The Five Pillars of Wealth

Align your finances with your life goals and never worry about whether you will have "enough" again!

The Five Pillars of Wealth will set the foundation for you to live life on your terms regardless of the state of the economy, government tax policies, or the stock market trend.

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Create an all-encompassing financial plan for your life along with action steps to make goals happen.

By learning the Five Pillars of Wealth, you'll face the future with confidence and:

  • A new budget to run your household.
  • A plan to pay yourself first.
  • Your savings plan across the three different buckets.
  • A routine of regular work to understand the current economic cycle and investing environment.
  • A list of investing strategies to help you achieve your goals.
  • Ideas on how to make your financial life more tax efficient.
  • Ideas on how to protect your assets.

Dates, Times and Details

Location: Each class will occur via Zoom.

Recordings: Recording access will be available to students for 60 days following each workshop.

Please Note: Participation in this course is strongly encouraged. Cameras are required and should be turned on during the workshop. While using your camera, you may wish to use the virtual or blurred background feature. Click here to learn how.


Pillars 1 & 2: Building the Dream Workshop has concluded.

If you attended this class live or purchased the VOD version, you may move on to Pillars 3, 4 & 5.


Pillars 3, 4 & 5 Workshop has concluded.

Pillars 1 & 2: Building the Dream Workshop

Pillars 1 & 2: Building the Dream Workshop has concluded.

If you attended this class live or purchased the VOD version, you may move on to Pillars 3, 4 & 5.

Included in the Building the Dream workshop is an incredible value!:

  • Learn Nine Steps to Infinite Wealth $495 Value
  • Learn Seven Levels of Investors $200 Value
  • Create your Financial Fitness Report Card $995 Value
  • Learn how to set financial goals for achieving your Dreams and objectives $495 Value
  • Learn Tips to save hundreds of dollars per month without changing anything $199 Value
  • Dream Life Cash Flow Method - Including - Seven Years to No Debt System $1995 Value
  • Quadruple Bucket System - Learn how to allocate savings through the Quadruple Barrel System. This System will frame how to fund the Infinite Wealth model and how to frame risk-taking for your investments $1995 Value
  • The Mario Method – Learn a simple asset allocation system that outperforms the S&P 500 with less risk that takes 10 minutes a month to execute $1995 Value
  • Assessments (homework) after every lesson $495 Value
  • One Office Hour session with Chuck and his team $1,500 Value
  • Access to Building the Dream Recordings for 60 days after workshop ends $1390 Value

That’s a total value of $11,059!!

Special Opportunity: You can also attend the Building the Dream Live workshop, as an opportunity be a part of the virtual classroom, ask Chuck and his team questions in the workshop and have deeper interaction with other students

Pillars 3, 4 & 5: The Billionaire Formula

Take FULL Control of Your Financial Future. In this six-day workshop (plus three office hour sessions), you'll round out Chuck's Five Pillars and say goodbye to the stress of money through Investing, Tax Efficiency and Asset Protection.

Pillar #3 – Investing

Now that you have a budget for your spending, and a savings plan for allocating your savings, you are ready to move on to the next Pillar, Investing.

To succeed in investing, we want to have a model from which we can analyze economic conditions and investment opportunities. This workshop will challenge many of the beliefs you have been encouraged to develop about investing. Ideas such as:

  • “You always have to be invested in the market.”
  • Modern Portfolio Theory of 60% equities/40% bonds is the optimal investment portfolio.
  • The market will have inevitable corrections. However, you must hang in and ride out these corrections to meet your financial objectives (including sitting through 50%+ drawdowns!)
    In Infinite Wealth 2, we will be teaching you the Austrian Liquidity Cycle. ALC will help you identify distortions in fiscal and monetary policy and understand how to profit and avoid losses in your portfolio by understanding this principle.

A big concept that we will be covering is Strategy allocation vs. Asset Allocation. As Ray Dalio says, if we can invest in 3 uncorrelated Strategies, we reduce our risk by 50%.

By using Strategy Allocation, we can address correlation inside the Strategy.

When we build a Strategy, there must be rules. Strategies include position sizing, entries, and exits. The big difference between a strategy and asset allocation is where we manage risk. With Asset Allocation, we manage risk in a correlational analysis across asset classes. It’s always in the market. With a Strategy, risk management is occurring inside the Strategy. Because we manage risk inside the Strategy, we contain risk at this level. I have learned over my trading career that limiting risk inside the Strategy has a significant impact on limiting drawdowns overall.

With this approach, each Strategy must carry its weight. We can then combine the return streams of the different strategies and analyze the aggregate risk the strategies have. In this case, a strategy with mediocre returns may have great value in a portfolio of strategies.

By using Strategy Allocation, we can adhere to the Golden Rule of trading, “Cut Your Losses and Let your profits run.” Just like great sports teams, we play defense first by focusing on Strategies instead of Portfolio Allocation.


If you have 3 uncorrelated investments, you will reduce your risk by about 50%.

But if you have 15 uncorrelated assets, you will reduce your risk by 80%, while improving your return to risk by a factor of 5.

Objective: Understand how to benefit from economic cycles, create investments that maximize your gifts, create strategies that contain risk, and create outstanding portfolios.


Austrian Liquidity Cycle and Austrian Alchemy Principles

  • Using ALC to understand economic environments and make investment decisions
  • Debasement vs. velocity of money – keeps Austrian Inflation in Asset Prices

Asset Allocation Models
Global Relative Strength Models

Market Timing Models

  Timing Models

  • Understanding Business Cycles and how they relate to Market Timing
  • Importance of Market Timing in making investment decisions
  • Optimal Portfolio Allocation based on Market Environment
  • Simple Market Timing Model

  Vehicle Selection Models and Risk/Reward Ratios

  • The fuel of earnings growth, relative strength, and relative value
  • Sector R.S. runs and putting breadth on your side
  • Precious metals and cyber currencies

Conservative/Safe Bucket Investment Strategies

  • Paying a mortgage off early
  • Permanent Portfolio
  • High Yield Portfolio
  • SafeBox

Aggressive Bucket Investment Strategies

  Investing in Real Estate –
  Sophisticated Investments –

  • Private Equity Funds/SPACS
  • Hedge Funds
  • Distressed Credit


  • Slow Reeds
  • Reeds Mechanical Strategy
  • Short-term Strategies
  • PSL
  • IPOs and Trading IPOs
  • Technical Strategies on Futures and Forex
  • Option Strategies
  • Campaign Trades

Pillar #4 – Tax-Efficiency

The most significant expense in your life is your taxes. And that expense is about to go up. SIGNIFICANTLY!

We can spend time talking about budgeting, savings, and investing, but if your tax rates are high, it’s like spitting in the wind.

Sir John Templeton, considered one of the greatest investors of all time, died in 2008 with a net worth of approximately $2.2 Billion. Sir John renounced his U.S. Citizenship in 1964 to become a Bahamian Citizen. Had Sir John remained a U.S. Citizen, his net worth would have been approximately $280 Million. The difference in tax rates was responsible for 90% of his Wealth.

It’s often thought that governments design high tax rates to take away from the rich. However, high tax rates actually prevent the middle-class from being rich. The reasoning is that the average middle-class person can never invest well enough to overcome the tax rate, dooming them to lower class status.

This tax issue will be front and center for you. You can’t ignore it. You can’t hide from it. The taxman is coming for you…

Our workshop will have two different experts who will show you ways to save on taxes. In addition, our international tax attorney will teach about structures that transcend borders.

By the end of this workshop, you will have an action plan for the steps you need to take to address this issue.

Objective – Minimize the impact of taxes to promote financial freedom while preserving your best life!


Joshua Sharp – Using IRAs to reduce your taxes and support your investment strategies.

Learn how to self-direct your IRA, including:

  • How to Invest in Real Estate from an IRA
  • How to trade anything from an IRA

Using Solo IRAs to put nearly 33% of your corporate profits into your IRA.

Pillar #5 – Asset Protection

Imagine you have done everything right in the first 4 Pillars.

You put together a budget and followed it with great discipline for many years.

You put together a plan for your saving. You have a Conservative Bucket that continually grows, and it alone has made you infinitely wealthy. You funded your Aggressive Bucket. Because you took the time to learn about investing, you had a knack for being in the right investments at the right times. Yeah, you had some losers, but your best investments yielded multiples of any loss. Because of your investing prowess, you funded your Dream Bucket, where you have treated yourself to some of the most incredible experiences of your life. Everything was awesome.

Then you got hit with the lawsuit… The lawsuit was frivolous. The suit was illogical. The case was absurd. None of that mattered, though to the whack job judge who sided with the Plaintiff. Suddenly, there were liens on everything you owned. That was only the beginning, though. First, you had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend yourself. But secondly, and even worse, your reputation took a hit because now, when people Googled you, the first thing they saw was your suit. In the court of social media, you are guilty even if you’re innocent. After years of doing the right thing, you now had to defend your integrity, you lost your credibility, and now with your net worth tied up in liens, your reputation is shot. Starting over is going to take time. Time is the one thing you fear you lack.

It didn’t have to be this way. Had you taken time to shore up the 5th Pillar, Asset Protection, none of this would have been an issue. However, do you know that the most significant factor in whether a lawyer pursues the case is not your guilt but your STRUCTURE. If you have a strong asset protection structure in place, the attorney will look at it and pass. He knows it’s not worth pursuing because even if they win, they won’t get anything. But if you lack the structure to protect yourself, they are coming after you!!

It doesn’t have to be this way. In our workshop, we will share practical ideas on how to protect your Estate. We will show you how to “own nothing and control everything.” This protection will apply not just to civil suits but also to government interference. We are heading into a different era where the Pillar of Asset Protection will likely be the most crucial aspect of your financial plan.

Objective: Protect your Estate from outside influences to preserve your financial freedom!


Robert Wolmer

ReedsTrader developer, Mark Boucher, has personal experience dealing with an unknown default judgment and lawsuit. His LLC structure ultimately protected him from the suit and judgment.


Pillars 1 & 2 are a great place to start ($695)

Pillars 3, 4 & 5 are a great way to continue ($2,995)

But, registering for all five pillars is your best deal, hands down.

When you purchase this full course, upfront, you receive both workshops for $2,995 (the same price as pillars 3, 4 & 5 only)!

A Closing Note From Your Instructor

The Five Pillars of Wealth will prepare you for the future in a way you never dreamed possible. In addition, you will have the confidence to know you have looked out for yourself, your family, your employees, and your heirs.

We have spent a lifetime accumulating this information, making so many of the mistakes ourselves, and developing the connections to get expert information on these topics. It has been a lifelong goal to share this information with you. We are excited to bring it to you, show you how to use it, and help you implement it, so the life you have dreamed of is a reality now AND in the future

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