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From Crisis to Success and Happiness:

Prepare for an Awesome Opportunity

Come join forces with Van Tharp who stared down crisis and came out with opportunities of a lifetime! 

This interactive workshop runs 90-120 minutes, each session, for 15 weeks.

Dates: Winter 2021/Spring 2022 Session has concluded. Stay tuned for future dates.

Time: Class starts at Noon, 12:00 PM Eastern Time (same as NY time). 

Cost Flexibility: You have the flexibility to join a 5-week session before committing to the entire event, or for the whole course. See cost details at the top of the page. 

Recordings: You are encouraged to attend the live stream as interaction with your colleagues and instructors is the best learning environment. However, if you cannot attend live a recording for each session will be available through the day of the next session.

Since World War II (basically during my lifetime) there have been 12 bear markets, defined as a drawdown in the S&P 500 of more than 20%. The average drawdown has been about 33% and the average duration 14.5 months. When they ended, it took about two years to recover. The biggest two in my lifetime were the most recent – the NASDAQ crash of 2000-2002 which last nearly 30 months and the (2007-2009 subprime crisis) which lasted about 15 months and had a drop of over 50%. During those times I witness a lot of fear.

However, the level of fear that I’m seeing now in most people is unprecedented in my 75-year lifetime.

We fear being out of work, dying, losing loved ones, or losing one’s nest egg. People are focused on what is wrong in the world (and they can find plenty) rather than seeing the huge opportunities. That started with the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 and it really hasn’t come to an end. I just noticed, for example, that the US is considered to be a stage IV country, despite the fact that many people are now vaccinated and consider it to be over. Certainly, for most of the world, it is not.

Remember, in each of my Inbox Coaching monthly Market Updates, I remind readers that crisis equals opportunity. Now, what does that mean? It is not a statement about the crisis we are facing now. This worldwide pandemic is at least temporarily changing our daily lives, but it’s not all bad. It is also bringing out the best in people. There is Oneness in the world now. Stillness is called for. The crisis itself is a paradigm shift in behavior globally. Fear is the overriding reaction, but people are rising to new levels as well. There is great opportunity in finding ways to trade turbulent markets and doing so may require a few paradigm shifts in your thinking.

People who are good traders (i.e., have useful beliefs for operating in a bear market) have made huge amounts of money. It’s almost as if this crisis has been a way to separate the rich and the poor even more. More millionaires are created each month of the pandemic than the prior month. For example, there were 18,821,121 new millionaires created in the US in September 2021. Those at the top of the Forbes 400 list have seen unprecedented increases in their wealth. For example, Elon Musk who is now number one saw his net worth increase by $39 billion in just one day. And he’s done this with a car company that doesn’t negotiate on price, doesn’t have any outlay for advertising, offers the worst trade-in prices, and has the worst customer service of any car company I have personally experienced (and it was once the best by far).

A Unique Position

VTI is in a unique position as one of the few companies that have solutions to issues like fear, feeling like a victim, etc. As an expert in trader behavior and in education, we are uniquely qualified to help traders through this period.

I personally faced our own crisis when the pandemic started as we could no longer hold in-person workshops and we certainly couldn’t expect people to travel from the four corners of the globe as we had previously seen. We are a cash-based company and never borrowed any money. We need about $150,000 per month to pay our bills and we had about $300,000 in the bank. Normally, that’s fine, but not under the pandemic procedures. My first thought, a thought that continued for about a full day, was that there is no way we are going to make it.

A full day is about the longest period of time I’ve held onto a problem for a while. With all of my own self-work, I usually come up with quick resolutions.  And, by the next day, I had the solution. We could do Zoom remote streaming workshops. I was previously very reluctant to offer Zoom workshops, especially transformational workshops. Luckily, we had just started experimenting with remote stream workshops with Chuck Whitman’s group and I saw that it could work.

Then I thought, there is no one in a better position to teach people how to make money. We can present a combination of Infinite Wealth and Peak 101 and call it From Crisis to Success and Happiness. It would be a 15-week course, to give people ample amount of time to do the work between sessions. Instead of charging $5,000 for the course (both Infinite Wealth and Peak 101 are typically about $1,500-$2,500 individually depending on format), we'd charge $1,495, in addition to letting people try it for at least five weeks for one incredible price. It was one of the most successful workshops we’ve ever done, both for us and for the attendees.

Then around July when we started the new fiscal year, I got another idea. I expected a huge gain in cryptos, and I thought why not give future Super Traders the opportunity to share in the money we make. If we get enough people to join, we’ll invest that money in GBTC – and although it will be our money, we’ll share it with them in the form of ST credits (less the money we’d have to pay in taxes). Well, that program was a great success. Prior to the Trump tax cut, I used to cut our profits off at $100,000 because we had to pay 39% taxes on profits beyond that amount. But now we had a flat rate of 21% and we could earn about 60% of our income from trading profits.

In the fiscal year for us going from July 2019 through June 2020, we had a net profit that was way over a million dollars and most of it was trading profits. We then had enough money to keep our doors open for over a year without bringing in any new money.

Cut to current times...

My webinar guest from our Monday, November 1 Free Webinar, Super Trader Student Bette Holtman, went through something much worse. She was dealing with the loss of her husband, a battle with cancer, and a folding business that she couldn’t save. She was very sick from cancer treatments, but when she was out of bed and functional, she studied cryptocurrencies. She then developed a business mining LTC. She lives in a cold part of Canada and was able to use the heat from her mining operation to heat her house. She then learned about DEFI and was able to determine how to make really good money, staking cryptos on small swap exchanges. I know a lot about cryptos but I could never imagine doing that but that’s what’s possible in a crisis. Since Bette was in the ST program, she had already learned a lot of what I teach in this workshop.

What do you need to know to turn crisis into opportunity?

  1. Money is not real and non-living things that we call money have no intrinsic value. What that means is that you can manufacture your own money. I’ve just given you two examples of that.

  2. The rules of the money game are also made up by the rich and powerful to make them more rich and powerful. Did you ever notice that Federal Reserve Chairman’s and the US Treasurer tend to be former heads of the world’s largest investment banks? US Treasurer, Hank Paulson, a former head of Goldman Sachs, managed to get regulation through that allowed investment banks to combine with commercial banks with no regulation. And although two investment banks failed during the subprime crisis, the remaining 10 largest banks received huge bailouts. They were asked to lend the money out but they didn’t. Instead, they used the money to lobby Congress to be sure they didn’t get any new regulations thrown at them. In 2010, they all paid their top people huge bonuses from the bailout money. The government also bailed out AIG – which insured most of their disastrous subprime investments – and that kept them out of trouble.

    • However, we have invented a new money game, the Infinite Wealth game where it is possible for everyone to win – and the lower your income the easier it is to become infinitely wealthy. We’ll be teaching you the rules of that game in this workshop.

  3. You also need to rid yourself of limiting beliefs to make sure that you too can achieve infinite wealth. Some of these beliefs include:

    • Money is real – meaning the fiat currency printed by the Federal Reserve and that alternative forms of money such as BTC have no real value.

    • It’s impossible for me (which we call hopelessness).

    • I’m not worthwhile, so I don’t deserve it.

    • I don’t know how. I’m really helpless.

  4. This is where some of the Peak 101 techniques come into play because those beliefs all are charged, but if you release the charge and decide it’s not useful, then you are free of these sorts of limitations and can make use of what we are teaching.

  5. We will also show you the various areas of wealth that you must master. The biggest one is giving value to others. It doesn’t matter if you are working for someone – ask how can I give value to your boss/company (and document it) – or if you are starting or running your own business.

  6. We will show you how to make paradigm shifts with regard to money. The two examples I gave are both examples of major paradigm shifts. And you can get them if when you have a money problem you ask yourself about the pre-suppositions you are making. Chances are they are not useful and if you change them, suddenly new ideas will flood into your mind.

  7. Ken Long has been using a brilliant creativity model developed by Angus Fletcher to help revolutionize Army training (and save them billions of dollars) and he’s also been applying it to trading. We’ll be doing a new class entitled How to Develop a Winning Trading System that Fits You – the Creativity model in which Ken will be teaching the trading version of that. Here we’ve asked Ken to apply it to creating wealth.

  8. I’ve asked Bette Holtman to come back and teach you about crypto mining, DEFI, and how to stake coins (even US Dollar stable coins) to make good rates of returns.

  9. In addition, we have a number of sessions planned into February/March 2020 that haven’t been finalized yet. These will probably include:

  10. Great tax savings from Oil/Gas ventures. For example, I invested $50,000 in a drilling project in 2019 that saved me about $40,000 in taxes. I’ve made about 25% back on that money so far, but the company is going to sell the fund they claim that the minimum I’ll get back is about $75,000 when they sell. I used this to offset the taxes from my social security payment in 2019.

  11. It used to be that only accredited investors qualified to buy startup companies. Most of you are probably not accredited investors, but now they have Reg A++ where non-accredited investors can invest up to 10% of their income in new startup companies. And 10% is probably too much – I don’t do that as an accredited investor. But the bottom line is that it’s available to you now. You can also invest in such things as master artworks – you might own $5,000 worth of a $2M painting. You can even invest in financing lawsuits, although I’m not sure why anyone would do that. We’ll be talking about this process as well.

  12. I almost went bankrupt in 2002 when I settled a lawsuit. I was being sued for something that only an accounting firm should be sued for, but my attorney was terrible, and the legal system is a game, and you are likely to lose if you don’t have great attorneys who represent you. So, I settled and I’m not sure how we survived. However, the following is now clear to me.

    • I’d understood the tax game fairly well and how to set up entities so that I controlled everything and owned little. This sets up for huge tax savings every year and that structure was in place when I was sued.

    • You must understand the entity game to protect your wealth.

    • I also understood that there is an expectancy to taxes just as there is an expectancy to trading. If you get that—if you understand that most accountants are conditioned to work for the IRS – not for you, then you have a big advantage in the wealth game.

    • Did you know, for example, that Jeff Bezos pays little or no taxes each year and he was even able to qualify for a childcare credit? How? You need to know that his primary source of wealth is in unrealized capital gains from Amazon. Unrealized capital gains are never taxed. I thought the Democrats might manage to get a wealth tax through, but they were basically told that it probably wasn’t even constitutional. That’s the power of being able to make up your own rules for how the money game is played.

At this point, I don’t even know all of our guest speakers and I’m open to changing the topics of some of the last few sessions if I find something better, but I’ve given you the essence of what to expect from this great workshop.

Here are some of the topics we will be handling.

Day 1: The Wealth Game

Wealth is a game, but big money would like for you to play a game in which very few people win (i.e., whoever has the most wealth or the most toys). All you have to do is change the rules for how the game is won and everyone can win. And those rules say that when your passive income (which I define as income that takes less than two hours of work per day to maintain), is greater than your expenses, then you are Infinitely Wealthy.

Here are some examples.

Let’s say you have a million dollars in your account, and you required $50,000 per year to meet your expenses. This means that:

With no income, you could survive 20 years.

But if you made 5% per year on your money, then you are infinitely wealthy, and it takes very little work to maintain that.

But what if you had $100,000 in your account? Let’s say you trade for 1 hour each day and make 1R per week – where 1R represents 1% of your account or $1,000. Don’t you think that with proper training you could represent 1R per week? That means in 52 weeks you’d make $52,000 – you are infinitely wealthy because you only have to work 20 hours per month to meet your expenses.

Or, let’s say that you only have $25,000 to trade with, but you can make 4R per week trading 1 hour each day. Let’s say 1R represents 1% or $250. You are again making $1,000 per week or $52,000 per year. You are infinitely wealthy.

What if you only have a few thousand dollars? What if you could invest $3,000 into an internet business that could make you $3,000 per month? It’s possible and we’ll show you how.

And, of course, you could also grow your wealth by making more than your infinite wealth number.

Doesn’t this seem possible to you? Well, we will show you how on one of our weekly sessions in this new 15-week course.

Day 2: Continue Infinite Wealth 

  • Money is all made up.
  • Debt Reduction.
  • Money Buckets.

Day 3: Six Areas of Wealth, Success Beliefs and the M2M pattern

  • Learn how to think about asset allocation in the new environment. We will discuss ways you can protect your money.

Day 4: Beliefs Exercises 

  • Belief examination paradigm.
  • Factors in thinking about a system.
  • Logical levels of beliefs
  • Trading in this market condition.

Day 5: Types of beliefs and dealing with limiting beliefs 

  • Are you someone who attracts money or repels it? It all depends upon your energy and your beliefs.
  • Do you have non-useful beliefs that repel money? If so, we’ll show you how to get rid of those beliefs? If that’s not happening to you now, you will need this sort of recharge which we’ll give you in our new 15-week course.
  • We will help you discover what money means to you and how to get rid of anything you have related to money that might sabotage your success.

Day 6: Alternative investments with examples

  • When you understand that money is made up, you can do all sorts of new things to create money. Such as writing an ebook on your favorite hobby, etc.

Day 7: Applying creativity to making money

Using Angus Feguson’s creative model – which has been applied to advanced training in the Army and to trading.

Day 8: Mistakes 

  • Many people know how to make money in the markets, but they make so many mistakes that they sabotage everything they do. For example, if you make 4R per week on 10 trades, you are on your way to becoming infinitely wealthy. But 0.8R each month. When you understand this, then preventing mistakes is a way to manufacture R and we’ll be covering that in this workshop.
  • Van has developed a unique set of money mistakes that people tend to make and awareness is the first step to eliminating them.

Day 9: Alternative Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies

  • Bette Holtmann will be coming back to show you some of the unique strategies she’s learned to make money through cryptocurrencies. These include mining LTC and using the heat to heat her house in one of the coldest places in Canada.
  • Understanding DEFI and how to get great return rates, even on US Stablecoins, through those markets.

Day 10: Give value; Become a Money Magnet 

  • Understanding how to give value to yourself and others will make you a money magnet and help a lot of people.
  • Our mission is transformation through a trading metaphor and we are changing many people’s lives for the better – hopefully, you included. The one time in my life that I lost sight of that mission, the company almost failed and it would have If I had not rediscovered it.
  • We’ll help you develop your niche.

Our last five days are not set yet, but check back here for more information as well be updating the schedule as we confirm things.

Other topics may include: 

  • 10 steps to increase your income by 1,000% (we know this formula will work if you just apply it.)
  • Investing in Start-Up Companies. It’s slow but the returns can be great.
  • Real Estate Investing.
  • We will help you get in touch with your inner guidance and find your purpose in life. This could change everything.
  • Understanding Entities and how to use them to protect your wealth and to save on taxes.
  • Finding your purpose and your dream life. 

Additional Features

You don’t have to attend the workshops live. The sessions will be available as videos for a week or until we post the next session.

And here is an offer that makes it very special. Because you are watching at home, your spouse and your children can attend for no extra charge – we never allowed that in the Infinite Wealth Course, but you can get that now with our From Crisis to Success and Happiness Workshop.

Infinite Wealth is normally $2,295 – so this is a huge saving with so much more being offered.

Peak 101 is normally $1,450 – and you’ll get some of the core material from that workshop as well.

  • More material than we normally have in Infinite Wealth.
  • About half the price.
  • And your household can also watch at no additional charge.
    Those in the core Super Trader program can take it for free and those in the ST Foundation program can use it as one of their core allotted workshops (instead of Infinite Wealth).
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