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Forex Live- Coming in 2019

Learn The Best Possible Way: Through the Live Trading Experience!

This is the perfect add-on to the three-day Forex Trading Systems Workshop.

What to Expect:

The Forex Trading Workshop is the classroom training course.

This Live Forex Trading Workshop is the hands-on training to experience the Forex systems you just learned.

The three trend-following systems that are taught in the Forex workshop will be traded in the Forex market in different timeframes. The course is an in-the-field learning experience in which students have a master coach by their side and are able to apply the trading concepts in the real world.

Gabriel is a rule-based discretionary trader—the type of trader that Dr. Tharp has found to be the most successful (click here to read the article). Discretion— according to the principles of Tharp Think—means that you use rules in a disciplined and logical manner complemented by experience and intuition. It doesn’t mean doing whatever you feel like doing at that moment.

The process is iterative and reinforces in a practical way Van Tharp's trading concepts and tools. You will see, understand and apply the Tharp Think Principles. Whether you are a trader or investor, a professional or part-time trader, the Forex markets offer the flexibility to fit your style (in whatever time zone you might be living).

While one of the goals during the two-day workshop is “generating positive R-multiples,” it is seen as more important that the attendees take home a full array of “learning experiences” that make them a better trader/investor back home.

These live trading days will give you the opportunity to gain “unconscious competence” - once achieved, flawless execution and consistent profitability become a reality.

Workshop Structure:

Gabriel’s systems have an important aspect that is based on visual pattern recognition. As such you will need to train your eyes to be able to detect the trade opportunities. This is why the first day is a day of trade simulation (recorded historical data run on a software system). On your private PC, the price charts are reproduced as if being the live market, however in a controlled environment. You will apply the rule-set to identify the different setups. Then you will perform entries and exits as if trading real Live markets. You will build a lot of experience in a very short time as you can speed up time — as well as go back and forth in time! Experience has shown that this is very important preparation for the following two Live Trading days. Do not miss this learning experience.

Based on the markets in the evening, you will craft your weekly and daily trading plan by applying Gabriel’s three trend-following systems. You will trade (it is recommended to demo-trade) your own platform with your own money — all under the guidance of Gabriel, who will offer thorough direction and individualized feedback. The markets are analyzed and trades executed by Gabriel in an interactive way by using a projector.

The structure of the day:

  • Set-up of any required software.
  • Mental trading preparation process (meditation, mental rehearsal, etc.)
  • Analysis of the 26 most liquid Forex pairs in different timeframes (5min, 15min, 1h, 4h, Daily, Weekly & Monthly charts); as well Commodities and an Equity index will be analyzed
  • Elaboration of a trading plan with trade/investing opportunities on various timeframes
  • Screening process and tools that Gabriel uses to detect opportunities
  • Execution of the trading systems in the live markets (from stalking via entry to exit)
  • Documentation of the trades by using a Trading Journal and a list of R-multiples
  • Daily debrief at the end of the day (incl. lessons learned for the next day)
  • Participants in the workshop are invited to prepare their daily & weekly trading plans with Gabriel’s guidance, call out their observations and trade opportunities during the live markets. Smaller groups of like-minded traders will be formed to allow for mutual learning. 
  • At the end of the day, the trade results will be collected, and learning experiences will be shared with the group.

Your Benefits:

  • To get a practical handle & feel for the platform, indicators used, and multi-timeframe…
  • See, understand & apply the systems to their specific patterns and indicator setup
  • To get an understanding of the complete trading process from preparation, execution and daily debrief
  • Use of a proper Position Sizing strategy and risk control
  • Use of an elaborate Exit algorithm that can be used for all kinds of markets
  • See how a Trading Journal is used and why a Trade log offers an edge
  • Additional tools and techniques you can use at home to get started

When we offered this workshop for the first time, a number of attendees who’d attended Gabriel’s workshops in the past already registered for the class before a workshop description was made available. Why? Because, through personal experience, they know that Gabriel has a remarkable experience with his systems and is an outstanding teacher who has a passion for making people grow in many aspects. They also know that through this workshop, Gabriel will help them to implement the systems in a faster, easier and more profitable way—especially in the current market conditions.

If you want to learn from a renowned master and improve your trading, enroll now.

Trader Feedback from Gabriel's Classroom Portion of The Workshop:

"The best aspect of the course was the knowledgeable, accessible instructor."— Harold.G, Las Vegas, NV

"I am a Forex trader, and I thought Gabriel did an excellent job introducing everyone to Forex."— Anonymous, Melbourne, Australia

“Very quality documentation and presentation technology… I didn’t expect I would learn as much as I did.”— Robert Allen, Fountain Hills, AZ

"The best takeaway was the workbook, which will allow me to review and trade the system."— Rick F., Tampa, FL

“I loved the class and would recommend.”— Terry Hudgins, Farmville, VA

"The course dispelled my erroneous beliefs about the Forex market, and there is a definite nugget by integrating simulation into the course."— John G., Melbourne, FL

“These are thoroughly tested and proven systems, with quantified proven results.”— Jim Cook, Waterville, ME

"Before the workshop, I thought Forex was too risky for trading, but now I can see myself trading Forex. I would like to attend a longer workshop with Gabriel."— Peter W, New York, NY

"I think the structure is great for learning—basic information, system description, examples, and then live-trading the simulator. Do more of these."— Jan S., Madrid, Spain

"The Instructor communicated his ideas and insights excellently. This gave me a clear enough start to be able to practice effectively when I get home." — Benjamin W.

More Live Trading Feedback:

"Everything was explained very clearly. Keep it up, I come from a training background, and this is very well run." — Ben H., Australia

"This really closed the gap between having a 'book knowledge' of the systems and really being ready to trade the system. Thank you. The course has been awesome!" — Alex M., New Hampshire

"I really am surprised at the overall excellent coverage and presentation of material. Gabriel was very good at allowing the class to help direct to specific areas. I have attended several trading workshops in the past, and this course (my first at VTI) is BY FAR the best I have ever attended. I had high expectations, but they were far below the actual experience. This is a real practical technique with solid math behind it." — Neal S., Cartersville, GA

The best aspect of the course was...

“Expertise of instructor; his accessibility and clear answers to questions, use of many charts, real-life examples.”— Kathy McGuire, Asheville, NC

“The well-organized workbook and the live simulator really helped my understanding of the concepts…
The instructor did a great job organizing the course, as well as teaching the course.”— Anonymous

“Live-trade walkthroughs and associated discussions.”— Peter Shearing, Australia

“Learning 3 specific, tested systems in a new (to me) market (FX).”— Daniel Taylor, Dallas, TX

"Note-taking, networking, and the course manual which was, surprisingly, very informative." — Benjamin W.

My biggest surprise of the course was...

“That all of the expectations I had were met or exceeded (I actually created an expectation list prior to arriving).”

What To Bring to the Workshop and Information on Forex Data:

  • Please bring a laptop computer (PC or Mac) to the workshop.
  • In Forex Live you will use your laptop to practice trading the systems taught in the workshop with your own brokerage demo account.
  • Please check to see if your broker provides you with real-time Forex data (this is usually the case).

Once you have registered, VTI will send you an email with further instructions on how to prepare for the workshop regarding how to set-up your chart layout for higher timeframe analysis. It has proven to be important that you make yourself familiar with Gabriel’s chart layout well before the workshop starts. It will make it easier for you to process the amount of information provided by the three systems.

For those only attending the 2-day Forex Live workshop, Gabriel will provide you (just before FX Live starts) with his complete charting layouts for the three systems for free.

This covers:

  • Different timeframes as well as various indicators and tools that he uses for screening and trading the markets. All of this is being based on the MT4 trading platform (most FX brokers trade on MT4).
  • This will facilitate your trading during the live portion of this workshop and will make things much easier once you return home to start trading! (You must first attend the three-day forex trading systems workshop to attend the live trading. However, some people choose to attend the three-day workshop first and come back another time for live.)

Testimonials from former students:

Additional Resources: 
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Come to the live trading session. If you are not convinced the live trading is right for you by the end of the first day, you can ask for a full refund.


The workshop is held in the Van Tharp Institute in-house workshop facility at:

102A Commonwealth Court, Cary, North Carolina.

You will be trading the systems you have learned in the two-day Forex Trading Workshop. Please be aware that you must first attend that workshop to attend these live sessions. 

Call or email if you have questions or comments, 919-466-0043, or email


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Come to the live trading session. If you are not convinced the live trading is right for you by the end of the first day, you can ask for a full refund.

What to Expect When You Attend Our Workshops

The three-day workshops begin at 9:00 a.m.; registration on the first day begins at 8:30 a.m. We suggest that you arrive the evening before the workshop starts. Each course ends at approximately 5:00 pm on the last day.

Dress is casual.

Attendees of our courses come from literally all parts of the world. You will meet all types of traders from all aspects of trading, as well. Through their casual conversations about trading and investing at these events, we often hear how much attendees learn from each other.

Our courses offer a relaxed, noncompetitive environment in which you will learn some of the most cutting-edge and sophisticated trading concepts and strategies available. Our speakers are handpicked by Dr. Tharp for their expertise. They are open, they welcome comments and questions, and they share in Dr. Tharp's philosophy of generously imparting their knowledge.

Materials & Supplies

Most of materials that you need are provided at the workshop. Notebooks are provided for certain workshops. For our more technical workshops, however, we sometimes provide your notes via a flash drive. For these workshops, you will need to bring a laptop. Contact us if you have questions.

If you need to bring a laptop, we will let you know. If you want to bring your laptop regardless, you are welcome to do so. The workshop room has ample electrical outlets (international clients: remember to bring your converters for US outlets). Wireless internet connectivity is available. Note that the Peak Performance workshops do not use tables, so we would recommend not bringing laptops to these workshops.

A community computer and printer are provided for student use which is useful for printing boarding passes or checking your email.

We also provide workshop necessities such as paper pads, notebooks, flash drives when needed, pens, etc.

Course Schedules

Registration on the first day begins at 8:30 a.m.

The three-day courses begin at 9:00 a.m.

Courses end at approximately 5:00 pm on the last day.


When traveling to a three-day course, it is best to arrive the evening before.

See Travel and Hotels for information about making your travel arrangements. 

What You Should Do Before Attending 

We highly recommend that you read Dr. Tharp's books before attending a workshop. Ideally we'd like to see you come in having read several of them, but at a minimum read the following.

If you are attending any of the Peak Performance workshops, Oneness, or Blueprint for Trading Success, read Trading Beyond the Matrix first.

If you are attending How to Develop A Winning Trading Systems or one of the Systems related workshops (Day Trading, Swing, Forex), read Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom before attending.

Where are the Courses Offered

All workshops (other than international locations) are held in Cary, North Carolina, USA, at the Van Tharp Institute’s on-site workshop facility. (See Hotels and Travel section below for international locations)

Facility Address:

102A Commonwealth Court

Cary, NC 27511


See Travel and Your Stay in NC for information about making your travel arrangements and hotels.           

Dress in layers. We find that while one person is too warm another is too cool; short sleeves with a jacket or sweater work best for your comfort.

Coffee, beverages, bottled water, and healthy snacks are provided throughout each workshop day. Lunch is not provided on site, but there are several restaurants within walking distance.

Our workshop room has comfortable seating, a large projector screen and a smaller ”smart board” screen. Maximum capacity (with tables) is 30 students, so you will be able to hear and see well from every seat.

We have staff on-site to help you know where to go for lunch, call a cab, give you directions to the mall, and assist you with whatever might arise. 

Hotels for Cary North Carolina

Hotels Near Our NC Workshop Location click here.

Click here to see of list of recommended hotels. Note that the top two hotels have week-day shuttles and Homewood Suites offers weekend service as well.

  • Comfort Suites (has a shuttle)
  • Homewood Suites (has a shuttle)
  • Hampton Inn
  • La Quinta

These four hotels are close together and are where most clients stay. This makes catching rides and after hours dinner plans more convenient. If you are not getting a rental car we strongly advise you stay at one of these four.

If you know other students and wish to share a room, consider the Homewood Suites.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions. Call 919-466-0043.

Click for Hotels Near VTI

Hotel for London, England October 2018

Join us in October at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Bloomsbury Street hotel situated within minutes of the stylish shopping districts, and within walking distance of the West End Theatres. Each of the 174 bedrooms has an elegant blend of lavish furnishings, marble bathrooms and cutting-edge technology, including flat screen televisions, iPod docking stations, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Book soon to ensure you can stay in the same hotel as the workshops.

Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel


9-13 Bloomsbury Street

Nr Covent Garden

London  WC1B 3QD

LAT: 51.5176 LONG: -0.1277

Bedroom Reservations:

Phone: + 44 (0)20 7636 5601

Use the link below for special rates for Van Tharp Institute Students.

The ultimate blend of luxury and contemporary style.

Car Rental, Airport, Etc. (North Carolina Only)

Book your flight arriving to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU).

Click here for more information about RDU.

Car rentals are recommended.

Click for information about renting a car from RDU airport.

When traveling to a three-day course, it is best to arrive the evening before.

To help determine your arrival and departure times, see What to Expect When You Attend Our Workshops.

Click to see a map from location of the top three recommended hotels to VTI.

Click here to see some of the people you may meet during your stay.

About Raleigh/Cary, NC

Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina. Cary is a suburb of Raleigh. Other nearby cities include Durham and Chapel Hill. The area is known as the Research Triangle Park (RTP), a globally prominent, high-technology research and development center.

Our strong university system, which includes Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University and a number of other area universities/colleges, gives us one of the highest per capita Ph.D. populations in the US.

We are in driving distance of the beach (2-4 hours), the mountains (3-4 hrs), Charlotte (3 hrs), Washington D.C. (5 hrs) and Atlanta (7 hrs). North Carolina beaches and mountains are known for their beauty and are popular vacation spots.

NC is well-known for its golf courses. The world-renowned Pinehurst Resort is only a one hour drive from Cary.

Go to for fun ideas or go to or

How to Save $500-$700 and Other Discounts

Early Enrollment Discounts

Most workshops have a $700 early enrollment discount that expires about three weeks before the start of the workshop.

This is our best offer and we encourage all students to take advantage of this pricing!

Check the workshops course list to determine which discounts are offered.

Bring a Friend and You Both Deduct an Additional $200!

If you bring a colleague who is new to Van Tharp Institute (not already a customer or subscriber), you can both deduct another $200 off the price, even if you take advantage of the early enrollment discount offer! (Discount applies to workshops priced at $2,295 or above.)

If using this discount, call to register. The shopping cart registration system does not deduct the "Bring a Friend" discount. Contact us at 800-385-4486 or +1-919-466-0043.

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How to Get a Custom-Designed Workshop

We can tailor a workshop to a topic, to your group size, to your location and more.

Call 800-385-4486 to learn more. As an initial point of reference see Consultations with Dr. Tharp.

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