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Tharp Think: Essentials
The Fundamentals of Successful Trading

Presented by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

Knowing This Material Will Give You A Huge Edge in the Markets


This workshop is designed by Van Tharp to cover the important fundamentals for successful trading— a set of ideas and principles that he calls "Tharp Think."


These concepts take the mystery out of trading by helping you understand who you are as a trader, how your personal psychology can work for you instead of against you, how to think about and manage risk, and how to develop winning trading systems.

Van Tharp
Van Introduces a Special Workshop

Recently, we started to sell access to online recordings of our systems workshops.  That development prompted me to evaluate what we are doing.  Our mission is personal transformation through the trading metaphor and I want to make sure all of our products embody our mission.  Specifically, I don’t want us to become just like any other trading education company. 


Most other trading education companies would have you believe that you could take a “magic” system workshop and then go home and trade profitably.  That’s just not how people transform themselves into good traders.  There are two main problems with the magic system workshop approach.  First, no single trading system is magic.  Certain systems for certain traders under certain conditions may appear to perform magically but change the trader or the conditions and the “magic” disappears.  Second and most importantly, there is so much more involved in trading well than just a system.  I want to make sure our clients get these critical points. 


In a few cases, you can even take workshops here and escape the foundation material required to become a great trader.  But that material is what makes everything work and you must know it well in order to trade well.  That material is in our Peak Performance workshops, the Peak Home Study Course, Trading Beyond the Matrix and our position sizing™ strategy books and materials. 


If you don’t establish the proper foundation by studying these subjects, then with or without a system, you are going to trade like nearly everyone else in the markets — acting out of fear and greed and wanting to be right about your trades.  I don’t have to explain that trading at that low level of consciousness will not lead you down a path to profits.  Rather, you need to be able to create a mental state where you can remain neutral and simply accept regular losses (i.e,, -1R or smaller) as a normal part of the game.


In addition, you need to understand the key elements that I always teach about systems such as—

  1. learning how to think in terms of a system’s objectives;
  2. knowing what trading systems truly are, how they work, and all the parts that need to work together to be complete;  
  3. understanding that you achieve your objectives through position sizing strategies; and realizing that all a “good” system does is make it easier to achieve your objectives through position sizing strategies. 

It’s really important that you understand these concepts and integrate them at a very core level.  And that’s what we are presenting Tharp Think Essentials.


I’ve decided to run a special two-day course to give you the psychological background you need to raise your consciousness so that you are trading from a level of acceptance instead of fear/greed and to give you the key information you need to be able to make a good system actually work for you. 

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Benefits of the Workshop

Understand the key levels of transformation that form the mission of the Van Tharp Institute and know what it takes to achieve those levels of transformation.  For example you will—

  • Learn how you are programmed by the Matrix and how to clear that old programming.
    • What if you could start to reprogram yourself to function at a near-super-human level?  And all it takes to do so is to recognize your old program (beliefs and strategies), get rid of what’s useless and adopt what really works.  It’s not that hard if you are willing to do the work and really look at yourself.  
    • For example, a programmer knows that you have to write all the correct programming if you want a computer to do what it’s supposed to do.  And you can’t allow it to be attacked by viruses and other malware if you want it to run effectively.   So don’t you think it’s important to do that for yourself? 
    • What’s holding you back?  What do you need to reprogram?  Do you have viruses operating in your own programming that continually sabotage what you are trying to do? 
    • This workshop will show you how to recognize that faulty program and how to thoroughly reprogram yourself.  You wouldn’t want your computer operating that way.  Are you willing to let yourself operate that way?
  • In this two-day workshop we’ll cover many of the ways to recognize your old programming and start the reprogramming process.  These include:
    • Recognizing your key beliefs that limit you and
    • Learning how to reprogram them.
    • Understanding how to use feeling release to unlock stuck beliefs that you know hold you back.
    • Learning some of your mental strategies, such as how you convince yourself that something works, whether it actually does or not.

In addition, we’re going to give you some simple ways to improve your health and stress.  You’ll be exposed to both laughter yoga and to some advanced HeartMath® training for the EMwave 2. 

  • It’s been well documented at this point that regular laughter can cure disease, is good for the heart, and can actually be a great and easy form of exercise.  It also makes you feel incredible.  A ten minute belly laugh is equivalent to 30 minutes on a treadmill in terms of its impact on the heart. Anyone can do it (even if you have injuries that keep you from walking), and when done daily it has amazing health benefits.  And you don’t need a supply of jokes or humorous video to do it.  Anyone can just laugh and we’ll show you how to do it as part of this workshop.
  • Similarly, one of the best forms of stress reduction can be achieved when you learn to get your heart and brain into coherence.  The HeartMath® Institute has been doing massive research on this topic and has developed biofeedback devices such as the EMwave2 to help you do that.  Three five minute sessions every day can help you become more intuitive, trade better, sleep better, lower your blood pressure and help you get in touch with your inner guidance.  Janie Guill, one of the Van Tharp Institute instructors, has been trained by the HeartMath® Institute and she’ll be showing you how to use their EMwave2 device to achieve all these benefits.  And that training will also be part of this workshop.

But there is even more.  This workshop will also cover some of the key concepts that you need to thoroughly understand to become a great trader.  Some of these key concepts include:

  • Really understanding the importance of objectives.  They are 50% of system development and a key part of successful trading is learning to strategize to meet your objectives.  Teaching you how to do that will be a major objective of this workshop.
  • Second, you need to start thinking terms of reward-risk instead of just profits.  Most people want to be right all the time.  But that seldom or perhaps never happens.  However, you can make money on less than half your trades and still easily make 100% per year.  Thus, another major objective of this workshop will be to make sure you understand how this works.
  • A real key to success that even most professional traders don’t understand is that you achieve your objectives through position sizing strategies.  In this workshop, we’ll be discussing various objectives and how to use position sizing to achieve them.  This alone will be worth many times the price of the workshop.
  • You’ll also be learning about market types.  Think about it.  There are bull markets, bear markets and sideways markets, and each of those occur under quiet and volatile conditions.  Now, it’s easy to go long and make money in a quiet bull market or even a volatile bull market.  Look how many people thought they were market geniuses in the late 1990s.  But when the market type changed to sideways, they didn’t do so well, and when it changed to raging bear, they blew up.  At the same time, others made lots of money during volatile bear markets like 2002 and 2008.  That’s because some traders had systems designed for volatile bear market conditions.  It’s easy to develop a great system for any one market type but it’s insane to expect one system to work well in all market types.  In this workshop, you’ll learn ways to measure market type and find one that will fit you perfectly.
  • And finally you’ll learn about mistakes … the bane of all traders.  A mistake occurs when you don’t follow your rules.  So if you don’t have any rules, then everything you do is a mistake.  And guess what, when you repeat the same mistakes over and over again, you are experiencing self-sabotage.  You’ll learn that the average trader is only about 70-80% efficient — meaning they make 2-3 mistakes in every ten trades.  That’s enough to turn a great system into a losing system and to make you abandon something that is perfectly good without even knowing it.  As a result, in this workshop we will show you—

1) How to recognize the most common mistakes that people make and what they could cost you.
2) How to find and measure your efficiency. 
3) And most importantly, three simple tasks that you can perform every day to eliminate mistakes and prevent you from repeating them when you do occasionally make one.


Any trader who learns how to prevent mistakes and understands things like market type, thinking in terms of reward to risk, and using position sizing strategies to meet your objectives could immediately see a huge increase in the level of their profitability.  It’s that critical.
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Special Offers

There is a catch, however, to all of these benefits.  Right now we are only planning to give this workshop one time — September 6th and 7th, 2014.  The cost will be $1995, but we will give a huge early enrollment discount of $700 for anyone who enrolls by August 27th.  Since we are only planning to give this workshop once, we expect it to sell out quickly.  So plan on enrolling as soon as possible.


In addition, the HeartMath® EMWave2 measuring unit regularly sells for $199 from HeartMath.  If you plan to attend the workshop, we will offer these units for just $149 as part of our special enrollment package.  This is an optional purchase for those who are enrolled in the workshop.  You can also bring your own unit or just watch the EMWave2 training (rather than do it) to see if you think it’s something you might want to do regularly.

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