Foundation Course With Ken Long

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The material in Ken's Foundation Course has advanced significantly since its beginning!

As a result of these upgrades, the price for Ken's three-month course will be raised to $2,000 $3,000. Register now to take advantage of time-limited pricing and attend for $2,000.

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Quarter 3 Starts July 1st

This essential workshop from Ken Long is broad and selectively deep. By taking a wider look at setups, systems, markets and yourself, this course will help you raise your game and fill in any gaps in your trading performance.


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Foundation Course With Ken Long
1 x Foundation Course With Ken Long - Quarter 3 - Begins July 1st, 2022   + $2,000.00

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Foundation Course With Ken Long
Foundation Course With Ken Long

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    It All Starts Here

    • This course..." takes all the basic material that supports the core, swing, day trading, and hybrid trading. What is a frog box? That applies to different styles of trading. How do we analyze a histogram of trading results? What do I mean by a dragon and a river? Why have you chosen to adapt the way you have? All of those will go into a basic training course. That would either be a refresher for someone or an introduction to trading for others."
      —Ken Long, Excerpted from webinar transcript

    Three Key Patterns

    The fractal patterns taught in this course are sufficient for a lifetime of trading and, through the coaching we provide, will inspire development well beyond the end of this workshop.

    In this course, learn key patterns that apply to all time frames and a standard way to make sense of our set of indicators. They are fractal in nature, meaning they apply to all time frames, all markets, all systems.

    The Supported Spring Crossing: Think of the great animal migrations on the plains of Africa over the last million years...)

    The Collapsing Dragon (my favorite pattern): Which happens when our dreams and anticipations collapse. Well, we are more prepared for THAT than for the favorable outcomes.

    The Owl Pattern (the Wise Pattern): for those who can wait, and are willing to take what the market will reasonably give.

    All of these feature our process of: Plan, Prepare, Execute, Assess.

    Registration Requirements

    There are concepts, skills, and processes that are common in Day, Swing, and Hybrid Trading. This Foundation course covers all of these common elements and is also a strong course on its own for robust trading practices. Therefore, it is required before taking any of the other three system workshops. 

    One may take Foundation and up to two other courses per quarter if your time allows.

    Note: If you are new to trading, Ken recommends you take Foundation alone (no technical courses added) during your first quarter.

    This program is designed, for the most part, to allow you to work on the course material when it is most convenient for you.

    Lesson Structure:

    There will be one lesson per week allowing you to manage your own study time and calendar. Lessons are delivered through live-stream and recorded material. In both cases, Ken will be available for live questions during and after the lesson.

    This combination of recorded lectures, nightly strategy podcasts and live Q&A weekend sessions will also include access to last term's Q&A sessions.

    Student Syllabus Preview

    Get a glimpse of what you can expect in this course through the eyes of a student! This document previews some of the focal points of the Foundations course.

    Click here to take a look.

    2021 Student Feedback:

    Ken, the answers you are giving are terrific in my mind.  The detail, the context, and the thoroughness are so instructive.  That has been true from the beginning.  

    Your emphasis on trading more frequently with small position sizes has been liberating.  

    I don't know how you find time to do all you do, but we all benefit from it. Thanks.

    The Student Experience and Examples of Due Diligence

    Check out these student presentations to see what it's like to work with Ken and what kind of breakthroughs are possible as you learn and trade.

    Watch Student Presentations Here!

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