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Forex Follow-up August 31, 2015

by Gabriel Grammatidis

After the big market moves in the last week, I wanted to provide a short follow-up to my recent newsletter article “Walk Away from The Shell Game to Play A More Profitable Game!”.

The financial shell game I wrote about is becoming more obvious to a broader range of market participants. The article warned that we might expect a drop in equity markets at some point but this actually happened sooner than I would have expected. The drop in the last week will further undermine confidence in the markets, in Central Banks and in governments around the world.

Are you wondering what to do now? Where you should direct your investments? Here are a few facts about the current environment:

  Equities are at still high levels but they are getting more and more volatile.
  Bonds are at record low interest rates and if rates rise, their prices will fall.
  Commodities are in a clear bear market.

The best trading opportunities at the moment are in currencies. With Forex, you can trade, invest or hedge. You can hold trending positions for months, scalp small pip intraday moves, and trade everything else in-between. This level of flexibility is matched with excellent market conditions. One example — during all of the huge volatility in the equity markets over the last week, the very liquid EURUSD moved up 6% from 1.1000 to 1.1700. It made this move in a nice, consistent and steady way as you can see in the 60 min chart below.

Three of my systems (taught in the workshop) have identified multiple trades in multiple pairs. Here are a few examples from just one pair, the EURUSD:

  The excellent Forex trading environment presented us with multiple long opportunities EURUSD on the 15min timeframe.
  Once the Busted pattern (System 1) had triggered, a good number of System 3 opportunities (3TMA) also followed along the way up for EURUSD (see individual opportunities with a blue arrow and a rectangle indicating entry and stop levels).
  For this follow up, I can only point out examples from one pair but the systems have found numerous additional opportunities in other pairs as well.

If the volatility in the equity markets has you concerned about your abilities to trade profitably and you’d like plenty of trading opportunities that fit your schedule, it may be time to get serious about learning to trade Forex. For additional information, see my new website that went online last week.

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In the following 5 minute video, Ken highlights his swing trade of the week. Recognizing the broader trend in price, watching the regression line crossover, and getting a 5 days down failure signal generated a short entry in EWZ on July 22. Ken goes on to detail how the trade has been working out through last Monday—August 24th.

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