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Courses Include

Courses Include:

  • Transforming Yourself into a Super Trader
  • Your Super-Trader Personality
  • How To Gain A Super-Trader Mind Set
  • Super Trader Power Tools: Position Sizing & Risk and R Multiples
  • Read the Market Like a Super Trader...Plus more!

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What You Will Learn...

Learn about transformation of the trading game. Smart traders learn to play by their own set of rules. This course explains what Dr. Tharp means by “the trading game” and how you can make powerful changes to the way you think about trading. After completing the course, you can request a free Trading Beyond the Matrix book, authored by Van Tharp.

What is your trader type? Did you know that certain personality traits can either help or hinder your tendency to be a good trader? This course gives you a tool to understand your type.

Did you know that you don’t make profits by going IN to the markets, you make your best profits by knowing when to get OUT. Learn about Position Sizing, R-multiples and Expectancy. Plus, this course offers a free download of a profit trainer tool to help you sharpen your position sizing skills.

Begin to understand that you don’t trade the markets, you trade your beliefs about the markets. Learn how your thinking process greatly impacts your trading bottom line. YOU are the most important factor in your trading. That’s the essence of trading psychology.

As a matter of fact, your inbox mentoring will be your ongoing source for up-to-date information. You’ll be the first to receive Van Tharp’s latest insights, perspectives and highlight. In addition you will get weekly trading tips and discount offers.

We can already tell you what trading system is best for you, and that is a trading system that best fits you. Begin to understand system development from this perspective.

Do you treat your trading like a hobby or like a business? A hobby is a pastime which generally costs you money. A business has the intention to make money. This course helps shed light on why you need a plan for your trading like any business needs a business plan.

Also, any one system may work fantastic in a bull market. But that same system won’t perform the same in bear or sideways market types. Market type plays an important role in your system decisions. This course will give your more insight into market type. Plus your inbox mentoring subscription includes Van Tharp’s personal assessment of market type for each month.

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