Creativity and Resilience Training for Traders

A course that combines three world-class bodies of mutually supporting concepts:

  1. The science and research-based Creativity of Professor Angus Fletcher of Ohio State University as taught by Dr. Ken Long to senior leaders in the US Army.

  2. The research-based Organizational and Personal True Storytelling of Dr. David Boje and the True Storytelling Institute (where Dr. Long is a post-doc researcher and innovator).

  3. Dr. Ken Long's synthesis of these materials with his 25+ years of expertise in delivering innovative and personalized trading solutions with the Van Tharp Institute.

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Kickstart Your Creativity: The Mindset, Materials, and Methods for Generating and Developing Creative Ideas. You will learn how to create the right mindset, work structures, and habits that will open you up to receiving creative ideas. You will examine two models of the creative process and analyze their similarities in order to better understand how creativity works. You will also learn multiple strategies for generating creative ideas and begin developing those ideas into creative products.
(Creativity 101 when sold individually is $499)


When the Going Gets Tough teaches the entire, step-by-step process you need to improve your resilience, so you’re better equipped for every challenge that comes along. This concise, focused course teaches everything you need to create mindfulness practices that help you feel calmer, clearer, and happier every day.
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This course uses the "Fletcher Treatment" developed by Professor Angus Fletcher of Ohio State University and Project Narrative as well as a set of innovative faculty members at the US Army Command & General Staff College.

The cognitive demands of military leaders and traders turn out to be so similar that Ken says he is never surprised when he finds things that work in one domain have a high degree of transfer to the other domain. So it is with creativity.

While these vignettes have a distinct historical and military flavor to them, it turns out that this is a powerful way to shock your brain into considering a new domain as a way to gain insights into your own area of interest (trading). For that reason, Ken decided to keep the vignettes and insights intact.

He has added considerations for traders in each lesson to help bridge the gap between the cognitive domains.

This training opportunity is unique in the world and may lead to a persistent edge in the markets and in other parts of your life where creativity is essential.
(Creativity 202 when sold individually is $3,000)


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This hybrid course is delivered with a combination of:

  • Self-paced weekly lessons with recorded videos, short text readings, and simple yet profound practical exercises designed to elicit a "Creative Response."
  • Weekly 90-minute "office hours" where Ken will explore the "A-Ha!" moments you experienced in the week's lesson. You will build on those insights with the power of "Fletcher Creativity" enabled by the transformative power of collaborative True Storytelling. Dr. Long is a certified True Storyteller and is on the R&D team at the True Storytelling Institute in developing world-class innovations in this transformative technology.



  1. A student introduction and goals statement, and their "work in progress"
  2. Course overview
  3. Infrastructure overview
  4. An explanation of the weekly "office hours process"
  5. A calendar review

Ken will post a schedule for 1 lesson a week, which will act as a metronome.

You can take the course at your speed, but the announced "metronome" is the working "story seed" for each week.

You will bring a true story from your life, that was triggered by one of the following routine weekly events:

  • The story seed, the lesson, the exercises, and the reflection for the lesson students are prepared to share.
  • It's a three-minute succinct powerful personal story about something significant related to their "work in progress."

AGENDA for each session is strictly enforced. We will start with:

  1. Foyer coffee talk and one-sentence check-in: "How I am doing, and who I am dedicating my offering of this session to."
  2. A moment for gratitude and forgiveness.
  3. A statement of intention for the session, based on the "story seed" and weekly lesson.
  4. A first speaker's true storytelling in Full Circle.
  5. Three more stories from volunteers in Full Circle.
  6. Twenty minutes for all other stories in Small Circle breakout groups of 4 people allowed 3 min each.
  7. Debriefs from the Small Circle spokesperson to testify to Small Circle.
  8. The Host closes the curtain on the Sacred Story Space, with a 1-minute silent personal reflection with a tone.
  9. Coffee talk with Talking Stick for commentary and observations.
  10. The Host announces next week's "story seed."
  11. Students "Take Their Leave."

Individuals are encouraged to journal after each session in order to get to closure, in order to start the next weekly lesson. This will happen like clockwork.

Do the work, get the results...


After the first three weekly lessons, you will know if this is for you. If you aren't completely satisfied you can get your money back, plus keep the Resilience 101 and Creativity 101 course as our gift to you with our thanks for trying it on for size.

Ken shared this example to show what can come out of the creativity work. 
This is a trade set up from the  "Sniper 101" trade series in EWZ.

This high winning trade paid for the entire Creativity 202 course for the 2 guys who developed their personalized rule set using a creativity mindset and traded EWZ as shown...
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