Ken hosted for free in the month of March to see how he used his market framework and systems to select multiple high-quality trade candidates every day of the month –

March 1 https://youtu.be/n38jPc88vKk

March 2 https://youtu.be/Y3iu-dClRNI

March 3 https://youtu.be/zDYc1hM9QY8

March 4 https://youtu.be/P1x7vIY7uWU

March 5 https://youtu.be/9Sq7Cb629eQ

March 6 https://youtu.be/dHklD6Ac0So

March 8 https://youtu.be/Hk12Q8Ww6iI

March 9 https://youtu.be/oUpdfXVF7x0

March 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRil67HZy5Q

March 11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IYSTR7uZqE&feature=youtu.be

March 12: https://youtu.be/suj0bNJj4Sc

March 13: https://youtu.be/9ID0i83gZz8

March 15: https://youtu.be/2TOLRsIndn4

March 16: https://youtu.be/1Y7KabkcCsE

March 17: https://youtu.be/b85JRdaFmu4

March 18: https://youtu.be/pl6kZPtZiVQ

March 19: https://youtu.be/zEIsmtUjys4

March 20: https://youtu.be/NFo1VbA2U-I

March 22: https://youtu.be/mWN650aREwU

March 23: https://youtu.be/NeR9PgmaX7k

March 24: https://youtu.be/IyDpgLh0ZeM

A short note about Dr. Ken Long

Ken has several passions in his life – his family, the US Army, trading, coaching girls soccer, his home in Kansas, and teaching.

There are a number of great traders around who exceed in their craft in the markets and Ken is one of them. Ken is constantly honing his skills as a trader and challenging his traders to do the same. Ken distinguishes himself from being “just” a great trader because he also constantly sharpens his skills as a teacher, coach, and mentor.

That’s part of the reason why he has taken the time to develop this new course – curriculum quality matters to him and he cares greatly about delivering value to the people that will come through the course. He’s an inspiration to—and inspired by—learners at the Army Staff College, on his soccer teams, in his Ph.D. mentoring programs, traders in his chat room, and students at VTI workshops.

We are grateful to have such an outstanding instructor supporting the Van Tharp Institute's mission of helping people transform themselves through the trading metaphor.

Thank you Ken!

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