Forex LIVE Workshop - 2 Days of Live Trading and 1 Day of Crypto Training

Learn The Best Possible Way: Through the Live Trading Experience!

This is the perfect add-on to the three-day Forex Trading Systems Workshop.

As a bonus offering (for those who attend the Live Workshop) Gabriel offers a third day of Live instruction for those passionate about learning to trade the Cryptocurrency markets.

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When you sign up for both courses (six full days of instruction, three days of systems, three days of live trading), you'll not only save on tuition, but more importantly, you'll also receive exclusive bonus material including a free Case Study Book, free access to Private Trader Chat Interviews, continuous after-workshop email support, and more!

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Workshop Dates:

Wednesday, March 23rd

Thursday, March 24th

Friday, April 8th (Crypto Day)

Time: 9 am – 5 pm ET

Availability: Out of stock

What to Expect:

The Forex Trading Workshop is the classroom training course that teaches all about trading Forex markets and the specifics for three trading systems. This Forex Live Trading Workshop is the hands-on training where you apply and execute the Forex systems you just learned.

Gabriel will discuss and demonstrate trading the three systems in different timeframes and in different currencies. The Live Trading course is an in-the-market learning experience where students have a master coach by their side and are able to apply the trading concepts in the real world — in real-time. In effect, this is an extension of Gabriel’s teaching as many ideas and concepts of the systems, as well as the scanning & trading process, can best be explained and taught in practice. Watch, listen, and learn as Gabriel shares with you the exact steps he takes to prepare for the trading day, find opportunities, and deploy his specific systems during the trading day.

This “real-life” course is an important follow-on learning experience in several regards. Gabriel is a rule-based discretionary trader—the type of trader that Dr. Tharp has found to be the most successful. Discretion does not mean doing whatever you feel like at the moment. Instead, Tharp Think principles describe discretion as a means to use rules in a disciplined and logical manner complemented by experience and intuition. For trading a system with discretionary rules, there are conditions and parameters for the discretion.

The process of mastering discretion is iterative and reinforces Van Tharp's trading concepts and tools. You will see, understand, and apply this Tharp Think Principle as well as others as part of the course. Whether you consider yourself a trader or an investor, a full time professional, or a part-time trader, Forex markets offer ample flexibility to fit your preferred style. One of the goals of the two-day workshop is “generating positive R-multiples” but more importantly, you will take home a full array of “AHA!” moments and learning experiences that will help you execute much more effectively when you are back home. These live trading days will give you the opportunity to accelerate your progress to “unconscious competence” for trading your new systems. Once achieved, flawless execution and consistent profitability become reality. 

Workshop Dates:

Wednesday, March 23rd

Thursday, March 24th

Friday, April 8th (Crypto Day)

Times: 9:00 am ET - approximately 5:00 pm ET. End time will vary depending upon the progression of each class. Allow extra time each day. Click here to see when it is airing where you are!

Recordings: Recordings of each class will be posted the next day and will be available, for 4 weeks after the air date.

Workshop Structure:

Gabriel’s systems are based on visual chart pattern recognition. As such, train your eyes with an experienced coach in the room will enable you to detect trade opportunities. You will apply the rule-set to identify the different setups and entry signals. You will also perform entries and exits in the live markets.

Based on how the markets open and react on the morning of the first day, you will craft your weekly and daily trading plan by applying Gabriel’s three Forex systems. You will trade your own platform with your own money (“paper trading” recommended), all under the guidance of Gabriel who will offer thorough direction and individualized feedback. Gabriel will monitor the markets, analyze charts, and execute trades.

Live Crypto Training (Day Three)

This day is very practical providing an introduction into the world of Cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin plus its many Crypto-Altcoins that can be traded.

  • Understand how to adapt the system's rules and how to evaluate Crypto price patterns
  • Learn how to trade the systems end-of-day trading the higher timeframes and which Software best to use for chart analysis.
  • Understand how you can trade Cryptos and be aware of the risk involved in this unregulated decentralized market.

Gabriel has a passion for trading Cryptocurrencies (long only). As Bitcoin has found its consolidation bottom already, we are seeing again great opportunities with Crypto-trading that should last the next couple of years.

Structure of the Day:

  • Set-up of any required software.
  • Mental trading preparation process (meditation, mental rehearsal, etc.)
  • Analysis of the 26 most liquid Forex pairs in different timeframes (5min, 15min, 1h, 4h, Daily, Weekly & Monthly charts)
  • Elaboration of a trading plan with trade/investing opportunities on various timeframes
  • Screening process and tools that Gabriel uses to detect opportunities
  • Execution of the trading systems in the live markets (from stalking via entry to exit)
  • Documentation of the trades by using a Trading Journal and a list of R-multiples
  • Daily debrief at the end of the day (incl. lessons learned for the next day)
  • Participants in the workshop are invited to prepare their daily & weekly trading plans with Gabriel’s guidance, call out their observations and trade opportunities during the live markets.

Your Benefits:

  • To get a practical handle & feel for the platform, indicators used, and multi-timeframe…
  • See, understand & apply the systems to their specific patterns and indicator setup
  • To get an understanding of the complete trading process from preparation, trade evaluation, execution, and daily debrief
  • Use of a proper Position Sizing strategy and risk control
  • Use of an elaborate Exit algorithm that can be used for all kinds of markets
  • See how a Trading Journal is used and why a Trade log offers an edge
  • Additional tools and techniques you can use at home to get started

Over the years, we have repeatedly had workshop students who have been unable to attend the Live Trading class but come back in the following year just to sit in on this workshop. Gabriel has observed that those who attend the Live Trading course have a higher probability to follow-through trading the systems at home successfully. Why? Because, through their own personal experience, they know that the systems work and they know exactly what to do day-to-day. They also learned at the Live Trading workshop how to apply the rule-set and the use the psychological dynamics of the patterns. Gabriel’s guidance has helped them implement the systems in a faster, easier and more profitable way.

Note to novice traders: Gabriel highly recommends this Live Trading workshop as well for novice traders so you can jumpstart your trading activity — not just your knowledge about trading. If you want to learn from a renowned master and improve your trading, enroll now.

Live Trading Feedback:

"Everything was explained very clearly. Keep it up, I come from a training background, and this is very well run." — Ben H., Australia

"This really closed the gap between having a 'book knowledge' of the systems and really being ready to trade the system. Thank you. The course has been awesome!" — Alex M., New Hampshire

"I really am surprised at the overall excellent coverage and presentation of material. Gabriel was very good at allowing the class to help direct to specific areas. I have attended several trading workshops in the past, and this course (my first at VTI) is BY FAR the best I have ever attended. I had high expectations, but they were far below the actual experience. This is a real practical technique with solid math behind it." — Neal S., Cartersville, GA

The best aspect of the course was...

“Expertise of instructor; his accessibility and clear answers to questions, use of many charts, real-life examples.”— Kathy McGuire, Asheville, NC

“The well-organized workbook and the live simulator really helped my understanding of the concepts…The instructor did a great job organizing the course, as well as teaching the course.”— Anonymous

“Live-trade walkthroughs and associated discussions.”— Peter Shearing, Australia

“Learning 3 specific, tested systems in a new (to me) market (FX).”— Daniel Taylor, Dallas, TX

"Note-taking, networking, and the course manual which was, surprisingly, very informative." — Benjamin W.

My biggest surprise of the course was...

“That all of the expectations I had were met or exceeded (I actually created an expectation list prior to arriving).”

What To Bring to the Workshop and Information on Forex Data:

  • Please bring a laptop computer (PC or Mac) to the workshop.

For those only attending the 2-day Forex Live workshop, Gabriel will provide you (just before FX Live starts) with his complete charting layouts for the three systems for free.

This covers:

  • Different timeframes as well as various self-developed indicators and tools that he uses for screening and trading the markets. All of this is being based on the MT4 trading platform (most FX brokers trade on MT4).
  • This will facilitate your trading during the live portion of this workshop and will make things much easier once you return home to start trading! (You must first attend the three-day forex trading systems workshop to attend the live trading. However, some people choose to attend the three-day workshop first and come back another time for live.)

Testimonials from Former Students:

Additional Resources: 

Check out Gabriels’ website at for content on the Trading Systems as well as Trader Development:

To get an idea about the Forex Systems S1-S3, see Gabriels’ Youtube Channel and Facebook Page (which you both find on his website above).


Come join us for this live trading session! If you are not completely satisfied after the first day of the workshop, you may request a full refund before the start of day two, no questions asked.

Call or email if you have questions or comments, 919-466-0043, or email

We can not stress how important this workshop can be for successful trading. If you are not sure if it is right for you, feel free to call or email us, and we will be happy to help you decide.

We are at 919-466-0043 and

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